Is Yuta Okkotsu Dead In Jujutsu Kaisen?

Yuta And Rika

Ever since the death of the fan-favorite Satoru Gojo, Jujutsu Kaisen has never been the same. Yuji’s friends keep losing their lives and Sukuna continues to cause havoc, having been reincarnated inside Megumi. After Kashimo’s demise at the hands of the Sukuna’s true form, the duo of Higuruma and Itadori entered the battlefield.

It wasn’t long after Higuruma’s death when an equally dangerous individual attacked the King of Curses. It was none other than Yuta Okkotsu, alongside Rika, the Queen of Curses. The stakes of the battle had become even higher as Sukuna now held the authority to activate the merger between Tengen and humanity.

The fight itself is nothing less than a spectacle, but the King of Curses unleashes another world-cutting slash that seems to have dealt deadly damage to Yuta. Gojo, the strongest sorcerer of the current generation, couldn’t survive that attack despite his Infinity.

Does that mean Yuta met his demise? Did we just lose another crucial member of the squad? Let’s discuss the hints and possible connections that touch upon that topic.

What happened in the fight between Sukuna and Yuta?

In chapter 248, after Higuruma takes his last breath, Yuta appears. Making his way into Shinjuku after dealing with Kenjaku, he challenges Sukuna with his equally immense cursed energy. The stakes were even higher after Kenjaku decided to transfer the authority to activate the merger of humanity by Tengen after his decapitation.

We all know how deadly Yuta can be when it comes to battle and he wastes no time showing off his skillset. Along with Rika’s assistance, they were able to fight Sukuna on an equal standing. But as Sukuna spent time thinking about his worth, Yuta knew that it was time to get serious. He again wastes no time, expanding his domain.

Authentic Mutual Love scaled 1

We finally get to witness one of the most awaited Domain Expansions in the series, Authentic Mutual Love. The domain is filled with katanas stuck into the ground and each katana is imbued with one of his copied cursed techniques. Okkotsu can use that technique once he pulls it out and the katana is destroyed after one use.

Although he is not aware of what Cursed Technique he is going to get before he grabs hold of the katana, only he can activate the ability and there are an infinite number of katanas present in the domain, easily making it one of the strongest Domain abilities ever.

Sukuna goes on to use Hollow Wicker Basket, an anti-domain technique used to nullify the guaranteed hit of the Domain Expansion. It was exactly what they planned, to keep half of Sukuna’s mouths and hands busy by chanting the words to activate Hollow Wicker Basket, keeping him distracted.

In short: they planned to keep him pressured until he dropped Hollow Wicker Basket and at that moment, use Jacob’s Ladder to remove the Cursed Object inside Fushiguro. On top of that, Yuta went ahead and also consumed the last finger of Sukuna, giving him access to Cleave.

Yuta coming in fully prepared!!

Sukuna finds himself in trouble in Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 250 Will Yuta and Yuji succeed in their plan 1

Sukuna then tried to deactivate Hollow Wicker Basket in order to release Dismantle. It was exactly the moment Yuta was waiting for, as Sukuna’s attacks were becoming weaker and weaker, due to his Cursed Energy plummeting.

Yuta bodies a slash, and suddenly Rika grabs hold of Sukuna’s arm to release Jacob’s Ladder. This also allowed Yuji to hit a punch that affected his soul.

Itadori was able to enter inside Sukuna’s soul but to his surprise found Megumi cowering with hopelessness and despair, asking Itadori to leave him alone. This momentary gap allowed Sukuna to charge up a fully powered World Slashing Dismantle.

This went through Okkotsu and the Domain Barrier broke.

Within a fraction of a second, Rika grabbed hold of him, and Ui Ui came in to teleport him back to safety. It was all so that Maki could land a surprise attack. But let’s not forget that we are here to discuss Yuta’s condition.

Did Yuta die from Sukuna’s World Slashing Dismantle?

Let me repeat a very important detail. This attack from Sukuna was responsible for killing Gojo Satoru, who declared months ago that he’d win. Taking that into consideration, let us lay down the points.

It was not Sukuna’s attack that broke the barrier. Yuta broke it purposefully to signal his allies outside to launch Maki’s surprise attack. So we can deduce that there is a high chance that Yuta may not have been injured badly.

Despite of that, Maki herself has doubts on Yuta’s current condition. Consdering her heavenly restriction, her senses should make her immensely aware of her surroundings. Another important point to mention is Ui Ui’s role in the fight.

Ui Ui has only been teleporting the dead from the battlefield. Gojo, Kashimo and Higuruma’s body was taken away from the battlefield using his teleportation and also some help from Kirara. So does Ui Ui’s interference imply Yuta’s death?

If you think about it, Rika grabs hold of him quickly as Ui Ui comes to take him, which could imply Yuta being on a timer, taking the worst case scenario.

The panel that seems the most concerning is the one below from chapter 251, where Sukuna launches his world slashing Dismantle. Judging by the art and Yuta’s reaction, it seems as if it cut him completely, through his arm and body.

Yuta getting slashed by Sukuna

Yuji seems to have defended himself somewhat, as he is still on the battlefield. But regardless of that, it is not wise to let an important character go down in a dishonorable way.

Another panel in chapter 252 suggests the situation seems to be in control, despite the unfinished artwork:

Sukuna dismantle

This picture alone restores the hope of Yuta’s survival as not only did Yuta break his own domain, he was also quickly teleported away by Ui Ui when Sukuna was distracted by Maki. People on twitter and reddit seem to have a similar opinion about this.

Twitter reaction to Yuta
Reddit reacts to Yuta

The most logical conclusion seems to be that Yuta is alive! His role may have been finished for the fight though, as he went all out without holding back anything. Considering the armchair generals on reddit and twitter, we need not worry about his survival.

But only time will tell as to when Gege decides to bring him back, or is this going to be a moment of enlightenment as mentioned above? The coming weeks will answer that!

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