Is Kenjaku Dead? Did Yuta Kill Him In JJK 243?

For the last couple of chapters Jujutsu Kaisen seemed like an entirely different manga, thanks to Takaba’s utterly weird cursed technique. Kenjaku and Takaba’s fight was not your usual shonen fight. It was hilarious, and to a certain extent, complete bonkers.

But then when it felt like Kenjaku had finally devised a plan to defeat Takaba, someone took him by surprise completely. Yes, it was Yuta Okkotsu, who had come to keep his promise in JJK chapter 243.

According to the spoilers that are circulating on social media platforms, the last three pages of JJK 243 show Yuta Okkotsu taking Kenjaku by surprise and doing something that the entire Jujutsu Kaisen fandom has been waiting for.

Kenjaku dead

Is Kenjaku dead?

Based on the spoilers of JJK chapter 243, it does seem that Kenjaku is on his deathbed. However, he is not dead…YET.

However, the guy himself says in the final panels that he was very close to victory (probably against Takaba) and that his will be inherited. So, going by that statement, it seems that Kenjaku actually is on the road to meet Gojo in afterlife.

Also, Yuta severed Kenjaku’s head from the neck. As he himself noted while killing Hazenoki, it would be impossible for him now to apply reversed cursed technique under his neck now, which diminishes his chances of healing the cut.

Kenjaku didn’t foresee such a situation happening, but, as the editor says, he could very well be planning something at the brink of his death. So, it would be safe not to pull everything out of the Kenny stocks.

Kenjaku has cemented his reputation as a flamboyant schemer. With over 1000 years of experience in surviving difficult situations, it is hard to believe that killing him off would be this easy. I’d say let’s hold our horses till the next chapter releases. Remember how Gojo died?

How did Yuta attack Kenjaku?

Kenjaku had taken a lot of measures to make sure that he will know if any of the big Jujutsu sorcerer, namely Yuta, Hakari or even Maki, made a move on him.

However, despite all the safety measures, Kenjaku was not able to detect Yuta’s large cursed energy presence. This was thanks to Takaba’s cursed technique. He was so caught up in the illusion which Takaba had created that Yuta went unnoticed. But this was no fault of Kenjaku’s.

yuta attacks kenjaku

As he remarks in the final pages of chapter 243, Takaba probably did not want to get disturbed while he was having the time of his life with performing with Kenjaku. And this wish of Takaba’s manifested and masked Yuta’s presence.

He did try using the Anti-Gravity technique in order to stop Yuta, but that did not help. And in the end, Yuta succeeded in cutting off his head.

In the end, Yuta kept his promise. Gojo did not have to kill his best friend for a second time. It’s not like Gojo was alive to do the deed right now.

What are your thoughts on Kenjaku’s death? Do you really think he will die? Let me know in the comments below!

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