Is Yorozu Dead In Jujutsu Kaisen? Why Did Sukuna Kill Her?

Yorozu Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen manga has quickly turned out to be a not so good place for female characters to exist. Well, strong female characters, to be more precise.

While Yuki Tsukumo, a special grade sorcerer, bit the dust in her fight against Kenjaku, much to the surprise of many fans; Hana Kurusu, Yuji and gang’s only hope of getting Gojo unsealed, too seemed to have followed suit in the following chapters.

And, in Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 219, Sukuna all but sealed the fate of yet another female character, namely Yorozu. Yeah, the gender debate is long gone!

Gege Akutami is apparently enjoying killing off female characters and there seems to be no end to it. The list goes on you know. Nobara, anyone? Mai Zenin? Riko Amanai?

While there is till some ambiguity surrounding the fate of Nobara and even Hana to a certain extent, the fandom’s new favorite yandere had it a bit harsher than these counterparts of her. But then, is Yorozu really dead?

Well, without wasting much time on introductions, let’s get to it!

Is Yorozu dead in Jujutsu Kaisen?

Based on what happened in Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 219, Yorozu is at death’s door for sure, and going by her actions, there is no way she is coming back.

I mean, it would take a miracle for her to leave this situation in one piece.

The attack from Mahoraga messed Yorozu up real bad. She is in no state to use reversed cursed technique to heal her fatal wounds. We don’t even know for sure if she can use reversed cursed technique, but more on that later!

Not just that, it felt as if Yorozu had ditched all hopes of surviving. After losing the fight with Mahoraga, she stayed true to her hopelessly lovelorn-crazy self, and passed on something mysterious to Sukuna. She asked him to think of this ‘something’ as her and cherish it forever.

Those are obviously the words of someone who has embraced the idea of death. The worst part is, she somehow seemed satisfied with the whole outcome.

But then, she was too quick to give up back in the Heian era too when she was cut up fatally by Sukuna during their supposedly first encounter. I don’t think she succumbed to her wounds there. Based on how Kenjaku remembers Yorozu, the latter seemed to have chased after Sukuna for quite sometime.

Going by that logic, it is highly possible that Yorozu survived back then due to either of the following reasons;

  1. She used reversed cursed technique to heal her wounds in that scenario.
  2. Or someone else used reversed cursed technique on her to heal her.

If we assume that Yorozu indeed can use the Reversed Cursed Technique, then our copium would dictate that she somehow use it and fix her body in the current fight too!

Why so invested in Yorozu surviving you ask? Because if she is dead, then Tsumiki is also dead. And I don’t want Megumi to go through that pain ever! This thought process is in no way influenced by Yorozu’s skin show.

But then again, the yandere lovebird does not seem to be in a state where she can use reversed cursed technique. She gave her all in the domain expansion, and she did not expect Sukuna to counter it, not so easily at least. And as I mentioned above, by the looks of it, Yorozu has accepted her fate.

This is not some sort of gambit, she doesn’t seem to have any tricks up her sleeve. And realistically speaking, the only person who can save her from this predicament would be Sukuna. However, he has no reason to do so whatsoever. In fact, he would more than happy to make her passing even more gruesome. Unless he miraculously changes his mind you know!

So, to answer in short, Yorozu is dead in Jujutsu Kaisen. Even the editor’s comments at the end of the chapter implied the same! So it would be wise to keep our hopes less.

Why did Sukuna kill Yorozu?

Moving on to the next important question. Why exactly was Sukuna hellbent on killing someone who was more than willing to be on his camp.

Sure, Yorozu was a very annoying person as far as he was concerned. And he probably didn’t have much use of her. So, sticking to his devilish nature, Sukuna thought this was the best outcome. Right? Right?

Well, there’s more to Sukuna’s actions than just that! If you were not affected by the reading comprehension devil, then you already know the answer to why Sukuna wanted to take down Yorozu. It is all tied in to gaining complete control over his new vessel.

It is no secret that Yuji was not a perfect vessel for Sukuna to reincarnate in. In his own words, Yuji’s body was more of a jail to him.

And so, he hatched the perfect plan to take over Megumi’s body, and executed it to perfection. But alas, Megumi too did not let Sukuna have complete control over his body. He was interfering with the latter’s cursed energy output, effectively offering some sort of resistance.

Sukuna knew that the only way he could counter this was by permanently breaking Megumi’s soul. And the best way to do it? To kill his sister Tsumiki by using his own cursed technique, The Ten Shadows!

You see, Yorozu never mattered to Sukuna. It was the vessel, Tsumiki, that he was after. Yorozu just had a bad stroke of luck to have ended up getting Tsumiki as her vessel. This essentially put a target on her back.

So, Sukuna only killed Yorozu because she happened to have awakened in Tsumiki. It was all a part of his scheme to completely bury Megumi’s soul in despair and get complete control over the Zenin clan head’s body! He mentions this in chapter 216.

But then, if things had gone differently and Tsumiki was possesed by a different sorcerer, then they would never have willingly gone to face Sukuna in one on one fight. The only reason Sukuna was able to get his hands on Tsumiki so easily was because Yorozu, crazy as she is, once again chased after him.

It makes me wonder, was it really a coincidence that Yorozu ended up possessing Tsumiki, or did Kenjaku plan this to a certain extent!

What are your thoughts on Yorozu’s death in Jujutsu Kaisen? Did you it was executed well?

While I have seen some readers complain that she did not get enough character development for them to care enough, I am pretty sure Yorozu’s death will have a reverberating effect on the Jujutsu world. Maybe not as impactful as Riko Amanai’s death, but surely, it will deeply affect Megumi, Sukuna, Itadori and the others who are closely tied in to this!

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