What Is Kenjaku’s (Brain’s) Goal & Motive In Jujutsu Kaisen?

Geto Suguru

This article has manga spoilers! Read ahead at your own discretion!

The question of who was possessing Geto Suguru was something the fandom had discussed for a long time. However, once the identity of brain was confirmed in chapter 145 to be Kenjaku, the discussions immediately shifted gears and focused on what Kenjaku’s grand plan was.

We know very little about Kenjaku till now, and even at the end of the culling games, there seems to be a huge question mark over what the scheming sorcerer is aiming to achieving.

Sure, Akutami has fed us crumbs here and there, but other than being flamboyant, Kenjaku hasn’t given us a lot to go about, or so you thought. Going back and forth between the chapters has given me a good idea of what Kenjaku is up to and what his ultimate goal could be.

Kenjaku or Brain’s Goal:

Kenjaku envisions ‘the world to come’. When we first heard of Kenjaku’s plan in Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 136, it felt as if he was aiming for the evolution of humanity. However, as we get to know the bits and pieces of his plan in the subsequent chapters, we understand that Kenjaku’s ultimate goal is to evolve cursed energy that is in its human form to something else.

Trust me, it can be hard to grasp your head over this concept. So allow me explain all of this in detail. Also, note that the original Geto and Kenjaku have motives that are completely different. In this article, we are only focusing on what Kenjaku is up to.

Geto disagrees with Yuki
Kenjaku the optimizer

The fixation on evolving:

To better understand Kenjaku’s goal, we once again have to revisit Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 136. This is where we get a an idea of his fixation on evolving and optimizing.

For Kenjaku, sorcerers, non-sorcerers and cursed spirits were all possibilities of cursed energy in the human body. Meaning, depending on whether a person has cursed energy, and based on how that cursed energy is utilized, they would either be a sorcerer, non-sorcerer or even a cursed spirit.

However, he wanted to see if there was something more that could be achieved. Why only have three possibilities? What would happen if humans and cursed spirits were to merge together. Curious to find answers, he experimented on humans and created the cursed womb while in possession of Noritoshi Kamo (old guy).

However, that experiment turned out to be a failure. Kenjaku felt that he was always held back by the limitations of the human body.

Getou talks about evolution
Kenjaku explains his goal

This forced him to rethink his strategy. Eventually, he came to the conclusion to cause chaos of a level even he can’t control and see how things would shape out. Would this cause an evolution? Would this break the glass ceiling which limited his potential?

For Kenjaku, the world was now an empty canvas, and he had just dumped a whole lot of colors onto it, to see what it would turn out to be!

Additionally, Kenjaku said that the future of the world & humans lies in optimizing cursed energy. What exactly did he mean by this?

Based on his statements in chapter 202, he has always aimed to achieve a new form of cursed energy. This is probably what he meant when he said optimizing cursed energy was the future. But how did he plan to go about doing so?

This is where Tengen and the culling game come in!

How does Kenjaku/Brain plan to achieve his goal?

In chapter 136, when Kenjaku first laid bare his plans for the Culling Game, everyone felt that he wanted to employ the survival of the fittest methodology and that it had something to do with achieving his goal. But we couldn’t have been more wrong!

Come chapter 145, his plan seems to be totally different. As explained by Tengen, the culling game will only serve as a ritual, using which the human beings of this country would be sent to the other side.

Why does Kenjaku want to merge humanity with Tengen?

According to Tengen, Kenjaku is aiming to attain evolution by merging humans with Tengen. Once again, it would be easy to misunderstand this step as Kenjaku aiming for the evolution of humans, but that is not the case.

Merging with Tengen is just the first step in a well thought out process created by Kenjaku to reach his goals.

Kenjaku wants to merge humankind with Tengen
Old granny!

Ideally, Tengen should only be able to merge with the Star Plasma Vessel. However, since Toji foiled the assimilation 11 years ago, Tengen has constantly evolved to the point where they are no longer a human. They are much closer to a cursed spirit, which makes them an easy target of Geto’s cursed spirit manipulation.

Kenjaku wants to merge all of humanity with Tengen. By doing so, these humans will evolve into something more than a Jujutsu Sorcerer. They will become all-knowing entities similar to Tengen. But they won’t have a physical existence or self-awareness like Tengen does.

In their current state, Tengen is more of a cursed spirit than a human. And if non-sorcerers merge with Tengen, all of them would turn out to be cursed spirits with lot of cursed energy.

Tengen is only able to maintain their form and awareness thanks to their barrier. However, humans won’t be capable of doing so. So, the product here is majority of Japan turned into mindless cursed spirits. And even if one person rages, it will cause large scale destruction throughout the world.

But then, how is this helping achieving Kenjaku’s goals.

Like I said, the merging with humanity was just the first step. These cursed spirits that Kenjaku created were just a means to an end. And this is where the scheming he did for generations came to light.

A well thought out scheme:

Once the cursed womb experiment failed, Kenjaku began devising a new plan where his human potential won’t limit the outcome of his experiment. Tengen was a part of this new plan from the start itself.

This is not the first time brain/Kenjaku has attempted to carry out his plan. He has been planning this for hundreds, if not thousands of years. However, everytime he got close to Tengen to prevent his assimilation, a six eyes user stopped him.

The fact that Tengen, the star plasma vessel and the Six Eyes user were connected by fate, meant that Kenjaku’s initial attempts were foiled by the latter everytime. So he had to improvise and make sure that a Six Eyes user would not be a roadblock in his grand scheme.

While he was still figuring out the nitty-gritties of his action-plan, fortune favored him in the form of Toji Fushiguro killing Riko Amanai and stopping the merger with Tengen.

Not just that, he got lucky a second time by getting to possess the body of a dead Geto. Why was that lucky you ask? People often tend to overlook this, but the truth is this – Kenjaku wouldn’t have had such a good time executing his plans if either of these two events had not turned out in his favor.

As it turns out, Geto’s body, or his technique Cursed Spirit manipulation, has played a vital role in Kenjaku’s plans till now.

He was able to consume Mahito, and use Idle Transfiguration to revive the old sorcerers who would go on to take part in the culling game. He was even able to buy some precious time and surprise Gojo, thanks to being in Geto’s body, eventually leading to his sealing in the Prison Realm.

Similarly, the whole point about taking cursed energy to the next level is only possible now because of Geto’s cursed technique. Kenjaku has been waiting and planning patiently this whole time for this moment.

Once humankind merges with Tengen, there will be over hundred million cursed spirits with cursed energy that will be roaming in Japan. And if all this cursed energy gets distilled by a process like Uzumaki, then according to Kenjaku’s hypothesis, it will lead to the creation of something that even he doesn’t understand!

Knowing this downside, Tengen obviously does not want to merge with the humans or go along with Kenjaku’s plan.

However, since they are a potential target for cursed spirit manipulation (Tengen = cursed spirit), Kenjaku can consume Tengen and make them act according to his own will.

What are your thoughts on Kenjaku/brain’s plans? Are they morally gray? Let us know your opinions in the comments section!

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