Top 15 Black Clover Characters Ranked By Power

Read to see how we rank the top 15 strongest Black Clover characters of all time from its huge cast with a number of fascinating magic types!

Black Clover

The cast of Black Clover is special, for sure, but it is also mammoth. Even if the story began slow, we met a lot of Black Clover characters over time, each with their own forte.

More importantly, they all came together to form Black Clover’s intimidating power system. You will see why we call it intimidating soon enough.

As fans, we are always curious to know how our favorite characters go up against each other. If you’re looking for a ranking of the strongest magic knight captains, look no further, either!

Well, you’re probably here because curiosity got the best of you. I can assure you this curiosity will not kill the cat this once.

Keep reading to know our take on ranking the strongest Black Clover characters!

Special mention: Asta and Liebe

Before we even rank others, we should talk about Asta and Liebe. If the story itself didn’t make it clear, Asta and Liebe are a pair of oddballs. But when it comes to ranking them in this list, there is some air to clear.

If we were to rank Asta and Liebe truly, they would probably land first place in this list. Heck, their combination even goes beyond the bases we are considering while ranking the others.

Asta and Liebe are an oddity defying power structures, kind of like a hack against anything else.

Asta Liebe 1

Their special conditions give us no proper scope to weigh them. Asta’s lack of magic and the five-leaf grimoire that allows Liebe to exist without being connected to the Underworld are breakthroughs.

So, it would be pretty unfair to the players we are going to rank.

But most important is the five-minute time limit that is restricting Asta and Liebe from going all out. Once they overcome that hurdle, they are sure to bag the gold medal.

And if we take them individually, they don’t amount to much. Asta and Liebe have the ability to challenge this list in the future.

Right now, we can only consider them a special case and proceed to rank others.

Strongest Black Clover Characters

Power scaling of Black Clover characters is one of the hardest things to figure out. The series has a humongous cast, most of which has made an appearance only a couple of times.

Yet, we can’t overlook their power, but we also can’t figure out the true extent of it.

In such a predicament, it is only natural that we make some assumptions to rank the strongest Black Clover characters.

To do some justice from our side, we considered these parameters for this list: mana, type of magic, experience, and range/number of spells. If there are further assumptions, we will put them down in the respective section.

Let’s FINALLY get started!

15. Nozel Silva

The shining captain of the Silver Eagles, Nozel Silva, is at 15th place among the strongest Black Clover characters. Now, now. Before you get mad at Nozel being at the last place, hear us out and read the complete list!

Trust me; I love Nozel a lot.

Nozel is a royal, so he is blessed with plentiful mana to create huge spells. This blessing is a major reason behind the incredible applicability of his magic.

Mercury Magic allows him to create and manipulate mercury into different shapes and forms. He has so far shown us that he can use this magic to attack, defend, and even transport.

Nozel 1

Moreover, Nozel has a great sense of his magic and what he can do with it. He quickly adapts to situations and tries to use a combination of attacks to dominate his opponent.

All of this amounts to his eligibility as a reliable magic captain and even a contender for the Wizard King place.

However, his magic has a major demerit: it can melt pretty easily and sometimes even backfire. Plus, we have not even seen him grow beyond his usual spells.

But with fights happening in the manga against Lucifero, Nozel has once again proved his mettle although it wasn’t enough. Hence he ranks the last in our list of strongest Black Clover characters.

14. Fuegoleon Vermillion

Aren’t Fuegoleon and Nozel the royal version of Asta and Yuno? xD While Nozel channels peak tsundere behavior, he and Fuegy share a great bond of rivalry (and friendship, but Nozel won’t agree).

Well, Fuegoeleon himself declared pretty early in the series that he is aiming for the Wizard King position. This confidence did not come from empty words.


Fuegoleon is also a royal with Fire Magic that is powerful enough to have landed him Salamander.

As the Fire spirit, Salamander was in Fana’s grimoire but transmigrated to Fuegoleon’s. As we have seen, spirits only inhabit grimoires of mages with commendable magic and potential.

Thus, Fuegoleon is a force to be reckoned with, no matter how you look at it.

You might compare him to Mereoleona, but the fact that they both share magic types, yet Fuegy has Salamander does come into play.

He might not be the strongest Fire mage just yet, but we can’t deny the potential he has. Nonetheless, Fuegoleon needs to work on his defensive spells.

Until now, we have only seen the destructive ability of Fire magic, making us skeptical about ranking the Crimson Lion captain any higher.

Although, his potential was enough that made him withstand some of the attacks from Lucifero himself.

Also, even though he has the Salamander Spirit with him, his power still pales in comparison to his sister who has learnt new things post her training arc. You’ll read about her ahead.

13. William Vangeance

The roots of William’s magic are incredibly strong. He is one-half of the Dark Triad’s plans to open the Tree of Qliphoth and the admirable captain of Golden Dawn i.e the strongest Black Clover Knight’s squad. On paper at least.

Under him, the squad achieved many a feat, becoming the most successful one.

But his reputable run had a little hiccup in the Elves vs. Humans arc, with him letting Patri control him. Nonetheless, even before that, he had displayed his skills.


William’s Tree Magic is fascinating to witness with his large amounts of mana. Using trees, he can use huge spells for defense, healing, and attack.

But most importantly, William’s flagship spells can suck out mana from his opponents without their knowledge.

His experience as a Grey Deer squad member alongside Julius and Yami and as captain of Golden Dawn is a testament to his immaculate battle skill. However, the time his spells take is a huge detriment for William’s ranking.

On top of that, he had to face defeat at the hands of Zenon despite having most of his squad members with him.

His healing spell and efforts to protect his squad are appreciable, but they cannot score him higher points!

12. Mereoleona Vermillion

All hail the queen. If Mereoleona was interested and tried for it, she could probably be the Wizard King(?). The fiesty interim Crimson Lion captain has time and again left us speechless.

Mereoleona is a juggernaut, trampling even her brother, who is the host for Salamander, for God’s sake! Her fight against a party of powerful elves was a thing to witness.

The fight made two things very clear to us:

Unlike a lot of magic knights, Mereoleona also boasts a solid score on physical abilities. Even if she exhausts her mana, she remains a dangerous opponent because of how well she can maneuver fights physically.


Secondly, her magic is mind-blowing.

Her raw strength is a support to her wildfire magical ability that has some great spells. She combines both of them to her greatest advantage on a battlefield.

Her mana zone stunned the elves and us, for sure. Using that technique, she completely decides her territory like a lion. But you know how crazy it was when even Yami asked her to train him.

And lately, if that wasn’t impressive enough for you, she stepped up her game. After training (wow, did she even need it?), she actually defeated an ancient mana demon on her own! So cool (or should I say scalding?).

But when we talk of the downsides, her magic type is Fire which can be dealt with in a multitude of ways. She also does not own Salamander, so does that mean Fuegoleon has more potential to grow than Mereoleona does?

If that is the case, we can’t wait to see the little brother will surpass his ane-ue.

Not to forget, the strongest Demon i.e Lucifero commended her abilities and strength on her face. Nothing else can prove her prowess better than this.

However, Bae-leona still remains one of the dark horses of Black Clover Kingdom who can change the outcome of the battle alone. Thus, she deserves to be on this list of strongest Black Clover characters.

11. Yami Sukehiro

Next up is another one of our favorite characters! Yami-dancho won our hearts with his first appearance itself.

Once a member of Grey Deer and entrusted by Julius to lead Black Bulls, Yami has come a long way from being a foreigner.

This gentleman with a unique favorite pastime is actually pretty badass when it comes to fighting. His physical ability alone is off the charts, and he has shown that on multiple occasions.

He’d probably be called the muscle lover if Asta wasn’t there and people had enough guts.


But above all that, even his magic is top-tier. Yami wields a katana with Dark Magic which is valuable to the Dark Triad as well. It completes the bridge between the Underworld and the human world.

With such OP magic, even Yami’s spells are breathtaking. His Dimensional Slash: Equinox never failed to leave us in awe.

Moreover, after training with Mereoleona, Yami managed to use the mana zone spell and another astonishing spell.

Even Dante was taken aback by Yami’s Black Hole spell that managed to absorb mana. You might be thinking of saying, “oh, but how is he stronger than Mereoleona?”.

Yami is at this place because of his Dark Magic, which is rare and very powerful, as we discussed.

Also, after his return in the battle against Lucifero, despite being heavily injured and tired out, Yami manages to put in a few slashes on the Demon King. Which the likes of other Magic Knights captains (all of them, together) couldn’t.

The same Lucifero who commended Mereoleona and beat the crap out of her and other captains.

Well, even though Yami is the strongest magic knight squad captain, he’s got a long way to go to beat the other people on this list of strongest Black Clover characters.

10. Patri/Patolli

Surprise? The pseudo leader of the Elves, Patri, traumatized us with his trauma for quite some time. And he really just had to pick William, my second favorite character at that time to be his host.

Well, we can blame him for leading William into an emotional dilemma, but we cannot deny his power. Since Patri is an elf, he is blessed with immense mana.

I don’t think I have to emphasize how humans were jealous of this.


If that wasn’t sufficing, Patri also has Light Magic. As the name suggests, Light Magic is the fastest magic and could even keep up with Julius’ Time Magic.

Not to mention the scale on which Light Magic can be used; Patri covered the whole kingdom with light swords in one go. Surprisingly, Patri also had a keen sense of battle and fighting.

His move to leverage the kingdom citizens’ life to defeat Julius was a dirty trick but a clever one. As a Dark Elf, too, Patri’s power was scary enough to trouble Asta.

9. Lolopechika and Undine

Shall we take a trip to the Heart Kingdom now? Our lovely queen Lolopechika will surely welcome us! For a bubbly and clumsy girl, Lolopechika sure is a tough opponent to spar with unless you have Megicula.

I know you might be wondering why she is at #9, but hear me out. Due to her goofy appearance, we tend to forget that Lolopechika was compared to Julius himself.

She is the queen of the Heart Kingdom, and her mana flows throughout the kingdom constantly. Even Asta, a baka who could not sense mana, understood the greatness of her magic.

Lolopechika Undine

Moreover, Lolopechika had Undine at her side. Just like Belle is the Wind Spirit, Undine is the Water Spirit. These spirits only go to the grimoires of mages with incredibly powerful and compatible magic.

Undine herself testified to Lolopechika’s power. We only did not see Lolopechika in full glory because she chose not to be hostile with her attacking prowess.

But if she would have decided to concentrate all her mana away from the Heart Kingdom and fought, her opponent would have had a hard time keeping up.

8. Julius Novachrono (Prime)

Since we talked of Lolopechika, how can we leave Julius behind? Another goofy character who is also pragmatic and kind, who doesn’t love him?

We love him even more now that he is chibi, hehe.

Cuteness is one thing, but Julius at his prime was too stunning to witness. He showed us his power merely on two occasions, but GODDAMN!

Julius is the wielder of perhaps the most incredible magic, Time Magic. He can see a few seconds into the future, change appearances, store mana to recover time, and whatnot. AND he is lightning fast.


I mean, did you see his grimoire? He is the closest to Gojo in the Black Clover universe. Since he was too powerful, Tabata also took him out of the equation. His fight against Patri ended in a loss solely because of two reasons:

  1. He did not want to hurt William’s body, so he stuck to defense the entire time.
  2. Patri used the dirty trick of making Julius choose between the kingdom and his own life.

Without these two factors, Julius would have won straight up. The only good (truthfully bad, but sorry, Clover Kingdom) to come out of that fight was a chibi-Julius.

We can’t wait to see him at his full power again, though. Once he reaches his prime again, Julius can become the strongest Black Clover characters of all time. Past and Future.

7. The Witch Queen

Another surprise? The Witch Queen made her appearance so long ago that a lot of people have forgotten about her entirely. That is a crime if you ask me.

The Witch Queen is undeniably top 10 strongest Black Clover characters material. But if we knew more about her, she would probably even manage to reach the top 6 or 5.

With what little information we have, we still rank her at 7 because of some rationale.

Witch Queen

Just like Lolopechika, the Witch Queen also keeps her mana flowing throughout the Witch forest at all times. Even then, she manages to conjure perilous spells at a huge scale.

Her magic is Blood Magic, which is even more advanced than Vanica’s.

Moreover, her experience is not a thing to question because she has been alive for hundreds of years. You thought she was limited to attack spells?

Well, she can control anyone’s body with a single scratch.

Additionally, she can even see the future! In a short period of time, we came to know THIS much, but we still don’t know enough.

And if she gets serious and uses all her mana, she would become a problematic opponent for sure. Her spells’ range set her above even the Wizard King as of now.

We are hoping she makes a comeback in the plot soon to give us more clarity.

6. Licht

Pain. Every time I think about Licht, all I can feel is a pain in my heart. Licht was the hero of a tragic story that took quite a few twists and turns.

But he was a good elf at heart, being compassionate and selfless.

Licht was also the owner of a four-leaf clover and rightfully the leader of the elves. He was blessed with immense mana and a great type of magic: Sword Magic.


We saw Licht in action after his unfortunate reincarnation for a bit. He pushed Asta and Yuno to their limits pretty easily. And here is an important fact: Yuno was in the elf mode too.

Licht is extremely light on his feet and fast enough to overwhelm an opponent.

Moreover, he can combine his Sword Magic with other magic types to make his spells even more powerful. Asta’s sword really returned to its original appearance at a single touch from Licht.

Licht was truly amazing at using his abilities to their full potential in battle. He could even use the magic stones with his mana, amply demonstrating his strength.

5. Lumiere/Lemiel Silvamillion Clover

PAIN part 2. Lumiere was indeed one of the most iconic Black clover charactersS we saw. He was so far-sighted that he saved Julius without even knowing.

He had great amounts of mana but equally vast knowledge about magic and its types. But the best part was that he was always looking for ways to do justice with his blessing.

We can see parts of Lumiere in Julius, can’t we?


Lumiere was a royal and hence, had great amounts of mana to boost his Light Magic. As we already saw with Patri, Light Magic is one helluva amazing magic to have.

Even as a statue (A STATUE!), Lumiere gave flawless support alongside Licht to Asta and Yuno. His understanding of magic, experience, and sheer magic prowess gave him the title of the first Wizard King.

Haai, haai. Even I am part of the Julius best Wizard King fan club. So, why is Lumiere above Julius? During his fight with Patri, we saw that Time Magic and Light Magic are equally fast.

This factor greatly reduces Time Magic’s effectiveness because, by the time you read your opponent, they’ve already made their move.

In contrast, Lumiere defeated the demon Licht had turned into on his own. He was not fighting seriously because he did not want to hurt Licht.

Despite that, when the moment came, his incredible spell defeated Licht’s demon in one go! So, with all this in mind, we also find it justifiable to place him at #5.

But of course, if Julius shows us more uses of Time Magic in the future, he will surpass Lumiere.

4. Zagred

Zagred was the first devil Black Clover introduced us to. He sowed the seeds of strife between elves and humans in the time of Lumiere and Licht.

Thus, he was also the dirty criminal behind the cruel annihilation of the elves. That much is true, but the reason why Zagred finds a place at #4 is his Word Soul Magic.

It is a vicious type of magic that can manifest anything using speech. And this conjuring is not limited to magical items. He can even call upon real things as he did with swords against Asta.


Zagred is also one of the high-ranking devils (although not in the top 10), but his magic type sets him in a different league. His cunning moves and quick reactions are just a bonus to it.

When we think about it, it took Lumiere, Licht, Asta, Yuno, Yami, Patri, and Secre to defeat him.

This fight alone bagged this high place on this list for Zagred. Quick question time? Yep! Why is Zagred here but not Lilith and Namaah?

We shall address this question in the honorable mentions!

3. Megicula

If we were to hold a popularity contest for devils, Megicula would win outright.

We have heard tales of Megicula for a long time in the series, and she finally showed up in the manga recently. Using Vanica, Megicula tried quite a few experiments on her subject of interest, humans.

She finds them endlessly awe-inspiring even in the face of despair. Acier Silva’s death and Lolopechika’s near-death were both her handiwork.

You already know that Acier Silva was the strongest magic knight of Clover Kingdom. Unfair or not, Megicula and Vanica still won against her.

However, Megicula chose to abandon her host Vanica in the blink of an eye (what was Vanica expecting anyway?) to realize her full form.

She is also the first Dark Triad devil to give us a taste of her terrifying power.


Megicula’s Curse Warding magic sends chills down the spine. She alone overwhelmed Noelle with Undine, Rill, Charlotte, and Gaja.

Her spells are absurdly powerful, too, and she can curse anyone or anything she sees, including spirits. It took the power of Asta’s anti-magic and Luck and Gaja’s Lightning Magic to revive the knights’ side.

If Megicula successfully manifests (at the cost of three powerful mages of the same sex), it will be a disaster.

2. Zenon’s devil Beelzebub.

Zenon’s devil is an enigmatic character. In spite of Zenon’s multiple appearances in both the anime and manga, he looks and is ruthless and has 2 magic types i.e Bone Magic and Spatial Magic. Thanks to him being possessed by Beelzebub

We do know that Zenon’s devil is one of the top-ranking ones, even above Megicula. Seeing Megicula’s power definitely put things into our perspective a bit.

The devil has Spatial Magic that we saw from the Vaude brothers. While Finral was more or less the vehicle for Yami, Langris had barely tapped onto the magic’s true potential as an elf.

Zenons devil 1

When he did so, we saw how terrifying Spatial Magic truly is in action. It is an extremely rare magic type, making it even more treacherous.

Spatial Magic can not just create paths; it can also dominate and negate the mana in a specific space.

With all this information about Spatial Magic, we must remember that Zenon went full out against Yune and almost won. However, let it be known that even at 100% of Devil’s Union that was not the devil’s full potential.

1. Lucifero

This infamous devil is synonymous with terror at this point in Black Clover. Lucifero has barely made a proper appearance. We only saw him twice: once trying to take over Liebe and, second, lurking in Dante’s shadow.

But even without knowing enough about him, the story has repeatedly emphasized that Lucifero is the strongest devil of the Underworld.

Not all devil/demon kings are friendly, apparently. Lucifero is at the lowest level of Tree of Qliphoth, which sounds less scary than it should. So, let’s fix that.

Until now, we witnessed how pressurizing the mere existence of Lilith and Namaah was. It even froze Nacht, who has FOUR devils on his person.

And the twins are just the first two of the ten strongest devils.

Lucifero the strongest Black clover characters till now

It took a handful of people even to come close to beating Megicula until Nozel showed up. Now imagine a devil that can oppress these powerhouses.

We also know that devils have existed for eons in the Black Clover universe. This fact attests to Lucifero’s experience with magic.

If you need more convincing, Dante could create havoc with a small amount of Luciefero’s power. And he is probably not even well-versed with Gravity Magic, unlike its actual wielder. *chills*

Effectively, when we talk of individuals, Lucifero is indeed the strongest of the Black Clover characters. 

Honorable mentions

This list was a pretty unexpected one, right? None of our young heroes even made it here. But on second thought, that is what Tabata intends.

With these mighty characters around, our favorites have to work hard to grow and surpass them.

Unfortunately, a few people off this list are either dead or progressing towards it, but that is a different thing. *nervous laugh*

Even then, there still remain some characters that were quite close to making it into the top 15 rankings.

Most of the confusion is because of the ambiguity and combination of magic and fights. But that’s okay because we get a few more names to mention here!

Lilith and Namaah

The first devils to come out of the last level of the Tree of Qliphoth scared us plenty. As one of the ten strongest devils, these twins who personify a Song of Ice and Fire were terrifying to witness.

Nacht’s reaction to their presence did not help us calm our hearts either. The situation was looking extremely bleak, and they just had to choose that time to appear!

BUT their mana eating content was cut too short by Asta’s entrance. This end was quite abrupt, too; we didn’t think Asta would slash these fearful devils in one go.

Were they even strong enough?

I mean, Nacht looked pretty spooked out (and that man has definitely seen some things he should not have, trust me, LOL). Now to address our earlier question: why are they ranked so low?

Twin Devils

To be honest, there is no clear answer to this. There are two possibilities, though.

One, it was only Asta’s sudden appearance that defeated them despite being quite powerful. And two, they were not as powerful as we thought.

There’s a doubt that their ice and fire magic could go up against Word Soul Magic from the first possibility. Zagred’s magic is seriously too overbearing.

We have no idea how this matchup could have gone. For now, we can only gather this ranking from the fights we witnessed.

Nacht Faust

How could this list be complete without talking about our favorite wild card entry? Nacht suddenly appeared from the shadows (please laugh) but left us all surprised.

The saga of peculiarities from the Black Bulls continues with their Vice-Captain. It was okay that he appeared so late, but he came along with four devils, too!

From his appearance itself, he established that he is pretty well-versed with the powers of devils. He is not just a host to the devils himself; he even took upon beating training Asta into a capable devil host.


What makes Nacht worth appearing on this list is his proficiency in magic. He was deep undercover in a perilous place like the Spade Kingdom, collecting information for a long time.

His go-to Shadow Magic is a great trick up his sleeve; it allows him to manipulate shadows and even hide in them. He can even use shadows to attack and long-distance transport.

The range that all of his devils give him with different devil unions and powers is an added benefit that anyone would love to have.

However, just like other devils, Nacht’s are also bound to the Underworld. Plus, they are probably not high-ranking either, and Nacht might be limited to a specific proportion of devil powers we are not aware of yet.

There must be some drawbacks of using devil powers for a long time as well.

However, we might not have seen all Nacht has to offer just yet because he wasn’t using all four devils at once. Plus, Asta also interrupted his fight with Lilith and Namaah.

Dorothy Unsworth

It is time to talk about some more ladies of Black Clover. Dorothy is a strange person; she is a witch who keeps sleeping with full consciousness.

But she is also the owner of a terrific type of magic – Dream Magic. We have only seen ONE spell of Dream Magic, Glamour World, but this single spell is so overpowered that we just could not leave her out.

Glamour World traps Dorothy’s opponents into a space cut off from the real world, where everything is up to her imagination. Once she has seen a person, object, or even spell, she can create it within that space.

Even Megicula’s curse does not work in this space. It is a shame that we haven’t seen a lot of her!


We need her to make more appearances, not just because she is too kawaii. We want to find out the scale, range of spells, and full power that she has.

In fact, some people even speculate that Dorothy grew stronger after the training arc. If she can even trap devils in her Glamour World and cut their power off, she might be a key to fighting against them.

Another power we would love to see is a Nightmare world instead of a Dream one.

Acier Silva

The last one, I promise. We have never seen this lady in action in Black Clover because, well, death reasons. But she still managed to make us all remember her name.

This woman is none other than Noelle’s mother, Acier Silva. She was a formidable magic knight, in fact, the strongest one in her time.

She used to be at the frontlines in battles, and even the likes of Mereoleona could not defeat her. It seems that she was the true embodiment of a knight in shining armor with her Steel Magic armor.

We see why Nozel is so protective of Noelle now, don’t we? They look so alike!


More importantly, it is noteworthy that Acier went up against Vanica 1-to-1 and only lost because she was protecting Nozel and Noelle.

What a powerful woman, right?

We love how Black Clover’s women are remarkable in their fights, but unfortunately, we can’t rank Acier in the top 15 or even the top 20 strongest Black Clover characters.

Since that time, the magic knights have perhaps come a long way. There are better forms of magic, and they have also learned a bunch of things.

We saw this with Lumiere and Licht as well; one cannot ignore this growth of the new generation. So, while Acier was the strongest in her era, there are new characters with more vigor.

With that settled, it is time for some notes on this ranking.


As we talked about before, Black Clover has a massive cast with a number of rotating characters. Thus, ranking them without proper matchups is difficult, and there are other factors that linger at the back of our minds yet:

  1. The majority of fights in Black Clover consist combinations of different types of magic, making it difficult to single out the power of each.
  2. A lot of the strongest Black Clover characters have not even gone up against each other.
  3. Even terrain (as we saw in Gadjah fighting Clover Kingdom knights) might also play a huge role in fights.
  4. Ultimate Magic of the Elves is a huge mystery to solve. Hence, they are not ranked either.
  5. Unlike devils, spirits have not been in action on their own – thus, this list completely ignores spirits.
  6. All spirit hosts can also tap onto Saint Stage which Noelle has already realized, albeit time-bound. Yuno will also be able to use it in due time, but we don’t know how strong a mage in Saint Stage. They might even be more powerful than a magic captain.

So, this list is pretty arbitrary, subject to changes as the manga progresses. Keep an eye on how this list of the strongest Black Clover characters evolves!

Until then, put your thought process in the comment section and let us know your ideas. Jaa ne!

    • Patri and Licht were both elves, a race blessed with so much mana that humans saw them as Gods. Plus, Patri and Licht were both nearly at par with Julius and Lumiere, respectively. Both of them also had light magic which is one of the most powerful forms of magic to exist in the Black Clover universe. To add to that, if we take Yami being better than Patri and/or Licht, it would mean he can come very close to defeating Julius, who can see a few seconds in the future. I don’t think Yami would rank higher than both the elves!

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