What Is Genya’s Breathing Style In Demon Slayer? Why Does He Use A Gun?

Demon Slayer Season 3 The Swordsmith Village arc is going at a slower pace than its previous counterparts. This has allowed fans to think about the interesting side characters in the series like Genya. Especially the fact that his fighting style or let’s say breathing style is different compared to others. Or is it really a breathing style?

Let’s find out!

P.S. Manga Spoilers Ahead!!

Genya Breathing Style
Genya Showcasing His Fighting Abilities

What Is Genya’s Breathing Style In Demon Slayer?

Since the beginning of the fight against the upper moon 4, Hantengu began, the demon and Genya have shown some amazing abilities.

The demon after being cut can split into various other demons with different abilities based on emotions whereas our mohawk man Genya somehow heals himself using the Amithabh Sutra.

These abilities are strange given we have never seen any demons or demon slayers who could do that. I mean demons did have weird abilities but most of them died after their heads were rolled.

Whereas demon slayers used breathing techniques to enhance their physical capabilities and defeat the demons.

Yet, Genya doesn’t fit into this category. In the anime and manga, we have never seen Genya use a breathing style, yet, he manages to become a demon slayer.

Well, there are 2 major reasons for it, the first being, Gyomei the Stone Hashira has trained Genya to achieve the peak physical strength of a human for his age.

This enables Genya to catch up to the speed of demons who are incredibly fast and also increases his durability.

He even got the habit of chanting the Amitabh sutra from Gyomei, it doesn’t exactly grant any powers or abilities. It just helps him focus on the matter at hand and take his mind off of the pain in case he is stabbed or something.

However, that is still not his breathing technique i.e. he cannot use stone breathing like Gyomei does.

In reality, Genya cannot use a breathing technique at all. Genya doesn’t pass the basic tricks needed to master a breathing style. I’ll explain this further ahead.

Instead of using breathing techniques, Genya uses his peak human physic and reflexes combined with the most badass antique weapon of all time i.e. a handheld sawtooth shotgun.

Why Does Genya Use A Gun?

As mentioned above, Genya doesn’t use a breathing style to fight demons. However, being trained in martial arts up to the point where his body reached the peak human condition for a man of his age, by Gyomei. Genya uses his physical prowess to overpower and outrun his opponents.

He uses his peak physical conditions to battle demons who are far stronger even than a Hashira. It is kinda badass I think.

However, since demons are way faster and way stronger than most hashira, Genya resorted to other methods of dealing and fighting with demons.

One of them is by becoming a demon himself although the process is wildly unusual.

The second method is he goes the John Wick way of showering demons with bullets from his shotgun.

Since the era of the series is based in the Taisho period roughly around the 1910s to 1920s, he is limited by technology, but that doesn’t change the fact that bullets do get the work done quickly.

Plus it also allows him to deal damage using long-range attacks on demons, unlike other demon slayers who have to get close to cut up a demon.

It also allows him to ambush them and also keep on attacking while trying to run away from them. Also in long-range battles, he can attack multiple times compared to a sword-wielding demon slayer.

The gun does so much damage to demons due to the fact that it is custom-made for Genya and the bullets are made up of Nichrin metal. This not only deals intense damage on demons but if the bullets get stuck in the body then the hyper regeneration of the demon’s body is also halted to some extent.

Thus allowing Genya to move in closer and finally chop the head off the demons.

That’s why Genya uses guns to defeat demons.

But still, the main question remains.

Why Can’t Genya Use Breathing Style in Demon Slayer?

Genya during his childhood suffered a huge amount of trauma which led him to join the demon slayer corps following in the footsteps of his brother.

However, he early on realised that he has no talent to master breathing techniques.

The reason behind that could be the fact that for using breathing techniques one must be calm and have control over their breathing. And to control one’s breath means to be able to calm oneself down. Genya on the other hand is eternally angry and this nature of his stopped him from learning any breathing technique.

However, no specific reason is specified in the manga or anime as to why he can’t use a breathing technique so the above answer is an assumption on my behalf.


Genya is a superhuman in the truest form. He has attained peak physical abilities as well as a unique ability known only to him. Thus making him a true demon slayer compared to others in my POV. What do you guys think let us know in the comments.

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  1. From the article: “Since the era of the series is based in the Sengoku period roughly around the 15th and 16th century, he is limited by technology, but that doesn’t change the fact that bullets do get the work done quickly.”

    WTF? The series is set during the Taisho era (1910s – 1920s). Of course there are guns.


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