What Is Reverse Cursed Technique In Jujutsu Kaisen?


Jujutsu Kaisen’s power system is nothing short of incredible with its many concepts. Even though the story divulges the information bit by bit, it is especially bewildering when information from various points comes together to form a complex concept. Reverse Cursed Technique is one of them. It is an important concept, but also confusing in a sense.

There are techniques to attack, and then there are techniques to heal. Gojo possesses both kinds of cursed techniques. But well, he is an anomaly, isn’t he? Most shamans can only use one of them!

In this article, we’ll be going through the concept of Reverse Cursed Technique. Let’s dive right into it!

What is the Reverse Cursed Technique? How does it work?

Reverse Cursed Technique allows a shaman to output Reversed Cursed Energy which is similar to positive energy. Using this technique, a shaman multiplies negative cursed energy to reverse its effects.

According to Akutami, the following is how this reversal happens.

Akutami's explanation of Reverse Cursed Technique
Akutami’s explanation of Reverse Cursed Technique

We can think of Reverse Cursed Technique as a close opposite of Cursed Techniques (click the link to view our complete guide to cursed techniques). While the latter has destructive properties, the former has restorative ones! This is the reason why shamans use this technique for healing. As Akutami told us, negative emotions (thus, negative energy) are harmful and can’t heal the human body. At the most, shamans can use them for reinforcing their body to act as an armor of sorts.

Basically, one multiplies their cursed energy with more cursed energy to create reverse cursed energy. We can call this a cursed energy multiplication technique. It is hard to conceptualize and equally hard to execute this multiplication. For a shaman to have two sources or units of cursed energy, they probably need a lot of it.

Thus, the people who can actually use it are as rare as they come. In chapter 74, we firsthand witnessed how difficult the Reverse Cursed Technique is. Even a superhuman like Gojo could not grasp the concept despite having Shoko as a close example. He tapped onto this technique at the brink of his death after grasping the core of cursed energy. This epiphany brought him back from death’s doorstep to feeling like new.

Gojo's realization of the Reverse Cursed Technique
Gojo’s realization of the Reverse Cursed Technique

Even among these rare shamans, only a few can use this technique to heal anyone other than themselves.

However, curses don’t need the Reversed Cursed Technique because they are made of cursed energy in the first place. They can use cursed energy to heal themselves. For example, the Cursed Womb fighting Sukuna regenerated its body even after Sukuna thoroughly severed it.

Cursed Womb regenerating its body, Chapter 8
Cursed Womb regenerating its body, Chapter 8

Who all can use this technique?

As mentioned before, only a few shamans can output positive energy. The rare number of such shamans probably makes Reverse Cursed Technique precious. Prominently we have seen that Shoko Ieiri can use this technique, thus being the doctor of Jujutsu High. She can heal others using this technique and is skillful enough for all students and teachers to rely on her.

But there are a few other shamans who can output positive energy. Gojo Satoru (of course) is one of them. He constantly uses the Reverse Cursed Technique to heal his technique’s impact on his brain. However, he cannot heal others with his technique.

Gojo uses the Reverse Cursed Technique round the clock
Gojo uses the Reverse Cursed Technique round the clock

Only a few people know this but even Okkotsu Yuta can output positive energy as it is. He healed Yuji after a fake assassination.

It is unclear yet if Reverse Cursed Technique can also heal limbs back. According to Gege, there are a few people like Sukuna who can do so as well for themselves and others. However, until now, we have seen Shoko use her technique to repair damages up to an extent. So, there must definitely be a threshold beyond which this technique does not work.

We already saw this with Maki’s condition post-Shibuya and Yuta immediately resurrecting Yuji after killing him. We will probably come to know the full scope of this technique soon.

Yuta resurrected Yuji with Reverse Cursed Technique
Yuta resurrected Yuji with Reverse Cursed Technique

Are reverse cursed energy and positive energy different?

From all the above explanations and even reading the manga closely, this question about positive energy and positive energy from the Reverse Cursed Technique persists. There is a vague distinction between them at various points in the manga.

In Sukuna’s fight against Mahoraga, he notices positive energy covering the shikigami’s blade. Sukuna clearly states that the blade is enveloped in positive energy, similar to reverse cursed energy.

Sukuna Mahoraga
Sukuna’s remarks against Mahoraga

In fact, something Yuta said after Yuji’s revival also fueled our doubts. In the panel preceding above, Yuta’s comment is particularly striking. He says he can take in and output positive energy as is. This comment surely indicates the existence of positive energy as a separate concept.

We can say that the Reverse Cursed Technique generates something close to positive energy. However, it uses Cursed Energy as the basis. So, what is positive energy? In contrast to negative emotions, is positive energy a result of positive emotions? Unfortunately, we can’t say for sure as there is no clarity upon these two concepts even now.

Difference between Reverse Cursed Technique and Cursed Technique Reversal: Red

In most cases, negative energy is the fuel for jujutsu sorcerers’ techniques.

However, Gojo Satoru alone is the honored one…umm sorry for that. Gojo Satoru alone is probably someone who can fuel his Limitless technique with positive energy. He uses positive energy to bring infinity to reality which normally would not be possible. And that is thanks to positive energy from the Reverse Cursed Technique.

The difference between both these techniques is that one outputs positive energy while the other uses positive energy.

Gojo's Cursed Technique Reversal: Red
Gojo’s Cursed Technique Reversal: Red is different from Reverse Cursed Technique

Since Gojo has a huge reserve of cursed energy (literally infinite), he can use positive energy to reverse the effects of his technique! He used this technique in his first encounter with Jogo.

Well, that was all there is to know about Reverse Cursed Technique! Do you think more shamans can use it? Or do you have some doubts regarding this technique? And what do you think of positive energy? Let us know in the comments!

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