Top 19 Strongest Quirks In My Hero Academia Ranked!

Quirks have quickly become one of the most well recognised power systems in modern shonen. Coming in different categories, ranges, and forms, these abilities make sure that My Hero Academia remains intense and interesting throughout! With so many quirks to be in awe of, it only makes sense that we try and rank them! However, … Read more

MHA Chapter 323: ‘Strength Doesn’t Make a Hero’

Five points for recognising the lyric reference to Season 4. MHA Chapter 323 provides us a flashback and a current scenario of just how chaotic things are. With a bigger insight into UA’s super cool updates, Inko’s breakdown and Uraraka (finally) doing something, the chapter leaves us curious with what Deku will do next. So, … Read more

Four Times Zenitsu’s Thunder Breathing Stole The Show In Demon Slayer!

Zenitsu Agatsuma Thunder Breathing

Zenitsu definitely has proven time and time again that he is a formidable ally throughout the manga. Despite his “unique” circumstances (ie, falling asleep when scared), he has shown great swordsmanship at crucial times. From the six styles created from Sun Breathing, Thunder Breathing is arguably the fastest. Here are a few instances Zenitsu’s Thunder … Read more