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Why Did Eren Laugh When Sasha Died In Attack On Titan?

Eren Jaegar

WARNING! The following article has major spoilers from the Attack on Titan manga. Please read ahead at your own discretion! Attack on Titan did the fans dirty. Saying that is not an understatement. Isayama knew the love that fans had for Sasha and got her taken out by a new-ish character, which made everyone hate … Read more

An Interesting Take On Sasha’s Last Words In Attack On Titan

sasha dead

With Episode 8, one of the most painful scenes in Attack on Titan has been animated. Sasha Blouse succumbed to bullet injuries after being shot by Gabi Braun. While her last words were a perfect farewell to this courageous and bright character, a very popular theory has made its round which portrays them in a … Read more

Top 19 Strongest Quirks In My Hero Academia Ranked!

322 mha fi 2

Quirks have quickly become one of the most well recognised power systems in modern shonen. Coming in different categories, ranges, and forms, these abilities make sure that My Hero Academia remains intense and interesting throughout! With so many quirks to be in awe of, it only makes sense that we try and rank them! However, … Read more

Four Times Zenitsu’s Thunder Breathing Stole The Show In Demon Slayer!

Zenitsu Agatsuma Thunder Breathing

Zenitsu definitely has proven time and time again that he is a formidable ally throughout the manga. Despite his “unique” circumstances (ie, falling asleep when scared), he has shown great swordsmanship at crucial times. From the six styles created from Sun Breathing, Thunder Breathing is arguably the fastest. Here are a few instances Zenitsu’s Thunder … Read more

Who Are The “Subjects of Ymir” & How Are They Different From “Eldians” In Attack on Titan?

Subject Of Ymir

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the Attack on Titan manga. Read ahead at your own discretion! If you’ve been using the terms “Subjects of Ymir” and “Eldians” interchangeably-STOP! The complexity of the Attack on Titan universe only deepens as we aim to discuss what even it is to be an “Eldian”. Indeed, a Subject … Read more

Blood Manipulation Technique In Jujutsu Kaisen Explained!

noritoshi FI e1620007872513

You can’t deny the curiosity that came after Megumi mentions Kyoto Jujutsu High student Noritoshi Kamo’s Blood Manipulation Technique fits his clan’s status as one of the big three. Would this cursed technique match up to Megumi’s Ten Shadows Technique or even Gojo’s Limitless? While it may not be as fancy as either, it was … Read more

Dandadan Manga First Impressions: A Crazy Tale Of Aliens, Ghosts & A Stolen Dick!

dandadan FI

Bananas, grannies, and dicks. If you were to ask me to describe the initial chapters using three words, this is it. Dandadan became trending overnight partly because Chainsaw Man’s mangaka Tatsuki Fujimoto, recommended it. To say the first chapter will leave you confused would be an understatement. However, it’s the type of confusion that makes … Read more

Kento Nanami’s Ratio Technique In Jujutsu Kaisen Explained!

nanami FI

Kento Nanami may look like your average (but extremely handsome) salaryman, but he’s quite far from it. This grade 1 Jujutsu Sorcerer is not someone you can mess with. Though being a sorcerer is still a job, he lets his cursed technique do the talking for him, even in overtime. In this article, let’s explore Kento Nanami’s “Ratio Technique” and how it’s tailored to his taste!

What Is Ymir’s Curse In Attack on Titan? Can it be broken?

God Ymir

Ymir Fritz’s role in Attack on Titan became more important as the story got complex and started to delve deeper into the Titan lore. Subsequently, her character sheds its omnipotent cover and we are exposed to the tumultuous life she was subjected to. It’s when she died trying to save the King that the curse was born.

What Is Karl Fritz’s ‘Vow Of Renouncing War’ In Attack On Titan?


The “vow of renouncement” is one of the defining points of conflict in the story of Attack on Titan. It is essentially a limiter placed on the Founding Titan’s powers. Regardless, it makes for some interesting discussions on morals in the anime and manga itself. Therefore, it’s only fitting that it is explored in-depth once … Read more

The Highs & Lows Of Attack On Titan Chapter 139

aot illustration FI 1 1

All good things must come to an end, and Attack on Titan is no exception. With the last chapter now out and the story finally concluded, there is an uproar of opinions across social media. However, the ending has both its highs and lows. Here is an opinion of an avid Attack on Titan fan … Read more

Attack On Titan: Why Was Eren Imprisoned In Season 4?

Eren Hange In Prison

The Survey Corps have protected Eren with their lives ever since the beginning of the series. Therefore, it came as a huge surprise when we found Eren being jailed after the attack on Liberio. However, the reason Eren was jailed only amplified the values of the Survey Corps; protect Eren, no matter what it takes.

Can Megumi Summon/Use Mahoraga In Jujutsu Kaisen?

mahoraga fi e1621150897347

Megumi’s Ten Shadows Technique has been one of the most interesting techniques to watch, with its array of Shikigamis who have their own quirks. However, we were in for another surprise! Against Haruta Shigemo, Megumi introduced us to a certain Shikigami that immediately showed us its mettle- the Mahoraga. The Mahoraga made its presence felt … Read more

The Unprecedented Character Development Of Jean Kirstein In Attack On Titan

Jean Kirstein AOT

Jean Kirstein is one of the most popular Attack on Titan characters. However, his character development and the abilities he has shown throughout the span of the story are criminally undermined. In this article, we shall take a look at Jean’s evolution from a self-centered young boy to an aware and responsible man with a sense of purpose!

Looking At Isayama’s Subtle Foreshadowing Before Reiner & Bertholdt’s Reveal


Reiner and Bertholdt’s transformation into the Armoured and Colossal Titan respectively shook us to the core. Personally, the Armoured Titan’s hair was a dead giveaway for Reiner. But I was hung up until the end on the Colossal Titan! In fact, I thought that Dot Pyxis might be the Colossal Titan because, you know, they’re … Read more

Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 5 Review: A Declaration Of War Indeed!

Willy Tybur Declaring War

Was there any better way to kick off the New Year? Despite a two week break, Attack on Titan: The Final Season’s Episode 5 “Declaration of War” was the best gift we could’ve asked for. That’s it, thanks for reading (: . All jokes aside, Studio MAPPA did a fantastic job in adapting the most … Read more

Attack On Titan: Why Did Zeke Betray Marley & Team Up With Paradis?


When Jean leads Falco and Gabi to the “ringleader” of the Liberio raid, no one expects to see Zeke Jeager. He is not a prisoner of war. Instead, it turns out that Zeke “dying” at the hands of Levi and Eren attacking Liberio was all a precalculated move, which he had masterminded. But why did … Read more

Understanding Willy Tybur’s Speech In Attack On Titan


Willy Tyubr’s speech will go down in history as one of the most iconic scenes in anime/manga history. The frantic tone and carefully chosen words of Willy kickstarted one of the most important events in the story of Attack on Titan. While it may sound like he was vouching for Marley’s cause, the true message … Read more

Attack On Titan: How Much Time Does Each Titan Shifter Have Left?


Ymir’s Curse dictates that each titan shifter can only live up to 13 years after inheriting one of the nine titan powers. Since Attack on Titan: The Final Season takes place after a four-year time skip, it’s only fitting that we go over the current time the shifters have! Note: this list only covers titan … Read more

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 4 Review: Reiner Gets A Rude Surprise!


Guess who’s back to make Mondays a little better? Episode 4 of Attack on Titan: The Final Season has set the stage for the climax for this arc. Titled “From One Hand to Another”, this episode introduces us to the Tybur Family and gives an insight to the festival. Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode … Read more

What Was Zeke’s Secret Plan For Eldia In Attack On Titan?


The following article contains major spoilers from Attack on Titan’s Marley arc. Read ahead at your own discretion! Zeke Yeager, arguably the Scouts’ most horrifying enemy, turned out to be an ally. He claimed to be a true restorationist with a will to save Eldia, just like his father. Not only did he manage to … Read more

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 3 Review: The Door Of Hope!

aot falco

Attack on Titan: The Final Season’s third episode, titled “The Door of Hope”, released this Sunday. While the previous episode revolved around the plans of Marley, this episode focuses more on Reiner, and his story. Additionally, it tells us more about Reiner, Annie and Bertholdt and their bleak situation in Paradis. Despite having some great … Read more

Why Does Ymir’s Jaw Titan Look Different From Galliard’s?

Jaw titan

Have you ever wondered whether titans resemble the humans they were before? For example, the Female Titan shares the icy blue eyes and blonde hair with its current inheritor, Annie. Similarly, the Jaw Titan now shares the appearance of its current inheritor who was introduced in the latest episode. And it is this new look … Read more

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 2 Review

Gabi partying

Attack on Titan: The Final Season returned this Sunday with episode 2, “The Midnight Train”. Though set away from the battleground, the episode excites viewers as we gain more insight into Marley and the new characters. There is definitely a big shift from the first episode as it takes place after the war. Not only … Read more

Attack On Titan: Understanding The Marley Mid-East War

Reiner and Warrior Candidates

The first episode of the final season for Attack on Titan introduced viewers to a World War-esque setting. Soon enough, we get to know that Marley is at war with the Mid East Alliance. To further understand this, let’s backtrack to season 3! Season 3, part 2 dropped a bomb on the viewers: there are … Read more

Can Saiki K Actually talk?

Saiki k

Saiki Kusuo is an enigma, and not just because of his pink hair and green tint glasses. The main question everyone has is whether Saiki talks to the characters or not. This has caused lots of confusion- does he use telepathy or does he just not speak at all? The answer to the question is … Read more

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 1 Review: It Has Begun!


The new season of Attack on Titan was definitely the most looked forward release of the year. Despite a studio change, and a delay owing to the pandemic, the first episode, titled “The Other Side of the Ocean“, released on December 7th (JST). *screams into oblivion* Now that the emotions are out of the way, … Read more

Does Reiner Have Split Personality? Three Instances From Attack On Titan That Prove It!


Well, duh, he obviously has. Doesn’t he? Reiner Braun is an extremely captivating character who underwent a drastic change after the big reveal. He was a brotherly figure to his fellow cadets, and a reliable comrade too. Therefore, his reveal as the Armoured Titan was an emotionally draining moment for not only the characters but … Read more

Why did Annie ‘The Female Titan’ Cry After Levi Took Eren From Her?


The 57th Expedition Arc in Attack on Titan Season 1 was an enthralling introduction to what we should expect from the story. The highlight of the arc was definitely the Female Titan- Annie Leonhart. However, the aftermath of Levi’s rescue of Eren left everyone shocked. Jaw cut open, up against a tree, the female titan … Read more

How Rengoku Kyojurou Lit Up Our Hearts!

Rengoku Kyojurou

Not only does he look like Charmander humanised, but his boisterous voice already became a fan favourite. Rengoku Kyojurou– the Flame Hashira, is one of the best examples of determination and grit in Demon Slayer. Now that Mugen Train has been released, there is no denying that Rengoku has definitely emerged as an important character … Read more

Levi Ackerman Is Not Your Average “Cold Guy”: Here’s Why!


Gun-metal eyes, a personality that seems more intimidating than a towering height and a titan killing record that sends shivers down your spine. It’s none other than Levi Ackerman, who is arguably the most popular male character from Shingeki no Kyojin– better known to the world as Attack on Titan. The stoic expression that graces … Read more