What Is Sukuna’s Cursed Technique? Powers & Abilities Explained From Jujutsu Kaisen!

Jujutsu Kaisen Sukuna cursed techniques are as discussed as his popularity as a beloved villain. Read everything to know about the his abilities here!

Ryomen Sukuna

Of the entire cast of Jujutsu Kaisen, Sukuna has gained immense popularity in not just the fandom but also the anime community. His infamy is only rivaled by the love and admiration for Gojo.

The King of Curses commands this kind of fame for absolutely correct reasons. As popular he is, the jujutsu society fears him for perfectly good reason too.

He was a fearful shaman, who recently reincarnated!

Itadori eating these cursed objects might have suppressed Sukuna, but he sometimes peeked out to bring anguish to his host. In these rare but scary appearances, Sukuna has shown us a few of his powers.

Now that he has occupied Megumi’s body and completed the bath, I believe that we will see him at his full potential very soon. In Sukuna’s own words, Megumi is not the prison Itadori was. So yeah, we might see him letting loose soon.

However, the small fraction of what we have seen from Sukuna itself has sparked off discussions and speculations about his cursed techniques. Surely, there is nothing that concerns ‘ordinary’ when it comes to his powers.

The vast amount of information and number of speculations might become tough to grasp.

So, here is all we know about Sukuna’s cursed techniques and abilities, as well as theories about the same from Jujutsu Kaisen.


What is Sukuna’s cursed technique?

We have seen Sukuna’s cursed techniques only a few times in the manga until now. Actually, we can count these “times” on the fingers of one hand: against a cursed womb at the start and in the Shibuya arc.

But one thing is clear; Jujutsu Kaisen Sukuna’s cursed techniques are among the strongest ones in the story. And there is one more thing: Sukuna does not have only one cursed technique.

At the very least, he has two, and about the rest? We will discuss that further ahead.

For starters, here is all that we know from these couple of instances about Sukuna’s cursed technique:

1. Dismantle & Cleave

Sukuna’s innate cursed technique seems to be the Dismantle and Cleave technique because we saw him use it both times. Both of them are slashing attacks, but there are a bit special.

Sukuna’s cursed technique is invisible, meaning his opponents can’t actually see the slashing attacks at all.

We can think of Dismantle and Cleave as two different knives, as the manga illustrates it as well.

Sukuna's cursed technique, Dismantle and Cleave
Dismantle and Cleave

So, there is no rocket science in figuring out that Dismantle and Cleave slice Sukuna’s opponents into pieces at high speed. Sukuna does not even need to touch the opponent to attack them.

But the range of his invisible attacks without domain expansion has not been specified yet.

Dismantle is the default slash technique Sukuna uses, mostly against inanimate and weak objects, it seems.

The only time Jujutsu Kaisen Sukuna used only Dismantle is in the Cursed Womb arc; he used it to cut the finger-bearer apart. He also uses it for any entity without cursed energy.

On the other hand, the Cleave attack is different. Sukuna can adjust Cleave depending on the target’s toughness and level of cursed energy.

It slices the opponent ‘at one fell swoop’ or in a single quick movement. Sukuna has not used Cleave exclusively in the story until now but combined it with Dismantle against Mahoraga in the Shibuya arc.

Working of Sukuna's cursed technique, Dismantle & Cleave and the domain expnasion
Working of Sukuna’s cursed technique, Dismantle & Cleave and the domain expnasion

As we touched upon before, Dismantle and Cleave give Sukuna a powerful domain expansion as well. His domain, Malevolent Shrine, allows Sukuna to use both slash attacks simultaneously within the range of 200 meters.

He can even decide the course of action for the attacks, i.e., which attack should apply to which entity.

It is still remarkable that Sukuna’s Dismantle and Cleave alone (paired with his domain) could defeat Mahoraga.

This astonishment comes from the fact that Mahoraga is supposed to be the strongest shikigami of the Ten Shadows Technique. Moreover, Gojo even compared Ten Shadows to Limitless & Six Eyes.

Well, that is not a question to address here. 😛 Moving on!

2. Open Furnace:

We were familiar with a shaman being able to use two techniques, case in point: Gojo Satoru. Gojo has both the Limitless AND Six-Eyes, which make him invincible.

Even Okkotsu Yuta could use Inumaki’s Cursed Speech in Jujutsu Kaisen 0 against Geto.

However, we were still amazed when Sukuna used a mysterious ‘redacted’ power twice against Mahoraga and Jogo.

The redacted technique allowed Jujutsu kaisen Sukuna to use flames
The redacted technique allowed Sukuna to use flames

With this technique, Sukuna can produce and manipulate flames for long-range attacks. He uses a few hand signs to generate fire and uses a bow and arrow formation to shoot it at his opponent.

Sukuna’s cursed technique with fire that rivals, if not surpasses, Jogo’s innate technique.

Sukuna’s “respect” for his strong opponent, Jogo, came through as a switch in technique. Sukuna was barely fighting Jogo until the latter summoned a meteorite.

The rest is history, but it seems that Sukuna is truly capable of drawing out the most powerful attacks from his opponents.

The question here is how did Sukuna even summon flames? Not only that, he looked pretty proficient for someone using an out-of-the-ordinary cursed technique.

In chapter 259, it was revealed that Sukuna opened a “furnace” to bring out the fire arrow and flame technique. You can read more about it in detail in the article linked below, as there are a lot of things to dissect in it!

Sukuna’s other abilities

With merely a couple of brilliant techniques and domain expansion, it is unlikely that Sukuna can be so powerful to scare everyone.

There is definitely much more to Sukuna than what we just talked about. Yep, there is (I mean, that is why this section exists in the first place): Sukuna’s other abilities.

These abilities pack a punch to Sukuna’s cursed techniques, maxing out his battle stats.

Reverse Cursed Technique and regeneration

All cursed spirits have a common power of regeneration. They can use cursed energy to heal their body and regenerate body parts.

Sukuna, Okkotsu, Gojo & Hakari are the only sorcerers shown that can also use regeneration to heal themselves.

Sukuna using Reverse Cursed Technique to heal Itadori's fingers
Sukuna using Reverse Cursed Technique to heal Itadori’s fingers

Sukuna can use the Reverse Cursed Technique.

Look no further than the Cursed Womb arc, where Sukuna ‘accidentally’ fixed both the hands for Itadori while fighting the cursed womb.

This overall power of healing must also have seeped into Itadori’s body, too, other than just his physical strength. Why do I say this?

Thank you, Choso onii-chan, who noted and told us that Itadori was pretty up and about for someone who got hit by Black Flash.

King of poisons

Next, other than just being the King of the Curses, Sukuna is also the King of poisons. This title basically tells us that Sukuna is immune to poisons and other toxic substances.

In effect, this immunity also applied to Itadori because of host privileges, I suppose? We saw this ability of Sukuna in the Young Fish & Reverse Punishment arc.

Sukuna's (and Itadori's) immunity to poison
Sukuna’s (and Itadori’s) immunity to poison

When Junpei attacked Itadori with his poisonous shikigami, Moon Dregs, it didn’t affect the latter at all. Itadori’s resistance to poison was completely thanks to Sukuna. We are assuming it will be the same for Megumi now too!

This incident was also proof that Gojo meant it when he said Sukuna’s cursed techniques (and abilities) would imbue themselves to it.

A question we can ask here is if Sukuna can produce poison(s) too. It would be a pretty deadly attack if he could, and as we saw from the theories, nothing is out of bounds right now!


Besides the one we already discussed, Sukuna also boasts a bunch of secondary abilities. Since he has been alive since the Heian era, his battle knowledge and experience are out of the roof.

With his reflexes, he can gauge the slightest of movements in his opponents and even predict their attacks. If Sukuna does not, in the slightest chance, evade an attack, he manages to stay perfectly fine with his high resilience too.

We cannot deny Sukuna’s thorough knowledge of jujutsu because he was a shaman earlier himself. He can figure out the cursed techniques of his opponents in a few bouts.

Not only that, but we also saw that he is extremely witty and knows information about jujutsu other curses like Jogo don’t. We can even say that he is close to a maestro on jujutsu itself.

Sukuna's knowledge and intellect
Sukuna’s knowledge and intellect

Further, he also has an immense amount of cursed energy that is an unbeatable asset in a battle of jujutsu. On top of that he has almost the same level of cursed energy efficiency as Gojo, even without a hack like the six eyes.

This showcases his prowess in Jujutsu.

He pretty easily toyed with Megumi and Jogo without even using his cursed techniques. Moreover, he is a juggernaut when it comes to strength, raw power, and cutting speed.

He is shown to have a deep understanding of cursed technique and cursed energy.

Another thing to note here is the Binding Vows Sukuna has. He used to one with Itadori to take over Megumi’s body! He also used multiple Binding Vows during his fight against Gojo and Jujutsu High sorcerers!

By not keeping his domain within closed boundaries, he forms a binding vow to shoot up the effectiveness of his attacks. There could be more of these, too; you can never tell with Sukuna!

Ability to use vessel’s cursed technique:

When Sukuna was in Itadori’s body, we mostly saw him use his own innate techniques, because well, Itadori did not have a cursed technique of his own.

Now that Sukuna has taken over Megumi, we have seen him use the latter’s Ten Shadows Cursed technique, along with his own Slash and Cleave which makes him even more formidable.

The Nue that Sukuna summoned already looked quite nasty and powerful, and I am already giddy thinking what will happen when he summons Mahoraga.

That’s not all, imagine Sukuna being able to use both Megumi’s domain expansion (Chimera Shadow Garden) and his own Malevolent Shrine together. All hell would break loose!!

But then, the whole point here is to say that Sukuna is able to use the cursed technique of his vessel, just like Kenjaku is able to use Geto’s Cursed Spirit Manipulation!

That was it, folks! If you want to read up some quotes from Sukuna, here you go. What did you think of Sukuna’s cursed techniques and powers?

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