JJK 237 Spoilers: Sukuna’s True Form & Kashimo’s Cursed Technique Are Revealed!


JJK 237 is the sequel to one of the most discussed chapters of the series. Many questioned and criticiqued it, especially the manner of Gojo’s death and his attitude in the afterlife, where he admitted that he probably wouldn’t have been able to defeat Sukuna anyways.

Gojo fandom was hoping for a miracle in this chapter, expecting to see him come back in some form. However, Gege Akutami has decided to give Sukuna fans another win with this chapter.

How? Because JJK 237 spoilers which surfaced online revealed Sukuna’s true form! This has been a long awaited development and is certain to cause a lot of hype.

However, that’s not the only major development that took place in the chapter. Even Kashimo’s cursed technique was revealed to us in JJK 237.

So, without wasting much time, lets take a look at what we know!

JJK 237 spoilers: Sukuna vs. Kashimo begins

In the previous chapter we saw that Kashimo rushed to the battlefield without even waiting a second to mourn Gojo’s death. However, Sukuna vs Kashimo did not start right off the bat, because there was someone else who had decided to enter the battlefield.

Riding on a huge lump of ice, it was none other than Uraume, who was called the ice queen by the narrator, who decided to show up. She had come to give Sukuna “Kamukote” the cursed tool that Yorozu had left behind for him.

However, Uraume wasn’t the only interruptor. To everyone’s surprise, Hakari Kinji too had arrived at the battlefield in JJK 237 and quickly proceeds to attack Uraume.

He said that he made a promise and can’t let Uraume live, and opens his domain. But that doesn’t stop Uraume from giving the cursed tool to Sukuna. And as soon as the king of curses got his hand on it, he unleashed an electric discharge sort of attack (a lightning strike) at Kashimo.

sukuna vs kashimo

Yep, the battle was only escalating. JJK 237 showed no signs of slowing down the pace. You know, I was among those people who expected Gege Akutami to show us some panels or instances of how Gojo’s students might be reacting to his death.

Are they sad? Devastated? Depressed? Angry? We have no idea. And because Hakari is already at the battlefield, it seems as if these guys have come to a decision on how to proceed already.

Well, it has been some time since we saw any of the characters mourn a death in JJK. So, it was futile to expect it in this chapter too.

Coming back to the fight between the two, we see that Kashimo was not affected by Sukuna’s attack because his cursed energy itself had the properties of electricity. Instead of proceeding to attack Sukuna head-on, Kashimo decided to have a small chit-chat with him.

Being the strongest and what it means:

Kashimo casually asks Sukuna whether he became the strongest, or was he the strongest when he was born itself. This question is very similar to what Geto had asked Gojo back in the Hidden Inventory arc.

However, it is what follows that seems to be interesting. Sukuna replies that he was an unwanted child. I guess this is this is the first step in unravelling the king of curses’ past. With heian era and past sorcerers conveniently mixing in with the modern day sorcerers, I think it is only fair that we get more breadcrumbs about the Golden Age of Jujutsu.

Another thing I observed was this. Akutami has made it point to highlight a lot recently that being the strongest often came with loneliness. The one who stands on top is always alone. It seems that Kashimo, like Gojo and Sukuna, suffered from the same feeling.

Kashimo revealed that he saw all other humans as piece of dirt, because he couldn’t show any affection or mercy towards them. He wanted to know if Sukuna, who only knew strength, and had no real weaknesses, felt the same.

Is being lonely a punishment that the strongest had to endure. What did it mean? Well, with the amount of times this theme has been raised, I guess we might find some real answers soon. Maybe this loneliness is also their weakness. Or probably not.

Well, after this small chit-chat, the two actually start fighting for real, and this is when Kashimo’s real cursed technique is revealed.

Kashimo’s cursed technique is revealed:

JJK 237 reveals that Kashimo’s cursed technique is called the “Genju Kohasaku”. He activates it while fighting Sukuna, who was now armed with the Kamukote.

Before getting a proper explanation, we see that Kashimo is able to modify his body in order order to blast any kind of attack which he can make with his cursed energy. The first instance we see of this is when Kashimo literally changes the shape of his mouth to blast an attack towards Sukuna.

This is when the narrator explains some more details behind Kashimo’s cursed technique.

Genju Kohasaku apparently enhances the agility of Kashimo’s body, along with giving him the ability to modify it. The waves that he blasts from his body has the ability to evaporate anything it touches. However, in doing so, Kashimo is surpassing the limits of the normal human body. So, once he deactivates his technique, his body will break.

I guess, we are only scratching the surface of Kashimo’s cursed technique in JJK 237. There might be more intricacies to it, which might get revealed later in the battle. If the battle between these two lasts that long, because…

Sukuna’s true form is revealed:

sukuna form

The biggest talking point of JJK 237 has to obviously be Sukuna’s true form reveal. Kashimo, using his cursed technique, managed to land a couple of hits on Sukuna.

Remember how I said his waves can vaporize anything in its way? Well, Sukuna seems to have taken some damage from those attacks, because, he then decides to go all out by reverting to his true form – with four hands and the scary face.

The narrator explains that Sukuna can manifest or revive his original body once using Reverse Cursed Technique, and that the king of curses had been holding back on that till now.

However, it seems that the fight with Gojo, and Kashimo immediately following it up with some deadly attacks, meant that Sukuna had no other option but to go for his original body.

JJK chapter 237 ends with Sukuna manifesting his original form, with four eyes, as the narrator’s comment read “The transformation of the reincarnated has started”

This form is similar to the one Akutami had revealed in a cover previously, so no this is by no means an asspull. Also, it was hinted in the past that Sukuna could change into his original body when he wished. He only kept Megumi’s form because he wanted to gain an advantage in the battle, probably against Tsumiki/Yorozu and Gojo.

Now that Sukuna has reincarnated his true form, the biggest question that we need to ask is this: what happens to Megumi no? Is his soul still there? Is his body still there? Well, only Gege Akutami can answer these questions for us!

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