Can Megumi Summon/Use Mahoraga In Jujutsu Kaisen?

Megumi’s Ten Shadows Technique has been one of the most interesting techniques to watch, with its array of Shikigamis who have their own quirks. However, we were in for another surprise! Against Haruta Shigemo, Megumi introduced us to a certain Shikigami that immediately showed us its mettle- the Mahoraga.

The Mahoraga made its presence felt despite being the last shikigami to make its debut. With an ominous background and its probable role as the decisive factor for a fight between the Zen’in and Gojo clan heads, this shikigami is definitely extremely important.

Customary to the story, the Mahoraga also derives its inspiration from Buddhism, with an interesting way of working. In this article, let’s go over who exactly is Mahoraga and if Megumi can still summon and use the Shikigami.

Who is Mahoraga?

Eight-Handled Sword Divergent Sila Divine General Mahoraga (that was a mouthful) is the strongest Shikigami that a Ten Shadows Technique user can summon. In fact, it is so strong that no previous Ten Shadows user has been able to tame him! If that was the case, you may wonder: why did Megumi summon him in the first place?

Being pushed to his edge during the events of Shibuya Arc, Megumi had no choice but to. While it was a suicide mission because his chances of taming the shikigami was zero, it came with an advantage too. According to Megumi, one can only use a shikigami if they can control it.

It is also important to note the flashback that Megumi had before summoning Mahoraga. It was the final push he needed to do so. He recalls Gojo telling him that once both the heads of Gojo and Zen’in clans got into a brawl and died. Interestingly, they shared their cursed techniques with Satoru and Megumi, respectively.

Its obvious that the shikigamis we had seen up till now would prove futile against Limitless, which is what Megumi realises. He now understood that Gojo had been hinting about the Mahoraga itself, which probably brought about the death of both the clan heads.

Can Megumi Summon and Use Mahoraga?

Yes Megumi can summon and use Mahoraga if he has enough cursed energy to do so. Summoning a shikigami involves a user’s cursed energy. Which means Megumi will need to have loads of CE in order to summon Mahoraga.

How to summon Mahoraga

To summon the Mahoraga, the user needs to first say the words “With this treasure, I summon” followed by the full name of the shikigami.

Cue a super cool entry with the other shikigamis showing their respect to Mahoraga!

While summoning the shikigami seems quite easy, the hard part comes when one has to use it. In order to be able to use Mahoraga, Megumi will have to exorcise it first. Like we mentioned before, no previous ten shadows user has managed to exorcise the Mahoraga. And that’s the reason he decided to take externa, help.

If not, the exorcism ritual is basically shooting yourself in the foot; however, there is a catch- multiple people can attempt to exorcise the shikigami as well. Therefore, Megumi forced Shigemo to participate in the exorcism, guaranteeing the latter’s death regardless of his own fate.

head using mahoraga
Megumi realises that the Mahoraga was used to end the fight between the two heads.

Did Sukuna kill Mahoraga?

Yes, and no! Since there is not much that we know about “exorcism rituals” or shikigamis in general, we have come up with two hypotheses:

Sukuna didn’t kill Mahoraga

The premise of killing a shikigami is it being deactivated without Megumi’s intent. We have seen this happen to the White Divine Dog and the Great Serpent. However, they are not quite dead; their powers just pass onto other shikigamis making them more powerful.

Since Sukuna ultimately got rid of Mahoraga, does it mean he’s dead? It probably doesn’t. If we take what Megumi said before summoning Mahoraga, we can come to the possible assumption that Mahoraga is not dead. This shikigami is special, because it has an exorcism ritual. Multiple people can attempt to exorcise the shikigami, not just Megumi.

Therefore, Sukuna merely exorcised Mahoraga. If he were controlled by Megumi like the other shikigamis and had no exorcism ritual, he would’ve been dead.

Sukuna did kill Mahoraga

About the exorcism ritual, Sukuna mentions two things: he is an “outsider”, and defeating Mahoraga would make the ritual “void”.

Jujutsu Kaisen manga, Chapter 117

The only way for both Shigemo and Megumi to survive would have been Shigemo defeating Mahoraga. Megumi was already unconscious. If this condition wasn’t fulfilled, both would’ve lost their lives. Since Sukuna couldn’t have that, he took it upon himself to defeat Mahoraga.

Him doing this makes perfect sense because Megumi did not summon Mahoraga against him. Moreover, an outsider killing Mahoraga would make the ritual void, meaning that even if it wasn’t Shigemo or Megumi, both would still survive.

With this argument, it would prove that Sukuna did end up killing Mahoraga. Additionally, we see him play around the wheel on the shikigami’s head. The wheel should have disappeared if Sukuna had simply defeated Mahoraga. Since it did not “return” into the shadow, it is probably a death flag for the shikigami.

So, can Megumi use mahoraga again?

Keeping both of the above arguments in mind, there are again two answers to this question.

If Sukuna merely exorcised him, then Megumi will have the option of summoning Mahoraga. However, this time maybe there won’t be a certain King of Curses to save him.

(PS, wondering why Sukuna saved him? Check this article out to know more!)

If Sukuna did end up killing Mahoraga, then it can never come back. After his death, his powers would be transferred to another shikigami to make it more powerful. For example, when the White Divine Dog died, its powers transferred to the black one, creating Divine Dog Totality.

Mahoraga’s powers distributed to other shikigamis would be of insane help to Megumi. Since he is proficient with the others, he could easily keep them in control even if they exerted more power than ever.

However, all mentioned here is mere speculation. Mahoraga has not made any appearance after, neither has Megumi confirmed his status. We will only have to wait for the manga for the manga to say otherwise.

This proves just how strong Mahoraga is.

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