What Is Yorozu’s Gender In Jujutsu Kaisen?

Yorozu And Sukuna

Traps are quite common in manga. That’s not a great way to start this article, but its what it is. In every series, there seems to be a character whose gender is often the topic of discussion in fandom. Some prominent examples include Hange from Attack on Titan, Rimuru from Slime and even Yamato from One Piece.

Jujutsu Kaisen too is not free of these gender related discussions, thanks to Uraume and now Yorozu, a Heian era sorcerer currently possessing Tsumiki Fushiguro’s body.

The confusion only seems to exist in the English fandom of the manga so far, and it all started due to how Kenjaku might have referred to the sorcerer in Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 215.

In an exchange of dialogue with Uraume and Sukuna (who is now in Megumi’s body), Kenjaku apparently addresses Yorozu using the pronoun  彼 (kare). This is a pronoun which is prominently used for a male.

This led to fans believing that Yorozu was a male character.

However, when the official translations of the chapter came out, Yorozu was referred as a female character. This led to even more confusion in the fandom. So let’s try to figure out what exactly is the character’s gender.

Is Yorozu male of female?

Before giving the answer, there’s a couple of points we need to consider.

In the past, whenever a sorcerer has reincarnated into a vessel during the Culling Game arc, they have done so into a vessel of the same gender.

While this has not been stated explicitly anywhere, all the reincarnated sorcerers seem to have gotten a human vessel of the same gender. Meaning, if Yorozu reincarnated into Tsumiki, then the sorcerer’s gender will be female.

Secondly, it has been pointed out by some fans that Yorozu’s speech patters are feminine in nature, as the sorcerer uses words and phrases that are commonly used by women. To add to it, the official translation too used the pronouns “she” and “her” for Yorozu (despite people claiming that there were no gender specific pronouns that were used for the sorcerer).

Now, let’s come to the root of the debate, the pronoun 彼 (kare) that was used by Kenjaku (in page 10 while mentioning Yorozu issuing a challenge to Sukuna).

It could be that the pronoun was used to refer Sukuna, because the line would then translate to ‘ [Yorozu] issued an invitation to fight him’, or ‘she (Yorozu) is inviting him to fight’ with the male pronoun referring to the king of curses.

Tumblr user tempenensis also pointed out that the pronoun 彼 (kare) was used before the meiji period to refer to both male and female genders. And going by how Sukuna, Kenjaku, and Yorozu are all from the Heian era, it wouldn’t be too surprising if they were using this version of the pronoun.

So to answer in short, Yorozu is a female character!

Furthermore, the spoilers for chapter 216 of Jujutsu Kaisen includes a scene where Yorozu addresses herself as a woman, probably putting the gender debate to rest.

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