Does Jigen Have A Karma Seal? Where Did He Get It?

The Karma seal has been associated with Boruto and the Kara Organisation since the time we got to know about its existence. Jigen, the leader of Kara successfully infested a Karma onto Kawaki, a young boy he bought illegally. We’ve known that there are at least two Karma users, Boruto and Kawaki. However, there are a lot of things about the Karma seal we are clueless about, especially the anime-only fans! This brings us to the question related to the leader of the Kara organization, Jigen; the man has made a name for himself while staying quite enigmatic. He is quite formidable since he’s an Otsutsuki. However, does Jigen have a Karma seal or is he an Otsutsuki? Let’s not waste more time and let’s get right into it!

Note: This article contains spoilers from the Boruto manga, read at your own discretion! 

Does Jigen have a Karma Seal?

Yes, He Does! While Jigen seems like the final boss, that is far from true! Jigen is a vessel like Kawaki! Jigen was originally a young monk; who was infested with Karma by Isshiki Otsutsuki. This was a theory until the moment the manga confirmed it. However, it never felt far-fetched. Sasuke was the first to catch up on this in chapter 44 of the manga.

Sasuke predicts Jigen getting a Karma seal.

For those who don’t know what a Karma seal is, imagine it to be a backup drive for an Otsutsuki. This one of the strongest specialties of the Otsutsuki clan, as it makes them immortal, potentially. To read more about the Karma seal, click here!

So Where Did Jigen Get His Karma Seal?

Isshiki Otsutsuki is one of the known Otsutsuki gods. He came to Earth with Kaguya Otsutsuki, the progenitor of Chakra. Isshiki was Kaguya’s superior, and the latter was supposed to apply Karma on a human and sacrifice herself for the Chakra Fruit, as she is weaker than Isshiki. But, we never got to see him in action and Kaguya became the progenitor of chakra. Do you wonder why?

Well, that’s because Kaguya betrayed him! Kaguya destroyed Isshiki’s lower half when he had his guard down. They were going to extract the chakra fruit from the Earth, but Kaguya had other plans! After attacking Isshiki, she left him to die miserably and went ahead to extract the chakra fruit alone. 

However, Isshiki managed to survive, barely. During his last breaths, he tried to find a human desperately; a human who could become his vessel. 

Then, Isshiki saw Jigen, a young monk nearby. Isshiki entered Jigen’s body through his ear after assaulting him. The Otsutsuki couldn’t implant a Karma seal instantly due to his weakened state and survived by absorbing nutrients from Jigen’s body instead. Eventually, Isshiki gained complete control over Jigen and placed a Karma seal on him.

Jigen attacked by Isshiki, leading him to get the Karma Seal.

Normally, it wouldn’t take much time for Isshiki to mark someone with his Karma. However, Isshiki was at death’s door after Kaguya blasted off the lower half of his body.

A lot of people speculated that Jigen was a vessel too, as his Karma seal is located on his chin. However, a lot of people were not sure if that’s actually a Karma seal or not; as Jigen’s character design is made quite aesthetically; from his nails to tattoos and to earrings. 

Jigen’s face with earrings, tattoos, etc

Nonetheless, Jigen was Isshiki’s first vessel. However, his body was not strong enough to withstand Isshiki’s immense power; hence Isshiki decided to create Kara, an organisation that would help him find a worthy vessel.


Jigen was a young monk whom Isshiki Otsutsuki attacked. After being left to die by Kaguya, Isshiki wanted to make the first human he could find a vessel to survive. He entered Jigen’s body through his ear. Then, he absorbed nutrients from Jigen’s body over time and infused him with his Karma seal. Since Jigen’s body was too frail to handle the Karma Seal, he created the Kara Organisation to find a perfect vessel.

With this, we hope that you know aout Jigen’s Karma and how he got it! So, What do you think about Jigen and Isshiki? Let us know in the comments below!

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