10 Reasons: Why Is Boruto Worth Watching?

Boruto as an anime has faced lots of criticism due to its abundant fillers. However, the manga of the sequel series has a very fast pace that keeps you on the edge of your seat. But let’s not entirely forget the anime. It also has its moments that make the series more enjoyable despite its slow pace and SoL moments. So today I am gonna list out the reasons why is Boruto worth watching. The list will include points which I think make the series enjoyable and interesting. So let’s jump right into it.

1. Amazing Battle Sequence

Let’s start with the one thing that every Naruto and Naruto Shippuden fan wants to see. That is to watch our boys Naruto and Sasuke kick some villain butt. And Boruto anime and manga serve us what we need.

Starting with,

A. Naruto and Sasuke vs Momoshiki

This battle starts with Momoshiki interrupting the chunin exams and taking Naruto hostage. But not before Naruto displays his heroism.

The battle also teaches Boruto the importance of his father’s title as Hokage. Thus, giving us a perfect father-son moment. The likes of which Naruto never shared with his own father.

Not to forget the epic battle choreography and synchronisation between Naruto and Sasuke. And Naruto’s memories flow into Boruto as his father hands him the giant Rasengan to destroy Momoshiki.

The entire fight shows why Naruto and Sasuke are the real MVPs of the show.

B. Boruto vs Deepa

The entire fight focuses on the new Team 7 and their growth as an individual and as a team. Although the entire arc is anime canon the dynamics between Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki are highlighted in such a way that we wish it was there in the manga too.

The battle also showcases the progression of Sarada’s Sharingan and her ability to fight using both her parents’ abilities. In addition to this, Boruto’s Super Compression Rasengan is again something we wish we could see in the manga.

C. Naruto vs Delta

One of the most anticipated fights as for the first time since the 4th Shinobi War we see Naruto use his other chakra natures.

The fight ensues when Delta, in her arrogance, tries to kidnap Kawaki in Naruto’s presence. The fight goes slower than usual Naruto battles as he’s trying hard to not kill Delta. Talk about showing off. However, the arrogance of Naruto causes Himawari to get caught between the fight and Kawaki permanently loses his arm.

Albeit, it also helps in building trust between Boruto and Kawaki. Also, Kawaki understands how much Naruto cares for him. This helps move the depth of the plot further and also gives us insight into Kawaki’s words during the pilot episode.

D. Jigen vs Naruto and Sasuke

It was more of a one-sided massacre than a fight. Our heroes did try to keep up with the incompatible vessel of Isshiki known as Jigen.

However, the human Mega Zord of Isshiki proved to be more than enough matches for Naruto and Sasuke.

The most heartbreaking scene of the entire fight is when Jigen breaks through Naruto’s Kyuubi Mode and Sasuke’s Susanoo as if they are made of paper.

If you still think how can Naruto and Sasuke who beat Kaguya and Momoshiki couldn’t beat a human-mecha? Just how strong is this Jigen?

Which we will say that the fight ended with post-war Sasuke having to flee the battlefield and post-war Naruto getting sealed. This should be enough testament to Jigen’s powers.

E.New Team 7 vs Boro

This fight commences right after Naruto and Sasuke suffer a horrible defeat at the hands of Jigen. With Sasuke heavily injured and Naruto sealed, our young heroes take it upon themselves to bring their Hokage back.

However, Jigen expected this and already stationed Boro to guard the seal containing Naruto. Boro, a cult leader, uses biochemical weaponry to fight and destroy his opponents.

With immense durability and Godly regeneration skills granted by Amado’s scientific experiments, Boro was nigh undefeatable. However, with Mitsuki’s quick thinking, Sarada finally carries on her family tradition of using Chidori and Boruto’s battle intelligence, they were barely able to take out Boro’s regenerative skills.

Although, Boro could take some damage post his regenerative skills are taken away. He still proved more than a match against the young heroes.

He beat them to such an extent that Momoshiki had to emerge and eliminate him. It’s a classic throwback to Naruto and Kurama.

However, don’t feel that Momoshiki is a friend now. You’ll know why soon.

With Boro defeated, Kawaki and Boruto were able to unseal Naruto and bring him back.

F. Isshiki vs Baryon Mode Naruto.

This fight is the mothership of all fights in Boruto till now. Although this time Naruto emerges victorious the cost of that victory is incalculable.

The fight ensues after Kashin Koji, a clone of Jiraiya manages to push Isshiki to manifest inside Jigen’s body. If you have not read Boruto or watched it you must be confused about who is Isshiki and why he was inside Jigen. For that, you need to understand the Karma seal first of all. After understanding the Karma seal, you need to know who or what Jigen truly is.

Once you’ve understood all of the above you are now caught up with the biggest threat to humankind in the Naruto-verse.

Coming back to the fight, Isshiki singlehandedly manhandled, Naruto, Sasuke and Boruto. He broke Boruto’s arm bone and spine just because he can’t kill him and needed his body.

The alien with his unique jutsu, Sukonahikona, pinned down our heroes, literally. After seeing there’s no way to beat him Kurama suggests a new power-up which is a double-edged sword. He calls it the Baryon Mode.

This mode allows Naruto to burn to his and Kurama’s chakra like nuclear fission and bring forth tremendous power and speed. This newborn power outmatched Isshiki and beat him to the point that even if left alone his life will perish within a matter of minutes.

Meanwhile, Isshiki’s defeat let us give out a sigh of relief. The sudden appearance of Borushiki made us gasp in shock once again. Although, unlike last time with Boro, Borushiki’s appearance proved to be a major setback to our heroes.

Thus leading to nerfing both the old-age heroes and paving a new path for the new-gen to take over. This is the best reason that makes Boruto worth watching.

2. Wholesome Old-Gen Family Moments.

Most of us grew up watching these heroes live sad life due to being war orphans. So watching these heroes being so wholesome with their new families evokes a mushy feeling.

Moments like Sasuke reaching out to Kakashi for advice on how to be a better father to Sarada. Or Naruto carrying Himawari on his back and spending an entire day with her.

Sakura and Sarada’s dynamics are much like Sakura and her mother’s due to Sarada being as stubborn as her. Temari is a strict and violent mother to Shikadai (reminding me of my mother). Hinata catches Boruto playing video games under the sheets and bunking school. All such moments will surely remind you of your own childhood.

So many more moments that give this Shounen anime a bit of a Slice Of Life touch. I mean who wouldn’t want to watch Naruto live a happy life, one of the main reasons why I believe Boruto is worth watching.

3. Boruto’s Downfall

As the pilot episode said this is the story of Boruto. And until now the story is telling us how his journey started as a hope-filled blue-eyed boy. However, the future of the titular hero will take a darker turn as predicted by Momoshiki himself.

Especially after the battle with Isshiki entire fandom has a reason to believe his prophecy. We speculate that Boruto will possibly go down the darker path just like his sensei, Sasuke.

Leaving us in a dilemma who is the good guy then?

4. Pacing Of Manga and Anime.

Although both mediums tell the same story, manga is much faster in pace in comparison with anime, in terms of storytelling.

But the episodes come out weekly and manga is monthly thus giving less content to the studio to animate. Hence, the number of fillers in the anime is high but we’ve already created a list of Boruto anime fillers, just for you. In case, you decide to watch only the canon part of the anime.

However, some anime-canon or anime-only episodes and scenes are made better than their manga counterparts. Especially, Kurama and Naruto’s moment’s post-Isshiki fight.

In any case, we recommend watching some of the fillers mainly because they connect the dots of the story better than they do in the manga.

5. Kawaki’s Rise As A Hero?

Although Naruto and Kawaki’s personalities are poles apart they share a similar life story. They are both orphans with monstrous powers inside them. Due to this, they have incurred the hate of other humans around them.

This led Naruto to take Kawaki under his wing and become the Iruka of Kawaki. This affection and love given to him by Naruto made Kawaki care for him to an extent that he’s ready to sacrifice his life.

Also, as mentioned by Kawaki in the pilot episode, he “sent” Naruto somewhere and he intends to send Boruto there as well. So that could mean that he’s trying to save the world from an evil Boruto who is still stuck in the past. Whereas the rest of the world has welcomed technology. Especially, Amado’s technology for conducting modern warfare.

Also, the anime and manga have been dropping various hints to Kawaki’s rise as a hero and Boruto’s downfall on various occasions.

This may have to come to many of you as a surprise but I think this is one of the biggest reasons why Boruto is worth watching.

One of the major reasons that make us believe this is:

6. Deep Insights Into Otsutsuki Lore

Ever since Kimimaro mentioned he was from the Otsutsuki clan (bet not many of you remembered this and thought Kaguya was something Kishimoto cooked up in the War arc). There have been speculations online about the origins of Otsutsuki and Kaguya as a whole.

This is addressed in Boruto where they are closing in on the origins of the aliens. Also, answering questions like why did Kaguya despite such tremendous power nurture an army of Zetsu’s? Why did she come to earth? What was the purpose of her arrival? Why was she injured when she was found in the forest? etc etc.

They also created a new power creep by displaying the Otsutsuki God whose power is attainable for mortals with Karma. Thus, giving us an insight into how strong can Boruto get or how big the threats can be.

It might also give us an insight into other new power types or beings in the Naruto universe like how Dragon Ball did and now look at the heights DBZ has achieved. Thus giving us one more reason to say why Boruto is worth watching.

7. Amado’s Mystery and Villains with broken powers like Daemon and Eida.

Amado as a man is very mysterious in the series. Majorly, due to his extremely high intellect. He’s the reason why Kawaki’s body is made up of scientific ninja tools.

Although, he is the reason why Kawaki didn’t become Isshiki soon. He also gave Boruto pills to stop his Otsutsukification. Not to forget, the mystery surrounding his daughter who died 12 years ago.

Also, after his defection to Konoha, Amado agreed in front of Sumire that he has an ulterior plan. He’s also building something within Konoha, most likely another Cyborg. Will it be a foe or a friend? Only time will tell.

But that doesn’t end there, his most dangerous cyborg pair, Daemon and Eida, are at the loose. One has sexy thighs and the ability to view any past and present event, globally. Also, anyone who is not related to her by blood or is not an Otsutsuki will fall in love with her, gender and age don’t matter.

That leaves Boruto and Kawaki as the only people who can fight her. That is if, Daemon, her brother who has the ability to reverse all damage on his enemies if they even think about it let them get close to her. And he is constantly with his sister never leaving her side.

So in case Kawaki or Boruto have to destroy Eida she must be separated from Daemon. However, killing Daemon is something unimaginable right now.

Thus, we have to wait to see how the story progresses and watch Amado’s story unfold.

Doesn’t that make you excited? Major reason why Boruto is worth watching!

8. Naruto and Sasuke’s Nerfing

In the pilot episode/chapter itself, Boruto narrates that this is his story and not his father’s. And that’s how the story has been progressing till now. This led to fans believing that Naruto might die especially after Kawaki’s initial banter. However, this itself made fans question whether Boruto is worth watching or not.

Also, as the story progressed Red Flags around Sasuke’s death were raised several times. But it was not just him who faced harsh consequences. Naruto, too, suffered greatly.

As Boruto manga chapters 53-55 were released, everyone who watched Naruto and his struggles since childhood was left heartbroken. I am leaving the reason for it here, if you don’t wanna get spoiled avoid opening it.

Even though the prequels titular hero is nerfed that still doesn’t make him less important or weak. He and Sasuke are still the strongest Shinobi around despite losing their major sources of power.

However, despite becoming significantly weaker the red flags around Sasuke and Naruto still remain. There are several characters like Code, Eida and Daemon who can easily beat them and destroy our childhoods.

To know whether our childhood gets ruined or restored, you will have to watch/read Boruto.

9. Future Possibilities Of Konohamaru and Sarada.

Since the beginning of the Naruto series, Konohamaru became a fan favourite thanks to his childish charisma, aspiration of becoming Hokage and comic timing. Even during the Pain arc, the young ninja took down a Pain all by himself. This made fans acknowledge him as a suitable successor to Naruto as a Hokage.

Although, in the Boruto series his role is very limited as the power creep is extremely high. However, post Naruto’s retirement everyone looks at Konohamaru as a suitable candidate to take over the village’s reign.

Now, many might think about Shikamaru and Sakura as Hokage, to which I’ll say they might be on the board but not literally take the position. Also, Sakura has a higher chance of becoming Hokage than Shikamaru solely due to the fact that she’s stronger than him and is smart enough to qualify. Whereas Shikamaru is undoubtedly smarter than her but not stronger than her. Also, by the time all this happens, they will be old as well so they will likely turn down the offer.

After Konohamaru drops the reign of the village, the responsibility might fall onto Sarada. She is very much vocal about her dream of becoming a Hokage. Also, the only person who can come in her way of becoming Hokage i.e Boruto shows no interest in taking up the job. So that paves a very clear path for her.

In addition to this, we might as well see an Uchiha become Hokage for the first time in Konoha’s history. This might even complete Hashirama’s dream as he wanted Madara to become the first Hokage. It will be kind of like giving a complete character development arc for Uchiha who started out as a feared clan to becoming Hokage.

10. Return of Kakashi in the future arcs.


During the entirety of Boruto manga characters like Kakashi, Tsunade, and Guy haven’t made their appearance yet. These legendary characters who can wipe entire armies by themselves are just shelved? I don’t think that this could be the end of their character arcs, especially Kakashi.

As we all know, Kakashi has trained Naruto and Sasuke both. He has a deep understanding of Naruto’s wind style and Sharingan. He himself is a multiple chakra nature user especially lightning, earth and wind.

Out of which Boruto possesses two and Sarada has lightning chakra type and Sharingan. So I believe that Kakashi might reprise his role as a Sensei to the new-gen.

Also, in the anime, there have been several episodes of Kakashi training these kids. Although they are all filler episodes. So we could say that the anime is kinda foreshadowing.

And not to forget, in a recent interview, Kishimoto mentioned that Kakashi has a major arc upcoming in the series. If this doesn’t make you feel Boruto is worth watching then I don’t know what will.

Let’s hope Kakashi doesn’t suffer the same fate as Jiraiya.


So all in all, these are some of the reasons I could think of for one to start Boruto. There are many more reasons to watch it along with these but I’ll be covering those in upcoming articles. So, did these points make you feel pumped enough to make you feel that Boruto is worth watching? Let me know in the comments.


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3 thoughts on “10 Reasons: Why Is Boruto Worth Watching?”

  1. The Manga lost me with the introduction of Eida and Daemon.

    Eida…her Power is artifical. So Nobody can tell me, that Amado has really no means to block her. And her Charme…IT is like a rip off, from Boa Hancock who, charmes everyone with her Beauty.

    And Daemon…his Power is just a wanna-be rip-off, of Accelerators Vector-Manipulation.

    In the past, Naruto Villians also carried the Story with their understandable Motivations. But Boruto Villians are just evil and are totally flat.

  2. With Kishimotos Return, the Manga fit a Bit better, but IT IS still Bad.

    One of my biggest Problems is, the Anime Canon, that influnces the Manga.

    Boros cult Form example. Recently they mentioned IT in the Manga and that Konoha die Attack nearly all cult Locations. The Cult was never mentioned before in the Manga.

    In my eyes: One more Reason, why they should have Made Boruto an Original Anime without Manga Basis.
    IT would be 100times better, If the Manga Adapted the Anime.

  3. With every week, the ANime gets worse.

    The Funato-Arc is a really good example why. In the Manga Team 7, got an Mission-Ban and are not allowed, to even leave the Village. The Reason: The unknown Factor of Momoshiki taking over Boruto and Code who is still out there and poses a threat to Konoha, since Naruto and Sasuke, lost a great deal of Power.
    Even through it is one of the better Arcs, it is a complete Filler Arc, that doesn’t make any sense, since Team 7 is not allowed, to go on missions. And Boruto and Kawaki, are under strict observation.

    In short words: The Anime gives a shit, on the Manga-Storyline it is supposed to adapt.


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