Is Genya A Demon In Demon Slayer? How Can He Eat Demons?

Is Genya A Demon

Demon Slayer Swordsmith Village Arc dropped the fourth episode of the season and it has left fans stunned as Genya Shinazugawa one of the side characters of the series displayed some inhuman abilities.

He is almost unkillable within the episode and many fans have been questioning his abilities. So we are here to discuss everything in detail about Shinazugawa Genya in Demon Slayer and whether is Genya a demon!

P.S. Manga Spoilers ahead!

Is Genya A Demon

Is Genya immortal? Does the Amitabh Sutra grant him Divine powers?

In the fight against upper moon 4, Genya gets fatally stabbed in the stomach and other vital organs throughout the battle.

Every time we see him get hit, Genya surprisingly gets up while chanting the Amitabh Sutra which is a divine meditative prayer dedicated to Buddha Amitabh. Also, his face became demonic, which made me question whether is Genya a demon.

So this sutra helps a person focus on their path to achieve enlightenment and thus become a Buddha themself.

However, over here in Demon Slayer, Genya uses it as a tool to enhance his focus at work i.e. to slay demons. It also helps him mentally to divert his attention from the physical pain to the sutra and thus continue fighting.

It also mentally affects the demons to some extent I’ll say as the sutra is also used to ward off evil spirits.

So in all honesty no, Genya is not immortal, but the Amitabha Sutra helps him focus on the work in front of him which is to slay demons. And it adds to the aesthetics given he is a demon slayer

However, if Genya doesn’t heal using Divinity then are his powers demonic?

The reason to think that way is due to the fact that only demons in the demon slayer world have hyper regeneration. So is Genya a demon?

Is Genya A Demon In Demon Slayer?

To answer in short, Genya is not a demon in Demon Slayer. He just has a very peculiar body composition and a unique trait.

Genya Shinazugawa from Demon Slayer is seen fighting twice throughout the series. Once in his fight against the upper moon 4 and once against the upper moon 1 Kokushibo.

Now in both these battles, we noticed that Genya was injured fatally several times yet he somehow seems to revive himself from the dead.

This is due to the fact that Genya uses a unique ability that is known only to him. He uses Demonic transformation by eating the flesh of a demon.

Normally, the flesh of a demon is poisonous to humans however Genya is built differently.

He can gain several abilities from the demon flesh eaten such as hyper regeneration, immense speed, and so on.

However, he cannot copy the blood demon art of the demon. Furthermore, depending on how strong the demon is Genya’s abilities can also increase.

In either episode 5 of Demon Slayer Swordsmith village arc, we will see him transforming into a demon as well.

This can backfire as being a demon slayer he has to kill demons and not become one.

Sanemi knew of this ability and is one of the reasons why he didn’t want Genya to become a Demon Slayer and live a normal life.

But how exactly does Genya, a human, who cannot use breathing styles, eat a demon and survive?

How Can Genya Eat Demons?

As we know that Genya is the brother of Sanemi Shinazugawa and they have a very tragic past.

It is due to their past both the brothers decided to join the Demon Slayer Corps however Genya pretty early on in his journey as a demon slayer learnt that he cannot use breathing styles.

So in order to stay within the corps he developed new methods of training and gaining power. In his quest for power, he stumbled upon Gyomei, the stone hashira. Although Gyomei didn’t make Genya his Tsuguko i.e. his apprentice, he trained Genya to master the senses that granted him almost similar abilities as using a breathing style.

This led Genya to be a valuable member of the demon slayer corps.

Also, before he met Genya it is assumed that during his fight with a demon, Genya might have accidentally eaten the flesh of a demon and learnt that it granted him its abilities.

Thus, he started consuming demons to gain powers and stand tall with his brother and other Hashira.

The reason why Genya can eat demons, and his body can absorb demon flesh and gain powers is probably due to the fact that every demon became a demon because of Muzan’s blood.

And before Muzan injected them with his blood, they were all humans so it’s the blood of Muzan in the demon’s flesh that grants Genya the abilities of a demon.

He even gets a flashback from Muzan’s memories during the battle with upper moon 1, Kokushibo iirc.!

Now since Genya only consumes a tiny amount of flesh at a time, he receives a very tiny dosage of Muzan’s blood and gains those extraordinary abilities.

Although this may seem like a plus point since Genya returns back to human form once the blood is digested. However, this is also slowly transforming him into a demon-like being and along with the demonic abilities he also gets the demon’s weaknesses.

Such as being unable to go out in the sun and others such as beheading and all.

So answering the question, is Genya a demon? Well, no, but he is on the path to becoming one if he continues being in the demon slayer corps.


Although Genya may come across as a ruthless, muscular idiot compared to our strong yet kind Tanjiro, he is amongst one of the kindest and the realistic characters in the series. He is just trying to do the right thing and protect his own frail heart by acting tough.

All he needed throughout his entire life is to be with his brother!

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