Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 7: Gojo-sensei Is Too Powerful?

Gojou Satoru in Jujutsu Kaisen

I said this the last time, I’ll say it again. Better than the last one. Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 7, titled “Assault” continues where the previous one left off and focuses on Gojo-sensei’s fight with Jougo. 

The episode starts with Jougo; the cursed spirit makes his appearance after Gojo-sensei steps out of his car, on a quiet road; setting up the atmosphere for a much-awaited fight.

The first part of the fight solidifies that Jougo (the cursed spirit) is an undiscovered special-grade cursed spirit and Gojo-sensei cannot be touched. The power Infinity is explained when Jougo tries to touch sensei’s hand. From what we’ve seen so far, an object’s movements become slower as they come closer to him, this includes sound as well?

The second part of the fight shows Gojo-sensei go on the offence as he completely overwhelms the spirit to the point where he admits that he doesn’t stand a chance against Gojo-sensei, hence his only option is to seal him.

Oh, our enigmatic teacher warps to the school and returns to the scene with Itadori; talk about fast.

After going back to school, he notices that Itadori has learned to control his cursed energy well, even when surprised or talked to; which means that he can be trained at a faster rate. This is a very common quality for most shonen protagonists to have, as they’re always a key piece in the story.

Okay, let’s get back to the fight now. The cursed spirit recognizes Itadori as Sukuna’s vessel and questions sensei’s choice to bring him here, as he will slow sensei down. To this, he replies that he isn’t worried about saving Itadori as he calls Jougo weak. This is a clear display of Satoru’s confidence in his capabilities, setting him up even more for a huge fight in the future. Infuriated, Jougo goes in a fit of rage and fire erupts and spreads from him.

Oh, Itadori called Jougo’s head “Mt. Fuji”, lol.

The last part of the fight revolves around “The pinnacle of Jujutsu battles, domain expansion.

Jougo’s domain is something similar to the insides of a volcano, with magma spewing everywhere and dry, cracked surface.

Screenshot 20201114 003350

Satoru explains that while it requires a lot of cursed energy to create a domain, it’s benefits make them worth it as the domain creator gains massive stat boost and the attacks inside the domain will never miss. He further explains that there are a few ways to not be hit inside a domain-the first involves using your cursed energy to repel attacks, which is not recommended, second is to escape the domain which is near impossible. So yeah, your only option is to create your own domain at the same time and the more refined one wins.

This leads us to the much-awaited reveal of Gojo Satoru’s face and I have to admit, he’s straight out of a shoujo manga.

Screenshot 20201114 003632

Sensei’s domain: “Infinite Void” is a place where one can see and feel everything; which renders them immobile as they’re overwhelmed with infinite information. He then proceeds to casually rip off Jougo’s head and interrogate him, no biggie.

Limitless and infinity can also be discussed on a more thematic level, about what it represents and how it works but let’s leave that for another article.

Getou and Hanami are spectating from afar, as Getou decides to leave as he cannot afford to reveal his identity. He also mentions that he doesn’t expect Hanami to save Jougo, as he is unsure if they even have feelings, to which he says that they do, as they’re the true humans after all. This does show that this alliance is only temporary and they will finish each other off after the job’s done.

Hanami does manage to rescue Jogou and escape and they then meet Mahito, who is introduced in this episode, relaxing on a beach. From what we’ve seen, Mahito seems to be half-curse and half-human

Gojo-sensei also decides to step-up Itadori’s training as he’ll be watching movies and fighting against sensei for a month; which Itadori is unsure about his survival. This step-up is essential to let Itadori show off his skills at the exchange meet in the coming month, where the elders will be present as well.

There’s nothing to take away from MAPPA, as they’ve not only animated and adapted this series well so far but have also added some info in the series to make it more compelling. With the way this series is moving forward, it will not be surprising to see this series in the top of every new-gen anime list to say the least.

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