Hajime Kashimo’s Cursed Technique In Jujutsu Kaisen Explained!


Jujutsu Kaisen has been a hot topic in the anime community as both the anime and the manga are covering some of the most action-packed arcs concurrently.

On one hand, we have the Shibuya Arc running in the anime with the sealing of Gojo and the return of his deadliest rival yet in the form of Toji Zenin, and on the other hand, manga readers are crying over their screens looking at the acts of the King of Curses.

In chapter 236, we witnessed the supposed end of Satoru Gojo at the hands of Sukuna. Not only was the fight electrifying, but we also got to see the next combatant enter the arena: Thunder God Kashimo Hajime.

Kashimo Hajime, the Thunder God!

Kashimo made his first appearance during the Culling Game Arc where he went up against Jujutsu High elite student Kinji Hakari. Although we got to know the nature of his Cursed Energy being Electricity, he never used his Cursed Technique against Hakari as he wanted to use it only against Sukuna.

Chapter 237 finally revealed his Cursed Technique as he got to fulfill his dream and now that we have a relatively better understanding of his abilities, I am going to explain his powers and gather all the information we have about him in a single page, so buckle up and time to get charged!

Spoiler Warning: Spoilers for chapter 237 are going to be discussed here so read at your own risk!

Kashimo’s Electricity Cursed Energy Nature Explained

Kashimo Hajime is a Jujutsu Sorcerer from the past. Existing about 400 years ago, he is another reincarnated Sorcerer who agreed to participate in the Culling Game. His only goal was to fight Sukuna and that is how Kenjaku was able to attract him towards the current era.

He is one of the strongest Sorcerers to have ever existed, taking out hundreds of challengers without any form of difficulty. He is basically like Kenpachi, who lives to fight. What made him especially deadly was his Cursed Energy, which has the properties of Electricity.

Kashimo's cursed energy like electricity

The electric nature of his cursed energy causes his body to remain electrified at all times. This renders Hajime’s cursed energy-reinforced physical assaults unstoppable since his strikes shock the opponent upon impact.

He is also capable of shooting powerful lightning strikes which can cause massive damage.

He achieves this by separating electric charges on his own and making his cursed energy flow from positive to negative charges, resulting in a powerful strike. These attacks travel through the air and are sure-hit attacks that he can use without needing to activate Domain Expansion.

His lightning strike was able to catch Kinji Hakari off guard, slicing off his arm even when the latter had infinite cursed energy at the moment. But he is not able to use it repeatedly, as he needs time to recharge it.

Kashimo's lightning strike tears off Hakari's abdomen

He also can send off lightning strikes by using the Nyoi staff as a terminal. It is a cursed tool that can conduct the electric properties of his cursed energy as well as act as a standard staff for physical attacks. He used it to tear off Hakari’s abdomen.

His control over his electrifying cursed energy is immaculate. During the fight against Hakari, when he was dropped into seawater he realized that he had the upper hand due to water’s conductivity. He can basically conduct all kinds of chemical reactions that require electricity as he was able to conduct electrolysis in the salt to release Chlorine gas, which was a dangerous poison for humans.

Also possessing great intellect in battle, Kashimo was able to stand up against Hakari’s Cursed Technique Private Pure Love Train and Domain Expansion Idle Death Gamble while also figuring out the intricacies of his Pachikno-based technique. Kashimo pushed Hakari to the limits even without using his Innate Technique.

Talking about his Cursed Technique, when Hakari asked why he didn’t use it against him in the battle, Kashimo replied that he could only use it once before dying and said that he had kept it reserved only for one combatant: Sukuna.

And it was his turn to fight after the death of the strongest sorcerer of the present, Satoru Gojo. Chapter 237 revealed his long-awaited Cursed Technique.

Kashimo’s Cursed Technique Explained

Jumping into the fight straight after Gojo’s death, he knew it was the moment for which he was born. Sukuna on the other hand, received the Cursed Tool Kamutoke (Supreme Martial Solution) that had been formed out of a desperate Binding Vow that Yorozu had made in exchange for her death.

The cursed tool was wielded by Sukuna a thousand years ago and it was capable of discharging electricity. And guess what, who is the wielder of electricity? Sukuna’s weapon had no chance of harming Kashimo as he was immune to electric attacks due to the nature of his own cursed energy.

It was then that he unleashed his cursed technique: MYTHICAL BEAST: AMBER


As the above panel says, it reconstructs his flesh in order to manifest phenomena that he converts from cursed energy. It basically means that his body is enhanced by electricity completely.

The further panels go on to explain that his agility is improved due to the increased activity of electric signals in the brain.

Furthermore, sound waves that optimize and attune to the natural frequencies of substances and electromagnetic waves that vaporize irradiated objects, such phenomena are manifested in his body when his cursed technique is activated.x

Kashimo Overpowering Sukuna

If these words sound too complex to understand, it basically means that everything starting from his senses to his physical and electric outputs is vastly increased. He can shoot strong sound waves which can cause shockwaves. Also, his speed was too fast for Sukuna to catch up to.

Although his power is fascinating to witness, we must remember what he said before: he can only use his power once. This is because the constant chemical reactions and phenomena taking place that are reconstructing his body harm his flesh and once the cursed technique is over, his flesh will collapse.

Sukuna was getting overpowered by his abilities and this led to him revealing his true form! Kashimo’s dream is definitely going to come true before he meets his end.

We are probably going to witness the death of yet another character but due to his abilities, intellect, and sheer will to fight, he will be remembered as one of the strongest fighters in the Jujutsu Universe!


One of the strongest Jujutsu Sorcerers from 400 years ago, Kashimo Hajime was one of the sorcerers whom Kenjaku had made a Binding Vow with. Kashimo instantly agreed to the vow as he would get to fight the strongest Sorcerer in history: Sukuna. After making his reincarnation in the modern era, he went up against strong individuals such as Kinji Hakari in the Culling Game.

During the fight, we get to know that the nature of his cursed energy is electricity and he uses powers and abilities that are governed by the law of electricity, such as transferring charges from terminals and performing electrolysis of seawater to release Chlorine gas, both used in forms of offense and defense.

He then reveals his Cursed Technique Mythical Beast Amber where his body is reconstructed by chemical reactions taking place all over his body, which in turn increases his senses, agility, and overall output. It was able to overpower Sukuna before the latter decided to reveal his true form!! But we also know that the cursed technique has a timer before it ends Kashimo’s life.

Kashimo is definitely going to be a memorable character but how long is he going to last? Will he be able to deal permanent damage to the King of Curses before succumbing to his own death? Do let us know!

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