Gojo Satoru’s Powers Explained: Limitless, Infinity & Hollow Purple!

Gege Akutami, the genius one-eyed cyclops cat, has used some complex concepts of mathematics as the basis of Gojo's powers. We shall try our best to break it down for you!! So what exactly is Limitless and Infinity?

If you are able to see beyond those amazing looks of his; you will realise that Gojo Satoru’s insanely powerful cursed technique a.k.a Limitless can be a bit difficult to wrap your head around.

Gege Akutami, the genius one-eyed cyclops cat, has used some complex concepts of mathematics as the basis of Gojo’s powers. We shall try our best to break it down for you!! So what exactly is Limitless and Infinity?

What is Limitless and Infinity in Jujutsu Kaisen?

Whenever Jogo tried to land a hit on Gojo, there was an invisible barrier that he could not overcome. This impenetrable space between Gojo Satoru and his opponents that shields him from their attacks, both physical and cursed, is known as the Infinity

But before we get into detail about infinity, we need to know about the Limitless Cursed technique. This basically enables Gojo to use Infinity.


Limitless is a cursed technique that is hereditary to the Gojo clan. This technique lets Satoru manipulate space, which he keeps doing constantly. Just like Satoru tells Jogo, infinity is real. He is just bringing it into existence with the help of his cursed technique.

Gojo manipulates space at an atomic level to create(?) infinite amounts of finite space between his opponent himself. But unlike real convergent, divergent series, Satoru’s infinity is just a fantasy. There is no real number that is present here, just an unknown that we get when divided by zero. That’s why this power got the name Limitless!


Infinity is the neutral state of Limitless. It is not a cursed technique in itself. As opposed to the common assumption, Infinity does not stop any attacks. Satoru was not stopping Jogo from touching him or hitting him. It was more like the cursed spirit was slowing down the closer he got to Satoru

Satoru uses Infinity, the base form of Limitless cursed technique

Gojou used the example of convergence and divergence to help the cursed spirit understand what was happening. In mathematics no matter how much you divide a number, it never really becomes zero. But it keeps getting smaller and smaller. The amount by which it gets smaller becomes less every time.

Akutami gives an even better example of “Achilles and the tortoise” in the manga. Achilles and the tortoise is a famous paradox by Greek Philosopher Zeno. For those not familiar, here’s the logic for the same, taken straight outta Britannica. 

Achilles Paradox:

Achilles paradox, in logic, an argument attributed to the 5th-century-BCE Greek philosopher Zeno, and one of his four paradoxes described by Aristotle in the treatise Physics. The paradox concerns a race between the fleet-footed Achilles and a slow-moving tortoise. The two start moving at the same moment, but if the tortoise is initially given a head start and continues to move ahead, Achilles can run at any speed and will never catch up with it.

Zeno’s argument rests on the presumption that Achilles must first reach the point where the tortoise started, by which time the tortoise will have moved ahead, even if but a small distance, to another point; by the time Achilles traverses the distance to this latter point, the tortoise will have moved ahead to another, and so on.

Phew, that was kinda long. So just like Achilles can never catch up to the tortoise, the distance between Satoru and his opponent will always keep approaching zero but never be zero.

How does Gojo do it?

This is because Gojo is able to split the finite distance in between himself and the enemy into an infinite amount of small pieces. Let’s go back to the convergence example, no matter how much Gojo divides the distance between him and his enemy, it will never become zero. He is able to divide the space thanks to his Limitless ability.

So, the closer one gets to Satoru, the slower they become. Think of it like there’s infinite amounts of finite space separating the two. The closer they get to Satoru, the more minute space they have to traverse, increasing the time to impact.

Combining the neutral state of Limitless with his Six Eyes technique, Satoru can control which objects hit him. He can break down an object by its mass, composition and speed, judging how dangerous it is for him.

Cursed Technique Lapse Blue:

Gojo Satoru is able to use Limitless so well to manipulate space due to his impressive control of cursed energy (thanks to his six eyes technique). Like we explained before, Infinity is the neutral state of the Limitless.

Cursed Technique Lapse Blue, created by amplifying limitless with negative energy

When Gojo uses negative cursed energy to power-up the Limitless, he is able to create negative spaces that cause attraction or magnetism effects. This is known as the Cursed Technique Lapse: Blue. Gojo uses this technique and makes objects get attracted to a single point.

The force of this attraction or the magnetism depends on the amount of the cursed energy that Gojo pours into his technique. However, this technique requires Gojo to manipulate cursed energy accurately, which he terms is a pain.

He also can’t create huge fields of attraction close to himself, because he might end up getting caught in the after-effects and not control cursed energy properly.

However, in his fight against Toji, after experiencing a near death situation and understanding the very essence of Cursed Energy, Gojo is able to use the Cursed Technique Lapse Maximum Cursed Energy Output: Azure Glow. In this he able to output maximum cursed energy with the Limitless and cause one point to attract a large amount of space to itself. It is a much more destructive version of the Cursed technique lapse Blue.

Cursed Technique Reversal: Red

By using Limitless along with the positive reversed cursed energy, Satoru is able to create a repelling force which is the Cursed Technique Reversal: Red. He used against Jogo in the battle.

Gojo brings the infinity into reality

Satoru passingly terms it the divergence of infinity. By powering Limitless with reversed cursed energy instead of negative cursed energy, the effects of Cursed Technique Lapse: Blue is reversed here, causing repelling. Basically, he is bringing infinity, which is normally an invisible phenomenon, into reality as a tangible explosive force.

Hollow Purple:

But combining the Blue and Red forms of the Limitless, Gojo creates an imaginary technique called the Hollow Purple. This technique is the expulsion of imaginary mass. Scientifically speaking, an attack containing imaginary mass particles would travel faster than light, which makes it really hard to dodge.

The hollow purple is Satoru’s ace up the sleeve against opponents who already know about the Blue and Red variations of the Limitless.

According to Gege Akutami, while there other Jujutsu sorcerers who have a possibility of using the Limitless, Satoru is the only person who can REALLY use the technique in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen. Sensei sure is the GOAT. We have covered Satoru’s Domain Expansion: Infinite Void in a separate article.

What are your opinions on Gojou Satorus powers? If you still have nagging questions about it, let us know them in the comments section!!

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