20+ Strongest Jujutsu Kaisen Characters Ranked!

Come on, you want to know who's the strongest jujutsu kaisen characters right?

Jujutsu Kaisen characters are endowed with a wide array of charming, riveting, and beautiful characteristics . Every single one of them has a distinct personality that makes them stand out.

Although, at some time in our lives, we all have wondered – where’s Hakari? Is he an illegitimate son of Principal Yaga?

Along with that, I also sometimes think of who all will get included in the Top 20 Strongest Jujutsu Kaisen Characters.

We all know Nobar….Gojo’s the strongest amongst the Jujutsu Kaisen characters but have you ever thought who would rank at 7th? Or let’s say where a savage like Toji would end up? Or the fan-favorite Jogo?

Let me enlighten you all.

‘CE’ refers to Cursed Energy and ‘DE’ refers to Domain Expansion respectively.

Before starting with the strongest jujutsu kaisen characters list, let’s take a look at what went in behind the scenes to rank the characters.

Well, as the title states, this list is about the strongest Jujutsu Kaisen characters. But what is strength in the premise of Jujutsu Kaisen?

For starters, cursed energy could be called the base of everything Jujutsu. But cursed techniques and how they are being implemented in a battle matters a lot too.

Hell, we even had a guy with no cursed energy taking down a Grade 1 sorcerer.

As an example for the first scenario, take Itadori and Todo overpowering a special grade like Hanami. It says a lot. Not that Hanami was weaker than the two, just that Todo and Itadori’s combination was simply better in terms of battle tactics.

But, in this list, we’d still rank Hanami above both Itadori and Todo, because, well he is stronger. The same can be said for Gojo and Toji. I hope you get the drift.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at our list of strongest Jujutsu Kaisen characters.

Ranking The Strongest Jujutsu Kaisen Characters:

20. Nobara Kugisaki:

If this is surprising for you, I promise, you are in for a treat. The girl who always holds her head high with big dreams, is placed at 20th? What blasphemy is this?

Well, it is what it is. There’s no denying that she has the potential to become one of the strongest Jujutsu Kaisen characters; but right now, she isn’t. 

Kugisaki Nobara Jujutsu Kaisen
Nobara – the girl who scores better marks than you and is also good in sports

Nobara Kugisaki, the badass wannabe model has some amazing feats to her name. The most prominent one is her fight against Eso and Kechizu.

With the help of Yuji, she obliterated her opponents. Her innate ability – Straw Doll Technique is quite potent and allows her to attack the opponent from a distance.

Her technique extension i.e. Resonance grants her to inflict the opponent’s body as well as the soul. It was pretty effective against Mahito.

In addition to that, she is chivalrous and can be pretty insane given the right circumstances. Take her fight against Eso and Kechizu – she even used Black Flash and was completely in the zone.

And her pain tolerance is no joke too, she’s really crazy enough to be a proper sorcerer. So what’s stopping her then?

The inexperience and limited knowledge. This will apply to the main trio and in the case of Nobara, her attitude might hamper her growth too.

Although she seems to be calm on the outside, she’s easily offended. Her impulsiveness can cost her life too. Thus, she has a long way to go.

19. Yuji Itadori:

The protagonist of the story deep down in the rubble? And not even in the Top 15? Is this some kind of joke? Umm, no it’s not a joke and Itadori very well fits here.

The sole reason being that he is new to the jujutsu world. That’s a nice way to prove his incapability but it’s not like what it seems. He’s an extraordinary kid but still isn’t as strong as his peers.

Just for your info, he was pretty easy to rank.

Itadori Yuji jjk
Yuji – the shonen kid who likes Jennifer Lawrence; hence very relatable protagonist

Yuji Itadori has proven to be quite athletic and super strong. He can quickly grasp the concepts and can use them in a practical manner too.

He adapts in the midst of a battle whether it be the one against Hanami or Mahito. Furthermore, he has also proven that he can use complex techniques such as Black Flash too.

Coming onto speed, he was able to evade Choso’s Piercing Blood that travels as fast as sound. But what stops him from ranking higher is his inexperience and knowledge.

First of all, he is completely new to this shaman world. He has yet to understand the how’s and why’s of the world sorcerers and curses live in.

The second thing being the possession of negligible knowledge. These two factors play a huge role in Itadori’s current standing.

Although let’s not ignore the fact that Yuji inflicted four consecutive black flashes against Hanami. Also, Mahito was scared to death when Yuji was in the zone. He has all the potential just like Nobara.

He has grown a lot post Shibuya, but compared to the Jujutsu Kaisen characters in this list, he still needs a wee bit of a push to be in that top 15 or top 10. Don’t trust me? Read on to know.

18. Megumi Fushiguro:

Moving onto the next in the list; the emo prince – Megumi Fushiguro. He’s someone who got Sukuna interested in him. There has to be something truly devastating that made Sukuna fall for this guy.

Or else, Akutami sensei is writing a story that doesn’t belong in Jujutsu Kaisen.

megumi fushigoro domain expansion
Megumi – the side character who is better than the protagonsit aka Killua

Megumi is a Grade 2 Sorcerer and he has already unlocked his Domain Expansion.

Now, this is something to boast about. Furthermore, his innate technique i.e. Ten Shadows allows him to summon ten shikigamis at once.

In addition to that, he can withstand a lot of damage and still be able to fight. He stood his ground against three-finger Sukuna and was also able to hold on against Todo.

Not to mention that he seems to have a lot of CE. In Shibuya, after taking a lot of damage (almost on the verge of death), he was able to summon Mahoraga.

To add more to his feats, he was able to use his DE against Dagon to save Nanami and co. However, his sharp mind and using hand-to-hand combat often get ignored.

He was also pretty good with the cursed tools against Hanami.

Still, Fushiguro lacks what it takes to win a fight. His inexperience is one of the reasons that will make him lose in battles. Although he has all the power to become one of the strongest Jujutsu Kaisen characters, for now, he isn’t.

Gojo as well as Sukuna value him equally and can see the bigger picture.

17. Inumaki Toge:

Let’s welcome the silent boy – Inumaki Toge. He is the descendant of the Inumaki family who possesses a very rare power. There’s a reason why he seems always reserved to himself and does not open up much to others.

While he’s cursed by his own ability, the boy understands that he wields great power. This shows the level of maturity he has and also displays that he can remain calm in every situation.

So what makes him one of the strongest Jujutsu Kaisen characters?

inumaki toge jjk
Inumaki – the silent kid who saved everyone from the terrorists

Toge has the ‘Cursed Speech Technique’, the man can literally overpower everyone out there. His technique allows whatever he speaks to be imbued in CE, making his words commanding in nature.

Along with his technique, he has also shaped his mind and body. Toge’s agility is no joke, his Cursed Speech requires a lot of stamina.

And against Hanami, he was using it at regular intervals while running and saving others. So why’s Inumaki being dumped here despite him being a Semi Grade 1 Sorcerer?

Inumaki’s inherited ability is nothing short of potent and miraculous but there’s one big downside to it. When used against powerful sorcerers/curses, the power repels.

As seen in the fight against Hanami, Inumaki was coughing blood. The more violent or murderous his words become, the more it harms his throat and body.

Also, the cursed speech requires a lot of stamina and endurance too. He is a respectable comrade, friend, and dangerous fighter. However, his cursed speech is a blessing as well as condemnation.

16. Kento Nanami:

The man, the myth, the 7:3 sorcerer, and the legend. Kento Nanami is one of the most loveable and respectable sorcerers in JJK for fans like me. His stoic and aloof personality constitutes the badass man he is.

The ‘next door salaryman’ packs some punch in the world of sorcerers and curses. So, what makes him a #16 material?

If you are having doubts as to why Yuji and Megumi are ranked below Nanami, then hit me up in the comments below, I’l try to answer your questions!

Nanami Kento jjk
Nanami – the man who yearned for normalcy and a vacation in Malaysia

Nanami is literally the model definition of what a Grade 1 Sorcerer looks like. Although he doesn’t come from any reputed clan, the man knows what he needs to do.

With guilt in his heart, he strives toward normalcy while baptizing curses. He has shown his expert hand-to-hand combat skills in Shibuya when demolishing Shigemo.

The blunt sword he carries is the only weapon he uses for his elegant ratio technique.

He also fought Mahito in a 1v1 and was able to stop him with his ‘Collapse’. That’s a feat to be proud of; even in his second fight against him, he was able to stall Mahito for some time.

This shows the great strength and intellect he possesses and how adaptive he can be in a fight. 

So what does he lack then? The craziness and motivation to fight and the required power to defeat everyone in the way. We all know that Nanami was cornered by Mahito.

And while he stood his ground in Dagon’s Domain Expansion, he almost got killed. To be honest, he had a long way to go. Though he’s still stronger than a plethora of Jujutsu Kaisen characters.

15. Mei Mei:

The independent jujutsu sorcerer who works only in exchange for money – Mei Mei. The Grade 1 Sorcerer was praised by Satoru Gojo; one can’t take that comment lightly.

Mei Mei’s innate technique isn’t something to be awed on. It’s pretty simple and kinda weak; she can control birds and that’s it.

So what makes her a nominee for one the strongest Jujutsu Kaisen characters?

mei mei jjk
Mei Mei – jujutsu kaisen’s golddigger but in a good manner

Mei Mei has always thought of her technique to be weak. As a result, she trained herself in close-quarter combat. Fast forward to now, she easily defeated Niji Ebina, a semi grade 1 curse in Shibuya.

With a cursed tool that looks like a long battle axe and her great combat skills, she can hold her ground well. After defeating Ebina, she got stuck in the DE of another special grade curse.

To defeat it and counter the three-second rule, she imbued her birds with CE and relentlessly attacked the curse. Along with that, she also used her small brother to her advantage to fire Bird Strike.

This fight cemented the fact that she has an extraordinary amount of strength and reflexes. Her Bird Strike is a deadly force because only Satoru Gojo was able to survive it.

The Shibuya Incident portrayed her as more than a capable fighter. Besides going for head-on fights, she can also be used for scouting as well as assassinations.

But again, she doesn’t have a lot of variety in her technique or powerful moves. So that becomes a hindrance and kind of stunts her growth too.

Someone with a fierce approach can overwhelm him. Moreover, the next one on the list will easily defeat her.

14. Choso:

Say hello to the illegitimate child of Noritoshi Kamo and sweet oni-chan of Yuji Itadori. This dude is probably the strongest cursed womb if we go by his technique.

He has shown how powerful and devastating he can be in his fight against Yuji. For this guy to rank, it was a bit difficult because his technique makes him kinda invincible. 

Choso jjk
Choso – the step brother who’s older than your great great grandfather

Choso, the guy with stripes on his cheeks has that necessary punch that cocky people like Naoya needs. The special grade Death Painting packs a massive stock of CE.

Along with that, his Blood Manipulation is a power to be reckoned with. His innate technique allows him to manipulate his seemingly never-ending blood.

Moreover, he has refined his innate technique to an extent where he has a variety of attacks to choose with. From Supernova to Slicing Exorcism, he had pretty solid attacks in his arsenal.

Choso used his blood very effectively in all of his fights. He was able to fight with his technique in long and short ranges as well.

I can go on all about how commanding he is in hand-to-hand combat but I need to stop. Because there are people with better techniques who will overpower him in seconds.

Yes, our beloved big brother has immense strength and reflexes. But when it comes to technique, he isn’t the only one with the gift.

Akutami sensei has stored some quirky ones for the higher ups. One more thing Choso lacks is in adapting fast enough to the battle.

It can prove disastrous for him if he takes too much time in ascertaining his opponent’s ability. And the next one on the list can easily overwhelm him.

13. Naobito Zen’in:

Right off the bat, I just want to say that this old geezer was pretty hard to rank. It was only because of his pretty badass technique.

The old dude runs on what most studios aspire to make their sakugas on. Also, let’s not forget that he’s one of the few Special Grade 1 Sorcerers. That designation alone makes him a contender for the strongest jujutsu kaisen characters.

Naobito jjk
Naobito – the shonen way of saying age never matters

Hey you, get off your high horse and let’s admit that Zen’in clan is full of surprises and arrogance. And Naobito was not going to be an exception to this rule.

The always drunken old hag wasn’t someone to be taken lightly. His exceptional combat abilities and great intellect aided him in his battle against Dagon.

To add more to his feats, his innate technique that allowed him to divide one second into 24 frames was pretty wild. Along with that, he had great reserves of CE and used it in his physical attacks.

In Shibuya, he showed off his masterful hand to hand combat skills. And finally, he was the head of the Zen’in Clan; a position of respect and fear.

But hey, his technique completely relied on overpowering someone with speed, CE and a special attack.

And we all know what happened despite all that hype, Dagon was able to corner him. Projection Sorcery had one big flaw, the user needs to touch the opponent with their palm to activate the technique.

So, when someone like Jogo came, Naobito lost within seconds.

12. Dagon:

Dagon was the child who was burdened with too much power. But was he tricky to rank? Nope, we just knew where he would seem to be the most comfortable.

I mean that shows how much we have sucked up Jujutsu Kaisen characters and their cursed techniques, right? Coming back to the cursed womb, he displayed an overwhelming amount of strength in Shibuya.

Hello, the kiddo fought Nanami, Nobara and Naobito single handedly. Someone reward him, it was literally a milestone and he achieved it at such a tender age. 

Dagon jjk
Dagon – the child with too many goldfishes

Dagon seriously had a lot of cursed energy and power to begin with. The sea creatures were nothing but vicious. One mistake and you will get murdered by fishes.

A death not everyone gets and no one deserves but hey Dagon was built different. Other than that, his learning ability was far superior than any other curse.

He also had a Domain Expansion which was quite taxing on the sorcerers. The brawls with the bigger sea creatures were tough, they almost died there.

One more thing I want to point out here is that Dagon’s learning ability was superior to that of Mahito’s. This idea’s pretty debatable but I will stand by this statement.

But was he adaptable enough? Sadly not; moral of the story – do not expect much from a child.  

Remember when I said the Zenin’s are full of surprises and arrogance. Let’s add one more adjective – they’re one of the “strongest” too. Dagon wasn’t even able to breathe when that savage came. 

11. Maki Zen’in:

Someone just got the power up she deserved. And we weren’t gonna let Mai’s sacrifice and Maki’s badass-ery go to waste. Also, let’s face the truth – she was not the easiest to rank okay.

I mean given her current condition, she might even give Gojo a tough time. She literally took on the entirety of Zen’in clan on her own, not even sparing her parents.

It’s their fault at the same time too; to cut her wings before she even knew the difference between left and right.

Maki Zen'in Jujutsu Kaisen
Maki – the cool kid who everyone want to be friends with

The very straightforward and headstrong girl finally got her time to shine. It was a spectacle to witness her fight against Naoya, the one-punch woman.

But hello, Maki has been strong for a very long time so let’s not ignore her previous feats. She is able to wield a variety of cursed tools masterfully.

To add more to her accomplishments, she can even catch a bullet; that says a lot about her superhuman strength and reflexes. In Shibuya, she was even able to hold her own against the likes of Dagon.

And let’s not forget her current form – she wields Dragon Bone just like Toji wielded Playful Cloud. There’s a lot of parallelism going on between the two of them, given so many resemblances that they share.

Can Maki become stronger than Toji? I do tend to think she can become like that beast.  

But again, we haven’t seen her at full potential yet. In addition to that, she has Zero Cursed Energy. To have no CE puts her at a great disadvantage but that is compensated by Heavenly Restriction.

That’s why it kinda makes her altogether a very dicey character to rank. Not to mention, one of the strongest amongst Jujutsu Kaisen characters too.

10. Hanami:

The cursed spirit who cared about plants. He is also known as the weird tree dude who was fortunate to survive thrice against Gojo. The one branch-head was kinda easy to rank so there goes my rant. 

Hanami was one hell of an introverted spirit and is potentially stronger than Jogo. Only if the latter one didn’t have more CE and an elemental advantage.

Okay but let’s face it, Hanami took four black flashes in quick succession. That alone defines the extreme level of endurance and durability he has.

Jogo would be dead if he took four black flashes in succession. Additionally, Hanami’s hidden presence makes him harder to pin down.

The branch-y head also has hyper regeneration and an innate technique that allows him to manifest cursed plants. 

Hanami jjk
Hanami – the spirit who wanted to show off but wasn’t able to because he was brutally murdered

Above all, he also had Domain Expansion but never got the chance to use it. That said, he also had a variety of offensive and defensive attacks to choose from.

It was all thanks to his innate technique that he was able to stall Yuji and Todo’s attacks. He had an abnormal level of strength too, going head-on with Inumaki’s Cursed Speech is no joke.  

Still, Hanami almost got outmatched by Todo and Yuji’s rough and fast combat style. Although, there remains the fact that he wasn’t fighting at his full strength and that was the reason for his downfall.

The moment he thought of using DE against the boys, Gojo almost eradicated him. All his luck got burned at that moment when he took Gojo’s Purple head-on.

That was one big stroke of bad luck. However, that doesn’t mean he isn’t one of the strongest Jujutsu Kaisen characters. 

9. Toji Fushiguro:

Next on the list of strongest jujutsu kaisen characters is the sorcerer killer who struck a chord with me. And also to the dejected man who went on a mission to restore his broken pride.

I think that pretty much defines Toji Fushiguro for what he was. One more cheer to the time we took to ascertain how strong he actually was in this list of jujutsu kaisen characters.

Because to rank him was no kid’s play, we contemplated a lot when it came to him. Tough times.

Toji Fushiguro Jujutsu Kaisen
Toji – the dad we all need (not)

In all honesty, Toji was literally a havoc, a power too strong for his own good. It was all thanks to his Heavenly Restriction; he possessed superhuman physical strength.

Not to mention the infamous title of ‘sorcerer killer’ also laid on his shoulders. The man was unstoppable with his immense speed and reflexes.

He also had a vast amount of knowledge regarding the jujutsu world; it was like he knew about every curse out there. And to be honest, that’s pretty neat.

He even took down young Gojo and Geto, almost effortlessly. I mean with that level of weapon mastery, he could’ve just raided anywhere in the JJK world.

After taking a good look at him, one can easily deduce that he was really one of the strongest Jujutsu Kaisen characters. 

Well, that wraps us on the man who took his wife’s family name and told Gojo to take care of Megumi. Pretty great parenting I must say and that’s one of the reasons he made it in Top 10.

But in all seriousness, the only thing that was stopping him was Cursed Energy. Imagine if he had CE, he would stomp on spirits and sorcerers like ants on an everyday basis.

8. Jogo:

From the get-go, I want to get one thing straight about the volcano head – Gege did him dirty. The special cursed spirit fought against the strongest of all shamans and spirits – Gojo and Sukuna.

Come on Akutami sensei, he deserved better. But he didn’t listen so we had to take the wheel. And yes, for people who didn’t already know – Jogo was very powerful.

Mt. Fuji head was one of the cursed spirits who believed that the likes of them are the true humans. With that great belief in his smoky head, came fierce and fiery powers.

Let’s talk about his splendid endurance first because the (real) man deserves the praise. He was able to take powerful hits again and again when fighting against the likes of Gojo and Sukuna.

In addition to that, he was also able to use his DE against Gojo after getting beaten to a pulp. Along with that, his showdown with fifteen fingers Sukuna was quite applaudable. 

Jogo Jujutsu Kaisen
Jogo – the fire that was too cool for the manga

He possessed a vast amount of CE and wielded disastrous techniques. Together with all of this, he had a very strong Domain Expansion.

And one last thing, the guy had Domain Amplification up in his sleeves too. It’s safe to say he had some hax here and there to aid him in the battles. But this is nothing compared to the one I will be talking about next.

Still, with this kind of power, he would have beaten down a majority of the sorcerers without breaking a sweat.

But as we all know, he was unable to because of his final battle (almost a 1v1 war) against Sukuna. Jogo – the spirit who deemed himself as the true human was just an unlucky football head. Sorry. I genuinely feel sorry for him.

7. Mahito:

Now I know, this can get a bit dicey, like why Mahito above Jogo? Isn’t Jogo the strongest one out of the lot? And hey, wasn’t Mahito just in his learning phase?

Umm, yeah it was supposed to be like that but when we put them in a 1v1, Mahito wins. It would be one of those matches where it can either stretch for 5 hours or be over in 5 seconds.

Also, it was Mahito’s faction and not Jogo’s (just putting this necessary piece of info here, have a good day). So, the next question that arises is why would a leader be weaker than his subordinate? Umm, he wasn’t.

Mahito Jujutsu Kaisen
Mahito – the kid who always told everyone that he didn’t study last night and scored an A next day

Mahito – the child in a body of innumerable adults trying to find pleasure and meaning in his existence (sounds like a hentai). He is a human-looking cursed spirit in the jjk world.

As for the abilities he wields, almost all of them are hax. Mahito’s innate techniques are quite potent in nature, especially his Idle Transfiguration.

Additionally, the patchy face packs a very high intellect and boasts amazing reflexes and speed. His thirst for learning and subtly adapting in the middle of a battle is no joke.

This alone displays the level of intellectual as well as physical prowess he has. And on top of all this, he has a Domain Expansion too, his greatest hax. In short, Mahito deserves to be the seventh in the list of strongest Jujutsu Kaisen characters.

To be honest, I kind of made him sound really powerful right? So who’s the one that’s gonna stomp a creature like Mahito? Drum roll intensifies, the answer is ‘another creature’.

I mean the Golden Era was the best time for shamans and curses so it all adds up.

6. Uraume:

Say hello to the mysterious 1000-year-old sorcerer who is quite an ardent follower of Sukuna. Let’s get directly to the point, not much is known about Uraume as of now.

But hey, that doesn’t mean we should neglect the fact that they’re from the Golden Era. And come on, Sukuna acknowledged them and was very happy too.

So that has to mean something, right? This is a hopeful inclusion, that’s it. Don’t dwell too much on it!

Uraume in Jujutsu Kaisen
Uraume – the kid who opened a canteen in the school they studied

First things first, for someone to become a follower of Sukuna, they have to be one of the strongest ones. It looks like Uraume did pass the test when they met Sukuna.

So they must be pretty powerful, I mean they have to be. Now, coming onto their powers, Uraume hasn’t displayed much of it. However, they can use the reverse cursed technique easily, showing how proficient they are with CE.

Other than that, their attacks mainly comprise ice attacks only. Uraume seems to be able to manipulate ice and make it reign over its opponents in several manners.

They must have pretty solid physical strength too as they blocked Momo’s attack with bare hands.

However, there’s a catch. I mean there’s a reason Uraume’s at 6th in the list of strongest jujutsu kaisen characters right? They mostly use ice attacks and even Choso was able to hurt them.

So if someone like a cursed womb can make a dent then it opens a door to many possibilities. The next one can be a bit tricky as well. So brace for the impact because you know her as she trained the best boy.

5. Yuki Tsukumo:

Fasten your seat belts because this beauty’s first question will give you the kicks and kinks you never knew of. The reason Todo became the definition of chad was because of her.

On a side note, we had our qualms with her and Uraume’s rankings but it was solved quickly. I mean Akutami did show us who’s better with Tsukumo’s badass entry in Shibuya.

Yuki Tsukumo is one of the four special grade sorcerers. They are the type of shamans who can exorcise special grade curses. In short, one of a kind; powerful, and cheerful in Yuki’s case.

Her calm demeanor and understanding attitude might also be a force to reckon with.

Yuki Tsukumo Jujutsu Kaisen
Yuki – the kid who bought the school and the canteen

Coming onto her abilities, we don’t know much about them except that she possesses Simple Domain. But given her designation and the mentor status of a Grade 1 Sorcerer, she has to be one of the strongest ones.

Furthermore, she was also able to save others from Uraume’s Icefall effortlessly. Other than that, we have seen her interacting with Geto and that’s it.

But hey, there has to be a flaw in her, right? RIGHT? And yes, there might be one. Yuki travels a lot, she is in search of finding an answer that will wipe out all the curses altogether.

She discards the belief of Jujutsu High by battling every spirit out there. This obviously makes her more knowledgeable than anyone.

But it also leaves room for less experience in combat when compared to others. So who can be more experienced and stronger than her?

4. Yuta Okkotsu:

At the 4th position in our strongest jujutsu kaisen characters list, we have a kid who has the potential to surpass Gojo. As a matter of fact, we knew he would come somewhere in the Top 5.

However, it was still a pain in our cheeks to pinpoint where he would stand. One can argue that he’s too high but let’s be honest, he deserves it right now.

Yuta Okkotsu is a descendant of Michizane Sugawara, one of the three vengeful spirits. Yuta is one of the students who will surpass Gojo according to him only.

Now, it isn’t often that one hears words of plaudits from the man himself. Keeping that aside, he dominated all the Kyoto students in the 2017 Goodwill Event.

He also defeated Suguru Geto when he was a newbie in Jujutsu High with the help of Rika’s power.

Okkotsu Yuta in Jujutsu Kaisen manga
Yuta – the kid with too much swag

Enough about his extraordinary feats, let’s talk in terms of his abilities and skills now. Yuta is bestowed with a curse – Rika. Her full potential is still not much known but from what I’ve seen, she’s really powerful.

I mean Geto gave her the designation of ‘queen of curses’ so one can easily make out how dangerous she can be. Also, he has far greater CE than Satoru Gojo, that alone is an astonishing accomplishment in itself.

And it doesn’t only stop there, he also knows how to use Reverse CE and can copy Inumaki’s Cursed Speech. Moreover, he is quite proficient with the sword in combat.

Okay, the kid sounds like a meticulous daredevil, someone needs to stop him right? See, at the end of the day, Yuta’s still a kid who is getting stronger day by day.

And out there in the Jujutsu Kaisen world, there are three people more powerful than him right now. In short, yes they can put a halt to this kid if they set their mind to it.

3. Kenjaku (Geto):

Come on, this was pretty obvious in my opinion. I think we all knew who was going to take this place. But to be honest, Yuta could’ve also been here.

Although he isn’t because Kenjaku is now more powerful than Geto was back in those days. Also, let’s not forget, he is one of the primary antagonists of Jujutsu Kaisen so let’s put some respect to his name.

Ahem, Kenjaku is one of the strongest jujutsu kaisen characters and no one can deny that.

Geto Jujutsu Kaisen
Kenjaku – a doomsday in making

Kenjaku aka Pseudo-Geto aka Deceased Geto is known as history’s most evil sorcerer. For a man who believes in optimizing CE and bringing back the Golden Era, he’s quite calm and cheerful.

But hey, it makes him more interesting, doesn’t it?

He is also quite knowledgeable when it comes to jujutsu and curses. His intellectual prowess is something to be feared too, the entirety of the Shibuya Incident happened because of him.

Coming onto his innate technique, he can swap bodies with other people by transplanting his brain to others. Once it is done, he also gets access to the victim’s CE and innate techniques.

In this case, it was the dead body of Suguru Geto. And now, he can use Geto’s ‘Cursed Spirit Manipulation’ in a more refined manner.

Along with that, he has Uzumaki and Idle Transfiguration too which makes him more threatening. Long story short, Kenjaku is a wild beast on the loose now.

He intends to decimate everyone who’s not strong because the weak hampers the growth of the stronger ones. But that isn’t fair and I agree so Akutami gave us a better and bigger threat. 

2. Ryomen Sukuna:

Here we are, with the Undisputed King of Curses, the heartless curse – Sukuna. He is the pinnacle of evil in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen.

The sadistic, cold, and immoral king is the strongest curse to ever live. Furthermore, he has the most elegant Domain Expansion in the whole series.

Everything screams in fear when he’s around, the Shibuya Incident is a testament to that. In fact, the difference in power level between Kenjaku and him isn’t even quantifiable.

Well, he’s supposed to be the primary antagonist in Jujutsu Kaisen so his powers and abilities make sense.

Ryomen Sukuna is an entity who’s fearless and selfish and he has all the reasons to be. The sorcerer turned curse packs immense strength and speed.

In his one-sided fight against Jogo, he punched the volcano head through several buildings effortlessly. With his incredible speed comes phenomenal reflexes too, Sukuna was able to dodge Jogo’s meteor after all.

And one should also remember his grasp on CE and the big brains he has. This is the power of someone who stood above all in the Golden Era.

Ryomen Sukuna in Jujutsu Kaisen
Sukuna – the kid who bullies the principal

Now, onto his innate techniques – Dismantle and Cleave, both of them constitute his primary attacks. Along with that, he has some kind of pyrokinetic powers too.

Sukuna himself was a bit surprised but it did seem like he just knew how to use it. I guess, there’s more to his innate technique apart from slashing and fire.

And this makes him more menacing too. Apart from all this, his DE is supposed to be the strongest one. Malevolent Shrine has a total radius of 200 metres, anyone in that area will get chopped off.

That’s the simplest and most basic definition and working of his DE I can get to. 

Sukuna is strong, I mean he’s at the second position so that’s obvious. The nonchalant wrath that Sukuna displayed in Shibuya was nothing but catastrophic. But still, we don’t know what a 20 finger Sukuna is capable of. 

1. Satoru Gojo:

If I need to do an introduction of this guy, it would be a straight-up disrespect to his name and persona. So what I will do is this; briefly explain to you why he is above Sukuna right now. 

It has already been established that Satoru Gojo is the strongest amongst sorcerers and curses in Jujutsu Kaisen. There’s no denying that fact, with Limitless and Six Eyes, he’s unbeatable.

And that’s what I am pointing towards when I say he’s stronger than Sukuan – his powers. Gojo has Unlimited Void and Infinity for god’s sake.

And I don’t know how Sukuna will surpass that, will he travel faster than infinity to punch Gojo?

That seems very unlikely but Gojo did state that he’d have a tough time against Sukuna. So Akutami sensei must’ve thought of something. All we can do is patiently wait for the day when they have an all-out brawl to determine who’s the strongest.

Gojo Satoru Jujutsu Kaisen
Gojo – the kid who saves the principal from bullying because he wants to bully him too

Satoru Gojo is a household name, he evokes fear in his opponents and respect from his students. Although the elders at the Jujutsu High aren’t quite fond of him but hey what can they possibly do?

For a man who doesn’t have any hobbies, he does have an enormous CE, massive strength, and unbelievable speed. Along with all of that, he can easily adapt to the circumstances and has great control of his DE.

You say it, and the man has it; this is the level we are talking about when we utter the name of Gojo. 

However, the seemingly invincible man is sealed in the Prison Realm. Regardless, he was able to make some sort of ruckus after that.

For a moment there, everyone from Kenjaku to Mahito was scared. So the phrase ‘Throughout heaven and earth, I alone am the honored one’ isn’t there because why not. It means that no one can beat this goofy head.

Honorable Mentions:

Now there are some pretty obvious characters that I did no tmention in the list, which you probably might have noticed already.

So here’s the honorable mentions section with some of them, and reasons as to why they weren’t included in the main list.

1. Yoshinobu Gakuganji:

Gakuganji sensei is the respected principal/guitarist of Kyoto Jujutsu High. He is also one of the members of the Jujutsu higher-ups.

Basically, the old traditional man who believes in order and values discipline the most. 

Yoshinobi Gakuganji Jujutsu Kaisen
Gakuganji – the princiapl who looks cool but in actuality is a very strict one

The old timer’s innate technique is truly a marvel to witness. It allows him to throw amplifications of CE through a guitar. At first, it does sound a bit weird but it’s quite effective when for long-distance combats.

For a man who loved Jimi Hendrix, I don’t think there would’ve been a better gift than this. 

Now, the reason we put him on the bench was that he was going to die soon (I’m joking; ‘aren’t’ I?). So there was not enough motivation and reason(s) from our side.

Plus, if Nobara put her mind to it, she might just beat him in a 1v1 (scandalous opinion). But again, he’s the principal of Kyoto Jujutsu High, the designation doesn’t come that easy.

One can’t just underestimate him because of his old age. That’s not the shonen way.

2. Masamichi Yaga:

Yaga was a stern person who really liked being an educator and disliked the higher-ups. That pretty much defines the principal of Tokyo Jujutsu High. Just in case you didn’t know, he was the one who taught Geto and Gojo.

Principal Yaga
Yaga – the principal who lloks strict but in actuality is a cool person

Given his principal status, the guy must pack a good amount of CE. His innate technique allows him to use his CE to control the dolls.

It’s like bringing life into non-living stuffed toys. But hey, that sounds cool. Yaga’s greatest cursed doll is Panda and we all know how good he is. It shows how capable he is in his craft. 

So, why isn’t he on the list of strongest jujutsu kaisen characters? It’s because of his ability. See, I’m not undermining him but we’ve not seen Yaga in a 1v1 combat.

Furthermore, it seems like he relies on his cursed corpses too much. 

3. Naoya Zen’in:

The soon-to-be-crowned Zen’in head whose plan backstabbed on him, literally. Naoya was a cocky man with one of the better techniques out there.

He could’ve made it in the list easily but misogyny came into the picture. And that’s when we decided that he isn’t worthy of it.

Naoya Zen'in
Naoya – the kid every girl likes

The Special Grade 1 sorcerer was a proficient user of Projection Sorcery. His prowess in movement speed helps him to evade and surprise his opponents.

He can go on offense while defending and vice-a-versa. For sneaky attacks, he also keeps a knife tucked in his clothes. In all, he had the potential to be a great sorcerer but Maki was just better.

See, pride is one thing and everyone should have it but when it crosses the line, it becomes a menace. Naoya Zen’in was a man with arrogance running in his blood.

He believed that women were capable of nothing. That alone made us keep him out of the list and stuff him here somewhere. 

4. Kinji Hakari:

At first glance, he does look like the son of Principal Yaga. Maybe it’s me or maybe I’m speculating too much but the resemblances are uncanny. 

Kinji Hakari Jujutsu Kaisen
Hakari – the kid who always bunk the class but still gets an A in the exams

Kinji Hakari is one of the third years and is described as moody as Yuta. Along with that half-baked compliment, Gojo also said that Hakari can surpass him in the future.

Furthermore, Yuta once said that his peer is capable of being stronger than him when he’s serious. I think this statement speaks a lot about the man.

His innate technique is still unknown but one can theorize that he might have a potent ability.

The reason Hakari’s out of the list is because of how vague he is in the series right now. It’s been 150+ chapters and we still don’t know much about him.

So putting him on the list of the strongest jujutsu kaisen characters would be unfair to others.

5. Aoi Todo:

Let’s give a very warm welcome to the chad of the chads – Aoi Todo. The Grade 1 jujutsu sorcerer is someone to be feared. And he did show the reason when he fought against Hanami and Mahito. 

Aoi Todo
Todo – the kid who’ll give you good magazines if your interests align with his

Todo’s innate technique grants him the power to change positions with a clap of hands. He displayed this ability against Hanami while developing Yuji during the battle.

For someone with a non-sorcerer family background, he has quite a high rank. And it’s justified after witnessing the spectacle in Shibuya.

His barrage of powerful blows, super-fast reflexes, and a great tactical intellect helped him to close in on Mahito. Apart from all this, Todo also knows how to use Simple Domain

Then why is he out of the list and is here in honorable mentions? To be brutally honest, I was having a very hard time placing him in the list.

So here I am, giving you an excuse that would save me some trouble.

At first, Todoe had the potential to become one of the strongest Jujutsu Kaisen characters. But after the Shibuya incident, he was left hanging in a corner.

Don’t get me wrong, he can still be a strong sorcerer but we all know that he can’t be one of the best now. It hurts very much. But it is what it is.

The End:

That’s it.

Phew, that was long huh. I hope you all are okay with this list (which you aren’t I know). So there’s this comment section where we all can have a small 1v1 argument, discussion, you name it.

The list was made with the help of all the writers and I do like to think it reflects a great accuracy. But again, if there are some thoughts roaming in that head of yours, feel free to vent out. 

Till then, ciao.

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