JJK 228 Spoilers: Sukuna Summons Mahoraga Against Gojo!!!

JJK Chapter 228 Gojo

Gojo vs Sukuna, which is currently ongoing in the Jujutsu Kaisen manga, has managed to break whatever expectations we might have had from the fight. Till now, it has been an immense battle of domains between the two of them.

As the editor’s comment rightly said, it’s a fight that defies common sense. The fight between the two behemoths had continued in JJK chapter 228.

If you remember, in the previous chapter, Gojo’s domain was once again broken by Sukuna. But then, the strongest sorcerer of the current era once again expands his domain. First he makes it large enough to encapsulate Sukuna’s barrierless domain, and then he suddenly shrinks it to the size smaller than a baseball.

Obviously everyone was curious as to what happens inside. And that’s where JJK Chapter 228 picks up from.

JJK chapter 228 spoilers: What is Gojo planning?

Kusakabe has been a brilliant source of information about what’s happening in the fight. Gege Akutami has used the character consistently to clear up plot points with his commentary. However, JJK chapter 228 begins with even Kusakabe being totally dumbfounded at what’s happening. Well, that’s not new!

Just like us readers, Itadori and co., who are currently watching Gojo vs Sukuna via Mei Mei’s crows, are surprised and confused at what Gojo is doing by reducing his domain.

According to what’s mentioned in Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 228, reducing the size of the domain so much will reduce its mass to less than that of the people trapped inside it. This should technically make the domain collapse. However, since that has not come to pass, Choso assumes that Gojo is using the experience he gained from being trapped inside the prison realm in his domain.

Not for the first time, Kusakabe is again surprised at how Gojo and Sukuna can change the conditions of their domains and the barriers so easily.

While the others are discussing the technicalities of the domains and barriers once again, Gojo’s domain begins shaking violently outside. Mind you, we still don’t know what’s happening inside the domain. That’s a first in this fight.

Yuta pitches in, saying that Sukuna too could have adjusted the conditions of his Malevolent Shrine to match that of Gojo’s Unlimited Void.

Not long after, we see that Sukuna once again has managed to destroy Gojo’s domain expansion. That’s three times now that Gojo has lost the domain battle.

But unlike the first two times, something surprising happens this time around when Gojo’s domain breaks.

Gojo comes out on top:

Sure, Gojo’s domain broke, but it seems as if Sukuna was the one who had it worse. Not only did Sukuna’s Malevolent Shrine break, the king of curses was also injured due to his battle with Gojo. Meaning, the latter’s tricks did work.

Sukuna did break Gojo’s domain. However, it seems as if Gojo too was able to inflict enough damage onto Sukuna, resulting in him not being able to sustain Malevolent Shrine.

However, despite being injured and having his domain broken, Sukuna still had a cheeky smile on his face.

Naturally since his domain broke, Sukuna shouldn’t be able to use his cursed technique for a while. However, just as Gojo replenished his cursed technique using RCT, it is possible that Sukuna can do it too.

However, the surprising part here was what Angel seemed to allude. She says that since Gojo used the trick of replenish his CT in front of Sukuna, the latter too should be able to do it now. This goes on show the kind of battle intelligence and adaptability that Sukuna has.

I mean, this is a guy who learnt to split his soul just after experiencing it once, so obviously replenish his burnt out Cursed technique shouldn’t be a pain for Sukuna at all.

Also, we got an Ino panel, yay!

Well, as the other sorcerers kept discussing, Gojo and Sukuna were at it once again. No, they did not open their domain expansion, instead they started fighting each other using just their cursed energy, probably biding time till their cursed techniques make a comeback.

Gojo once again was trying to land a hit on Sukuna, who kept dodging his deadly kicks.

Gojo finally does land a hit on Sukuna, but he comes to realize that something is wrong. Sukuna till now had only used the Malevolent Shrine and nothing else. Gojo knows that Sukuna can use Ten Shadows, so he wonders what Sukuna is planning.


Was Sukuna using Mahoraga the whole time?

This naturally brings us to the question, was Sukuna using Mahoraga the whole time in the fight? If yes, why didn’t we see the wheel anytime sooner.

When Sukuna was fighting Yorozu, we actually see him pull out Mahoraga’s wheel as she activated her domain. But we don’t see that happening here.

Sukuna could have done it when Gojo minimized the size of his domain, but I am still surprised by the fact that Gojo did not notice it, especially with his six eyes.

A reason why Sukuna couldn’t have been using Ten Shadows the whole time is because we see him use Domain Amplification in between, and at that moment, there’s no way he can use a cursed technique.

Secondly, when Sukuna expanded his domain, he chose to imbue it with his slashing attacks rather than Megumi’s Ten Shadows, which again suggests that he only summoned Mahoraga’s wheel after his domain broke.

And if that is the case, then Mahoraga couldn’t have adapted to a lot of Gojo’s attacks.

Secondly, it’s possible that Gojo’s nosebleed is because of a totally different reason, and not due to Mahoraga doing something. Poison has been suggested as a possibility, however, it could also be due to Gojo going overboard.

Instead of using RCT to heal himself, Gojo was using it replenish his cursed technique. Is it possible that this interfered with the healing of his brain, which he constantly did. The dizziness probably points to this.

Well, JJK chapter 228 has ended on a cliffhanger, and we’ll have to wait for a week to get our answers.

What are your thoughts on the ending of the chapter? Let me know them in the comments below!

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