Gege Akutami Debunked Itadori Yuji’s Memory Manipulation Theory & Others!

Itadori Yuji

The following article contains major spoilers from Jujutsu Kaisen manga. Read ahead at your own discretion!

Every story with a complex universe & many characters gives rise to exciting twists. And such stories also have mysteries that remain unsolved till the very end.

Fans always look for clues and formulate theories about these mysteries. Jujutsu Kaisen fandom is no different either. Everyone goes through the content multiple times to find even an inkling for prediction.

The mangaka of Jujutsu Kaisen, Gege Akutami, gave an interview recently for Mando Kobayashi. Akutami spoke about various aspects of his popular manga in this interview.

With his answers to these questions, he satiated the curiosity about many parts of the manga. But he also caused havoc in the fandom with some other answers.

A revelation in the interview by Akutami took a major part of the fandom by surprise, though. He just debunked a couple of popular fan theories about Yuji!

Which theories did Gege Akutami debunk?

Gege Akutami indirectly refuted two popular theories about Yuji. These theories are Memory Manipulation and Yuki Tsumuko being Yuji’s mother.

Fans had gathered evidence related to both the theories from small clues. First, the Memory Manipulation theory rose from Yuji’s fights with Choso and Todo. On the other hand, the possibility of Yuki being Yuji’s mother was derived from her appearance.

But how did Gege debunk these theories? Read ahead to find out!


Itadori’s Memory Manipulation Theory:

A theory about Yuji that had gained quite some popularity across the fandom is Memory Manipulation. Fans theorized that Yuji’s hidden Cursed Technique is actually Memory Manipulation.

The theory gained traction because of two main instances: his fights with Todo and Choso.

Let alone being familiar with Yuji; they even started calling him best friend and brother! They also saw memories of a past that never existed. And according to these memories, they were actually related to Yuji.

Todo saw himself sharing such close moments with Yuji that he even put Yuji’s picture along with Takada-chan‘s! But, these memories don’t stop there. Choso saw Yuji enjoying a meal with his two other brothers, hence immediately convincing him that Yuji is his brother.

The Memory Manipulation went beyond this as well. It perhaps even changed Choso’s ability orientation. The curse could sense danger to his brothers using his ability. However, when Yuji was in trouble against Geto, he immediately sensed it!

All the evidence pointed to Yuji’s ability being Memory Manipulation.

However, Akutami instead said that Todo and Choso saw those memories for completely different reasons. They were not foreshadowing or reference to any technique. Without a common link between the incidents, the theory also falls flat on its face!

Choso developed those memories he and Itadori are actually related. If you want to know more about it, check out the article below!

Yuki is Yuji’s mother?

Moving on, another Yuji-related theory going around was related to his parents. This theory was fueled by the existence of a suspicious character: Yuki Tsumuko.

There is very little information available on Yuki in the manga. Additionally, she also always seemed to be aloof from the Jujutsu world. A suspicious factor is that she has markings under her eyes, akin to Yuji.

Although this theory was not as strong as the earlier one, it was still popular. Again, Akutami-sensei swept the foundation away. He clearly stated that Yuki’s marks are just eye-bags. The markings have no relation with Yuji’s. Thus, from Akutami’s statement, we can infer that this theory also proved to be wrong!

In chapter 143, we actually get to see that Itadori’s mother, Kaori Itadori, was also possessed by the same brain that is in Geto Suguru now. For more details check out the article below:

In conclusion, we are back to square one about these two important questions. Did you also theorize the same things about Yuji? Let us know in the comments! All translation credits to Twitter user soukatsu_.

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