Attack On Titan: What Was Willy Tybur’s Motive?

The Tybur Family is an Eldian noble family in Marley that possesses the War Hammer Titan. Willy Tybur, the head of the family, was revealed during the Marley arc (Episode 4 for Attack of Titan Final Season). He is someone who has great influence over Marleyan politics. So, when he drops in unannounced to meet commander Theo Magath it raises a lot of questions in our minds. Unlike many characters that are shown in the series, Willy seems to be wanting the best for both Marley and Eldians. (Strange?) Why? He does reveal

What Was Zeke’s Secret Plan For Eldia In Attack On Titan?

The following article contains major spoilers from Attack on Titan's Marley arc. Read ahead at your own discretion! Zeke Yeager, arguably the Scouts' most horrifying enemy, turned out to be an ally. He claimed to be a true restorationist with a will to save Eldia, just like his father. Not only did he manage to climb up the ranks to become the War Chief with his great abilities as the Beast Titan, but managed to convince a few people into believing his plan. The volunteers were a group of soldiers who wanted

Attack On Titan: Why Did Eren Attack Liberio?

While seeing Eren in Marley was a huge surprise, it was an even bigger surprise when he proceeded to wreak havoc in the internment zone, killing innocent civilians and military personnel alike. This definitely was food for thought: why would Eren repeat an action that caused him and so many innocent people pain? When Eren met Reiner Braun on the day of the festival by tricking Falco, it was obvious that he was going to pull something. But it most probably wouldn't have been this violent, if it weren't for Willy Tybur's

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 3 Review: The Door Of Hope!

Attack on Titan: The Final Season's third episode, titled "The Door of Hope", released this Sunday. While the previous episode revolved around the plans of Marley, this episode focuses more on Reiner, and his story. Additionally, it tells us more about Reiner, Annie and Bertholdt and their bleak situation in Paradis. Despite having some great animation, the episode falls short of expectations as it fails to establish connection between a few crucial events. Reiner's backstory The episode starts with Reiner's

Attack On Titan: Why Did Eren Go To Marley? How Did He Get There?

But, seriously! How did Eren end up on the other side of the ocean, and for what? If you managed to decode the hobo-soldier as Eren Jeager, I'm sure these questions must be running through your head. Firstly, we see Eren as someone who is overlooking Reiner and the young cadets walk off. Next, we see Falco Grice helping a soldier who wore the armband on the wrong arm. However, the four year time skip with no preface has raised many questions on the intentions of Eren. What is Eren doing in Marley? How did he get there?

Why Does Ymir’s Jaw Titan Look Different From Galliard’s?

Have you ever wondered whether titans resemble the humans they were before? For example, the Female Titan shares the icy blue eyes and blonde hair with its current inheritor, Annie. Similarly, the Jaw Titan now shares the appearance of its current inheritor who was introduced in the latest episode. And it is this new look of the Jaw Titan that has been subject to many discussions regarding titan appearance. Infact, there was visible confusion when the Jaw Titan first made its appearance with fans speculating if it were

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 2 Review

Attack on Titan: The Final Season returned this Sunday with episode 2, "The Midnight Train". Though set away from the battleground, the episode excites viewers as we gain more insight into Marley and the new characters. There is definitely a big shift from the first episode as it takes place after the war. Not only most does it give us a clear idea of what Marley is thinking next but also shows the complexity of relationships of the Warriors and the candidates. The Meeting and a "secret" conversation Episode 2

Attack On Titan: Understanding The Marley Mid-East War

The first episode of the final season for Attack on Titan introduced viewers to a World War-esque setting. Soon enough, we get to know that Marley is at war with the Mid East Alliance. To further understand this, let's backtrack to season 3! Season 3, part 2 dropped a bomb on the viewers: there are humans outside of walls. After finally reaching the basement, Eren Jaeger discovers the truth behind his father's actions, and a slice of history about the titans.

Can Saiki K Actually talk?

Saiki Kusuo is an enigma, and not just because of his pink hair and green tint glasses. The main question everyone has is whether Saiki talks to the characters or not. This has caused lots of confusion- does he use telepathy or does he just not speak at all? The answer to the question is that yes- Saiki speaks, but through telepathy. Owing to his personality, Saiki is more comfortable with telepathic conversations. When you suffer because of your abilities and have an existential crisis, talking with your mouth seems

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 1 Review: It Has Begun!

The new season of Attack on Titan was definitely the most looked forward release of the year. Despite a studio change, and a delay owing to the pandemic, the first episode, titled "The Other Side of the Ocean", released on December 7th (JST). *screams into oblivion* Now that the emotions are out of the way, I think I say for everyone that Studio MAPPA didn't disappoint! In general, the episode really did set the tone, and left us wanting more. The OP, ED, and everything in between This time, Linked Horizon did

Does Reiner Have Split Personality? Three Instances From Attack On Titan That Prove It!

Well, duh, he obviously has. Doesn't he? Reiner Braun is an extremely captivating character who underwent a drastic change after the big reveal. He was a brotherly figure to his fellow cadets, and a reliable comrade too. Therefore, his reveal as the Armoured Titan was an emotionally draining moment for not only the characters but the fans as well. However, the most interesting thing about Reiner turned out to be his constantly conflicting actions and words. Most of the fandom agrees that Reiner suffers from

Demon Slayer: Four Times Zenitsu’s Thunder Breathing Stole The Show!

Zenitsu definitely has proven time and time again that he is a formidable ally throughout the manga. Despite his "unique" circumstances (ie, falling asleep when scared), he has shown great swordsmanship at crucial times. From the six styles created from Sun Breathing, Thunder Breathing is arguably the fastest. Here are a few instances that show Zenitsu's skill in the best way: Thunderclap and Flash: vs Tongue Demon (Tsuzumi Mansion Arc) The first time we saw some mettle in Zenitsu was in a super cool way. Along with

Why did Annie ‘The Female Titan’ Cry After Levi Took Eren From Her?

The 57th Expedition Arc in Attack on Titan Season 1 was an enthralling introduction to what we should expect from the story. The highlight of the arc was definitely the Female Titan- Annie Leonhart. However, the aftermath of Levi’s rescue of Eren left everyone shocked. Jaw cut open, up against a tree, the female titan cried. So, why did Annie, or the female titan, cry? The answer is quite simple: the 57th Expedition was her shot at getting Eren, a Titan shifter, and finishing the hellish mission on Paradis Island.

Breathology 101: All Breathing Styles In Demon Slayer Explained!

Breathing styles- the main technique that gives demon slayers their strength- is arguably one of the most appealing factors from the series. Not only are the forms fascinating, but so are their origins. But then, what are breathing styles or breathing techniques? Breathing Styles or Breathing Techniques are swordsmanship styles that are practiced by the Demon Slayer Corps. By using specific and concentrated breathing patterns, the user's physical ability and concentration is heightened, due to the increased amount of

How Rengoku Kyojurou Lit Up Our Hearts!

Not only does he look like Charmander humanised, but his boisterous voice already became a fan favourite. Rengoku Kyojurou- the Flame Hashira, is one of the best examples of determination and grit in Demon Slayer. Now that Mugen Train has been released, there is no denying that Rengoku has definitely emerged as an important character that serves as an inspiration and guiding force for Kamado Tanjiro. On our first acquaintance with Rengoku, we see a man who’s fully dedicated to his role as a Pillar, as seen with his

Levi Ackerman Is Not Your Average “Cold Guy”: Here’s Why!

Gun-metal eyes, a personality that seems more intimidating than a towering height and a titan killing record that sends shivers down your spine. It's none other than Levi Ackerman, who is arguably the most popular male character from Shingeki no Kyojin- better known to the world as Attack on Titan. The stoic expression that graces his face, along with the discipline the corporal carries has led to him being boxed in the “scary mentor who secretly cares for the characters” trope. While there is no denying that Levi’s