Is Eida Amado’s Daughter In Boruto Manga?

Chapter 57 of Boruto has created a huge discussion around the all-new character, Eida.
While she debuted in the previous chapter itself; we finally saw her having a full conversation with Code, in the recent chapter. The enigmatic cyborg has captured the attention of the whole fandom, so we’re here to answer the biggest question about her;

Is Eida Amado’s Daughter?

Yes, we speculate that Eida is Amado’s daughter. This may sound crazy to someone who has not read the chapter yet. However, Amado mentioned that he had a daughter during his conversation with Naruto, where the two were talking about how Naruto does not want to accept that his son will turn into an Otsutsuki. Here, Amado also stated that his daughter died 12 (twelve) years ago, and he knows how Naruto feels. Nonetheless, we don’t know anything else about her as of right now.

Amado talks about his daughter
Amado talking about his daughter

However, it is blatantly obvious that this chunk of Amado’s past was revealed for a specific purpose. Also, this part further increases our suspicions, Eida stated that her ability to make anyone fall in love with her does not work on two types of people: blood relatives and Otsutsukis. This is a crucial piece of information since Eida’s powers did not affect Amado when she was with Kara, and he clearly isn’t an Otsutsuki; implying that the two could be blood-related.

Eida's limitations
Eida reveals her power’s limitations.

To make more sense out of this, remember that Amado’s “dead” daughter is his only blood-relative we know about; hence it is more than likely that our all-charming cyborg is his daughter.


Isn’t Amado’s Daughter Dead?

This could be a major curveball for many, as Amado stated that his daughter is dead. But it is possible that when Jigen ordered for Eida’s disposal the task was given to Boro, not Amado. However, Boro fell victim to Eida’s powers as well, hiding her in his hideout. Only Boro and his followers know that Eida is alive; so Amado never knew that his daughter wasn’t dead! And could this be the reason for Amado’s betrayal?

This sums up everything, from why Amado believes that his daughter is dead to why we think that she’s Amado’s daughter! So with this, we hope that this clears out the confusions regarding their relation! What do you think? Is Eida Amado’s daughter? Will she manage to make Kawaki hers? Let us know in the comments below!

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