JJK Chapter 215 Spoilers: Maki Joins The Fight Against Sukuna


The following article contains spoilers from the latest Jujutsu Kaisen chapters, proceed at your own discretion!

The recent JJK chapters have been a ride with Gege Akutami presenting us with twists and turns that were unimaginable. First shocker was Tsumiki being possessed by an ancient sorcerer whose identity was not revealed. Gege followed it up with Sukuna suddenly took over Megumi’s body.

The previous Jujutsu Kaisen chapter focused on the fight between Yuji and Sukuna. Yuji’s raw power was visible in the fight, and it even left Sukuna surprised for a while. However, the best part came at the end when it was revealed that Megumi was fighting back Sukuna from the inside and restricting his cursed energy output!

Well, Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 215 spoilers are out on the internet, and the highlight of the current chapter is definitely Maki joining Itadori in the fight against Sukuna.

JJK Chapter 215 spoilers:

JJK Chapter 215 picks up where the previous one left off. Sukuna and Megumi are both fighting each other. Sukuna is not at his best due to Megumi’s interference. And to make matters worse for him, Maki joins him mid battle.

Maki was expected to be involved in the thick of things sooner or later, and this was a welcome development going by the reaction of fans on social media platforms. Also, Sukuna’s expression when Maki joins the fight was pointed out by a lot of readers!

Maki was surprised to go up against Megumi’s body with Sukuna in control. She points out how weird it is to be fighting him.

However, she is also concerned about how Itadori will feel if she goes all out against Sukuna, since Megumi’s body will be the one taking damage.

She asks Itadori’s permission before fighting Sukuna seriously.

Throughout the battle, Maki seemed to be very calm, and she wasn’t fazed by the punches that Sukuna was throwing at her. This made fans compare her to Toji once again. We shouldn’t forget that Sukuna is not using his full capacity cursed energy output, but that didn’t stop anyone from simping over Maki’s fight.

Sukuna uses a new cursed technique in the battle, and in sometime Uraume too joins them. The latter then proceeds to trap both Itadori and Maki in ice.

Sukuna and Uraume then decide to leave, with Sukuna asking Uraume to prepare the ‘bath’ for him so that the preparations for his body can be completed.

Sukuna even praised Uraume in the course of their conversation and then goes on to summon the Nue.

It’s fair to note that the Nue is getting creepier each time!

However, as these two were about to leave, Itadori breaks out of the ice. But, Sukuna and Uraume remain unfazed about it. It goes without saying that the Jujutsu Kaisen protagonist seems to be having a hard time coping with whatever is having.

Sukuna-Uraume point out how pathetic Yuji’s face is and compare him to some guy from Harima. Some fans are pointing out that this person must have been someone important, as Harima was province that existed before Heian and Nara periods.

After making fun of Itadori and Maki, Sukuna and Uraume fly away on the Nue.

Itadori is probably going to be pissed at what Sukuna did to him. And guessing by his reaction, he’s not going to stop now.

For a time, Itadori and Maki seemed to have the upper hand in the battle for a while, so some fans felt that Sukuna and Uraume were just saving their skin. However, I think that those two are clearly on a different level and Itadori would need more allies, including Yuta and Kashimo, if they are to go up against the cursed spirit.

On a side note, we still don’t have a very clear idea of what Kenjaku is planning, so we have to be wary of him too.

Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 215, just like the previous one, is pretty action packed and is sure to keep everyone on the edge of their seats. What are your thoughts on the chapter based on the spoilers, let us know your comments below!

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