JJK 235 Spoilers: Gojo Wins The Battle Against Sukuna?

Evil Gojo

Gojo fans can finally relax? If we are to believe the spoilers of JJK chapter 235 which has surfaced on multiple social media platforms, then it certainly seems as if Gojo Satoru, the strongest sorcerer, has come out on top in his battle against the king of curses Sukuna.

The ride till now has been filled with lots of ups and downs. There were moments when it felt like Gojo would certainly lose, however, in the end, he somehow pulled it off.

But, unless the victory is conclusive, which it now is not, I think it will be too soon to celebrate. Now, let’s check out the JJK 235 spoilers.

JJK 235 spoilers: Gojo goes all out

JJK chapter 234 ended on a high, as Gojo used his Blue: Maximum Output to nullify the threat of Agito. He might have lost a hand to Mahoraga, but he wasn’t going down.

Gojo’s swagger continued in JJK 235. The chapter starts with the complete destruction of Agito, which is followed by Gojo healing his arm completely. Gojo’s RCT output and his effectiveness seemed to have increased due to the 2 Black Flashes he used in the fight.

And according to the narrator, Sukuna was nervous for the first time in over a 1000 years. GOJO IS HIM!!!

With Agito out of the way, Gojo shifted his focus to Mahoraga and Sukuna. He then proceeded to land a third consecutive black flash on Mahoraga and then appear in front of Sukuna.

Remember how Mahoraga is yet to adapt to Gojo’s Cursed Technique Reversal: Red? Well, Gojo decided to take complete advantage of that and began chants for firing the attack. Gojo was aiming the attack at Sukuna, however the latter had planned to make Mahoraga tank the attack in hopes of making the cursed spirit adapt to it completely.

This is where Gojo gets creative. Instead of firing the attack at Sukuna, he aims for the sky with his Red.

Sukuna immediately senses that something is wrong, and asks Mahoraga to intercept the Red. However, as the shikigami chases after the attack, there was a surprise waiting for him.

Hollow Purple:

Hollow purple is basically the mix of Gojo’s Red and Blue attacks. Gojo just fired a Red towards the sky. However, there was already his Blue, which he had used to nullify Agito, waiting for the Red. Gojo’s hadn’t released his technique yet.

Sukuna, now sweating a lot, asks Mahoraga to destroy the Blue first, in order to prevent the Red from merging with it. However, Gojo lands a punch on the shikigami and pushes it away. Sukuna decides to take matters in his own hands to destroy the BLUE, however, Gojo starts chanting once again and increases the strength of Blue.

Its safe to say that Sukuna’s maneuver failed. Gojo goes ahead to combine the Red and Blue to create the hollow purple. Note that Gojo has been chanting incantations all this time in order to enhance the output of his attacks.

However, unlike the previous Hollow Purples which we had seen, this was not a projectile attack, instead, what Gojo caused was a large scale explosion. A suicide attack of sorts.

I like how Gojo got creative with the Hollow Purple of his. Going in straight-forward might have alerted Sukuna and allowed him to come up with a counter. However, Gojo decided to stay calm and outsmart his opponents, and this strategy worked perfectly.

Just before Gojo fired his purple, we get to the interaction between Yuta and Kusakabe in JJK 235. He thanks the latter for not allowing him to enter the fight previously. If Yuta had been there in the battlefield, Gojo certainly wouldn’t have fired an attack of this intensity, because his student would be in grave danger too.

As Kenjaku once noted, Gojo is the most in his element when he is alone!

Gojo stands tall:

Well, when I first saw the huge explosion, I thought it would be something similar to what Yuki pulled off. When I saw a panel of Sukuna after that, I was almost sure that this was an exact match scenario where Sukuna survived and Gojo died. But everything was fine at the end.

Gojo had severe burns on his face (his shirt was still intact though), but with his RCT output intact, thanks to the black flashes he used, he came out unscathed.

On the other hand, Sukuna was hurt more than Gojo because of the Hollow Purple. Since Gojo came under the attack of his own cursed energy he wasn’t affected too much. However, Sukuna certainly had a hard time. Mahoraga too was nowhere to be seen.

As Kusakabe noted, Sukuna’s healing was slower now and without Mahoraga, he would no longer be able to survive just on Domain Amplification.

In the end, Gojo turned out to be the winner of the fight, atleast for now.

JJK manga will be on a break next week, so the wait for the next chapter is going to be long!

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