JJK 236: Gojo Dies!! Kashimo Enters The Battle!

JJK 236 spoilers: Gojo's death comes as a shock, as Sukuna stands tall at the end of the battle!

gojo dead

This is a sad week for Gojo fans. JJK 236 will forever be cursed in their eyes. Trust me, the title is not a clickbait. Gojo Satoru, the strongest sorcerer, is really dead. He died at the hands of Sukuna. The worst part? Gege Akutami killed him off-screen.

Now, as we all swim in our sadness, let us go through the leaks of JJK 236 that has surfaced online and understand how exactly this came to happen.

The curse of the flashback in JJK 236:

You know it is a bad thing when a JJK chapter starts with a flashback in the middle of a fight. So when JJK 236 started with a flashback, and that too of Gojo with Geto, I knew it won’t end well.

I mean, Gojo was on a high the previous chapter. He just used his hollow purple and it felt as if he had pushed Sukuna to the extremes. Sadly, that doesn’t seem to be the case. In the flashback, Gojo states that Sukuna would have defeated him even without the ten shadows technique, or taking over Megumi’s body. That’s how strong the King of Curses was.

The whole flashback was an emotional ride.

To be honest, it wasn’t really a flashback. It was more of Gojo meeting the people he cared about in his final moments. It’s something that’s seen often in JJK.

It begins with Geto coolly saying ‘Yo’ to Satoru. Gojo was surprised to see him. But I guess he understood what being in such a scenario meant. Gojo understood that his death was near. Ironically, he was also in his high-school get-up.

geto gojo flashback
why gege why?

Gojo had told Megumi and apparently his other students too that “when you die, you die alone”. However, he seems to be regretting that a bit. Maybe Gojo didn’t want to die after all. Geto wasn’t too concerned about the whole dying alone part though.

It is then that these two start talking about Sukuna and Gojo’s fight with him.

Gojo says that Sukuna too damn strong, and that the King of the Curses didn’t even go all out in the battle. He wasn’t sure if he would have won, even if Sukuna didn’t have the ten shadows. This admit of defeat from Gojo, surprised Geto.

While Sukuna was holding back, Gojo gave his everything to the battle. Somehow, he wanted to reach all the efforts that he put in to reach Sukuna. But then, he says that he had fun fighting the King of the Curses, even though there was a part of him which wished Sukuna would have gone all out in the battle.

geto gojo flashback 1

To make things more emotional, Gojo says that he wished Geto was there with the others to slap him on his back to motivate him before the fight.

Gojo adds that he was happy to have died at the hands of someone who was stronger than him, rather than dying of old-age or any disease. This when we realize that Nanami and Haibara are there too with Gojo and Geto.

The other too chime in with their opinions and Gojo, and eventually Gojo starts bidding farewell to everyone, including Geto, Nanami, Haibara, Yaga, Kuroi and Riko.

It’s so hard to write this dammit!!!!

We then come back to the reality and see Gojo lying down near death.

gojo dead
A dead Gojo!

Sukuna Kills Gojo: Back to Reality!

Coming back to reality in JJK 236, Sukuna explains how Mahoraga’s adaptation works. Once it experiences an attack, the shikigami keeps adaptating to it. The more times it experiences the same attack, the faster it adapts to it.

We know that Sukuna had been using Mahoraga to adapt to infinity. However, there was more to this. His plan was not to just make Mahoraga adapt. He wanted to use Mahoraga’s adaptation as model or a blue-print to base his own attack on.

Basically, Sukuna wanted to use Mahoraga to help HIM come up with an attack which will penetrate Gojo’s inviolability. And it seems that Mahoraga did succeed in doing so.

Remember how Mahoraga had let loose a slash cutting Gojo’s arm? There lies our key in understanding how Gojo died.

Sukuna explains that Mahoraga adapted to Gojo’s infinity twice. The first time Mahoraga transmuted it’s own cursed energy to overcome infinity. However, Sukuna couldn’t do that. This resulted in him forcing Mahoraga to adapt more.

The result of this was a slashing attack was different from Sukuna’s cleave and dismantle. In fact, Mahoraga adjusted the Cursed Technique in a way that it would cut anything and everything in front of it, even space, existence and the world.

In front of such an attack, there wasn’t anything that Gojo’s infinity could do. And that is when we see him standing there, without an upper half of the body.

Gojo Dead1

Sukuna commends Gojo for the fight he put up and says that he will forever remember this day.

If there were any lingering doubts about Gojo having actually died, the narrator makes sure to alleviate them. They clearly mention that Gojo Satoru is dead.

But that’s not all. Kashimo, without even a shred of remorse for Gojo’s death, enters the fight to take on Sukuna. The narrator has given him the moniker of the Thunder. And it needs to be seen it he can actually live up to the hype.


This has now turned into a fight between two legends from the past. And I am as curious as Sukuna to see what Kashimo has to offer.

However, beyond all that, Gojo’s death leaves me with a bad aftertaste. It was always a tricky battle, but this was too brutal. Sukuna fans rejoice. Their favorite character has trumped once again. I guess, it also settles the debate of the strongest character once and for all.

JJK 236 really is a devastating chapter. Let me know your opinions on this in the comments section!

  • There are some theories on reddit saying that Itadori swapped Gojo’s soul with Kashimo’s. Although I think that’s going a bit too far it does sound interesting.

  • TBH, it really wasn’t sukuna who killed Gojo, it was mahoraga who killed Gojo for sukuna. so I would really say that gojo dies in the hands of sukuna
    And even after his death. He remains the strongest history.
    Still have hopes on him being alive ( I am coping ).

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