Jujutsu Kaisen: Why Did Mahito Call Itadori ‘Mortal Enemy’?

Mahito is a cursed spirit who has a unique cursed technique in Jujutsu Kaisen. By touching his opponents, he can change the shape of their souls and thus their physical bodies. This makes him a very difficult opponent for the Jujutsu Sorcerers to face. It is also pretty hard to inflict damage on Mahito as he can reinforce his body by changing the shape of his soul. To him, even a grade one sorcerer like Kento Nanami was not a great threat. 

Considering how strong Nanami was, it certainly came as a surprise that Mahito was able to hold his own against him and escaped without a scratch. However, during his fight with Itadori, Mahito claims that Itadori is his mortal enemy. The newly born cursed spirit found a new motive and goal for his existence after this. So why exactly did Mahito call Itadori his mortal enemy?

Why is Itadori Mahito’s mortal enemy?

Mahito considers Itadori his mortal enemy because the latter was able to inflict damage on his soul and not just his physical body. 

After Mahito kills Junpei, Itadori flies into a fit of rage. He asked Sukuna to help him revert Junpei back to normal, but the cursed spirit refused to do so. Both Mahito and Sukuna have a good laugh at his helplessness. Realising that these cursed spirits will always be evil, Itadori fights back on his own and punches Mahito straight in the face. 

Mahito calls Itadori his mortal enemy

Though Mahito praised the attack, he thought that this would be like the previous encounters he had with Jujutsu sorcerers. Kento Nanami had managed to chop off the cursed spirit’s leg and inflict physical damage on him. But since these attacks were not able to hit or damage his soul, Mahito escaped without a scratch. However, when his nose begins to bleed due to the impact of the attack, Mahito realises that Itadori is not like the other opponents he faced.

The youngster had managed to hit his soul and injure it somehow. And this injury to the soul gave Mahito a feeling that he was fighting his mortal enemy. He was now more excited to fight Itadori. This dynamic gave him a new outlook in his existence as a cursed spirit.

How was Itadori able to hit Mahito’s soul?

But now the question is, how was Itadori, a newbie in the Jujutsu world who does not even have any innate cursed technique, able to hit Mahito’s soul? This is something that even seasoned sorcerers like Nanami were not able to do. 

According to Mahito, Itadori was able to land a hit on his soul because he was able to perceive the shape of souls. This is similar to the ability that Mahito possesses. However, Itadori can only see the contours of the soul, while Mahito is able to freely manipulate its shape as well.

Itadori is a vessel. Sukuna’s soul dwells inside his body. This enables him to understand and see the souls of others subconsciously. And even though Sukuna may not be very strong in terms of cursed energy without the fingers, his soul is on a different level altogether. In short, Mahito cannot harm Itadori’s soul. We get a glimpse of this when Sukuna easily dispatches his domain expansion. 

Itadori vs Mahito

Mahito is thus forced to come up with a purer and more formidable form to overcome his disadvantage. In fact he is so exhilarated by finding a worthy opponent that he becomes more invested in achieving his goals. The cursed spirit proceeds to find ways in which he can break down Itadori’s soul, since his plan involving Junpei did not bear fruit. He is finally able to achieve his perfect form during the Shibuya incident while facing off against Itadori.

Do you think Itadori is an apt rival to Mahito and his cursed technique of soul modification? Will Mahito’s plans have any effect on Itadori’s morals and his goals? Let us know your opinions in the comments section!

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