Demon Slayer: Hantengu The Upper Moon 4 Demon Powers, Abilities & Past Explained

Hantengu Demon Slayer

Season 3 of Demon Slayer viz. Demon Slayer Swordsmith Village Arc started off on a lighter note, however, the season took a mysterious turn when Muzan decided to send two Upper Moon Demons or Kizuki after the demon slayers. One of them was Upper Moon 4 Demon, Hantengu.

Now Hantengu is an intriguing character as he kinda gives vibes like Gyutaro the upper moon 6 demon, but is a coward.

Hantengu may seem like a coward but his ranking states that he is a strong demon with a weird power. This was proved when Muichiro cuts his head off as soon as the demon enters the room but instead, he splits into two separate demons like Gyutaro and Daki.

If two demons weren’t enough when Genya manages to behead one of the two from above, two more demons spawn making the count rise up to four.

This raised a question amongst fans about the powers and abilities of Hantengu. And knowing Demon Slayer and Koyoharu Gotouge’s writing style, the demons always have a sad backstory.

So let us unravel Hantengu the upper moon 4 demon together and understand everything we must know about him.

Who Is Hantengu In Demon Slayer?

Hantengu Demon Slayer
Hantengu In Demon Slayer Anime

Hantengu is the upper moon 4 demon in Demon Slayer who Muzan assigned to go and destroy the Swordsmith Village.

As a demon, he has a frail body and is very small in size. Also, he has the ability to split into 6 different clones which individually use varied abilities.

We will get deeper into his clones and abilities ahead.

As a human, Hantengu is the textbook definition of scum and a liar.

He would lie and steal from people, cheat on them and even murder them if got caught. On top of that, he would feign innocence and say that he never did anything wrong and that it was others who lied to him and pick on him.

He would lie and marry women and have children with them however after these women found out about his misdeeds he would kill them and the children he had with them.

He was even caught by the police and he would push the blame on his hands saying they did it. Can you believe this guy?

Listening to his arguments, the lawmakers decided to chop off his hands, however, when they found out that he also committed crimes in other areas of the country, they decided to behead him.

This is how he lived his life as a human and when near death, Muzan appeared and offered him to become a demon.

Well, I say he was a demon even before Muzan met him, guess that’s what Muzan liked about him.

Well now talking about his powers, try to keep your mind focused as it will get confusing, I will try to simplify it for you.

What Are Hantengu’s Powers and Abilities?

Hantengu, the upper moon demon 4 has the blood demon art of Emotion Manifestation. With this ability, he can manifest all and any emotions he is feeling.

However, in the series only 6 emotions are displayed, viz. Fear, Anger, Pleasure, Sorrow, Joy, Hatred, and Resentment.

Hantengu’s demon art is activated upon him getting beheaded which creates two separate forms and continues further.

As the progenitor of all of his clones, Hantengu by default can use all the abilities of his clones. This proves a very amazing power especially, since each of his clones has a different set of powers.

What Are The Clones or Forms Of Hantengu in Demon Slayer? What Are Their Powers and Abilities?

There are 6 forms of Hantengu in total. They are as follows as per their appearance in the manga:

  1. Sekido
  2. Karaku
  3. Aizetsu
  4. Urogi
  5. Zohakuten
  6. Urami

We will talk about each of them in detail now.

1. Sekido

Sekido is the first form or clone of Hantengu which we see in the Demon Slayer manga and anime. He is the manifestation of Hantengu’s Anger. Thus he has Anger kanji written on his tongue.

Displaying his emotion of anger constantly, Sekido is always in a mood of rage and vexation. He quickly demonstrates his anger on other forms of Hantengu.

He has the blood demon art of generating electricity using his Khakkhara or staff with rings on top (similar to what monks used back in the day). The attack is named Crazed Cry of Thunder Death (きょうめいらいさつKyōmei Rai Satsu).

The electricity generated by Sekido is extremely potent and is capable of paralyzing even a demon of Nezuko’s calibre.

The electricity is strong enough to paralyze an opponent even if they are in mid-air if pointed towards them and is more potent on the ground.

It can cause his enemies to lose consciousness and thanks to the wide range of his attacks it allows him to strike several enemies at once.

The only drawback of this ability is that it cannot penetrate anything made from the same cells as his. That is bodies of other clones or forms of Hantengu like him.

He also possesses the ability to absorb the flesh of his fellow clones in order to become the 5th clone, Zohakuten. He also appears to be the leader of the clones and is seen taking charge on several occasions.

2. Karaku

Karaku is the second demon clone or form of Hantengu and is the representation of his “Pleasure” emotion.

This causes Karaku to be the most laid back and carefree of all the forms of Hantengu.

He even asked Aizetsu to switch with him so that he could fight Genya who seemed to be more interesting than Nezuko.

He uses a maple leaf-shaped Uchiwa fan which can cause huge gusts of wind and can destroy a large area if he intends to.

Karaku is also a tactical fighter who tries to pin down his opponents using wind pressure from his fan so that he or other forms of Hantengu can destroy them all.

If you think, what’s a small wind gonna do against someone like Nezuko and Tanjiro, then let me tell you, the wind pressure from his fan is so huge that it can create craters in the ground!

The only drawback of his ability is that anyone in possession of his fan using his flesh can use it similarly to how Nezuko used it against him using his

Due to his emotional attribute, Karaku is more focused on enjoying things in life as depicted by his fight against Nezuko where he was focused on torturing her instead of killing her off.

3. Aizetsu

Aizetsu is the manifestation of Hantengu’s Sorrow. Thus he is depicted as a sad, depressed kind of demon.

His weapon of choice is a Jumonji Yari i.e. a Japanese spear which has two smaller protruding blades that make it appear almost like a trident.

Being the calmest of all the forms of Hantengu Aizetsu is an analytical fighter alongside Sekido. However, he doesn’t get agitated at the slightest discomfort and takes his time analyzing his opponent’s moves before launching an attack.

His blood demon art allows him to create the thrusting effect of his spear multiple times and lands a strike from far away on the opponent. The attack is named Weeping Spears (激げき涙るい刺し突とつ Gekirui Shitotsu).

Thus giving him a huge advantage in long-range combat.

Along, with that he also has hyper regeneration and enhanced superhuman strength just like every other demon.

4. Urogi

Urogi is the manifestation of Hantengu’s Joy. He is a carefree demon with bird-like features like wings and talons.

He is always shown to be in a joyous mood and loves to battle and joke around. Although his jokes are funny only to him.

Thanks to his bird-like features Urogi uses his talons and wings aptly in battle and his talons are harder than diamonds and can easily slice through them.

Along with physical attributes, he also uses a sound-based attack similar to birds aka A sonic scream named Compressed Sound Waves (きょうあつめいKyōatsu Meiha)

If hit at point blank it can cause the person to lose consciousness.

Although his bird features are his plus point they also become his weakness as his body is lightweight so that he can fly which can be used against him in battle.

5. Zohakuten

The strongest form or clone of Hantengu. He is formed when Hantengu is driven into the corner which makes Sekido absorb the flesh of all other forms of Hantengu except Urami and combine together.

This combination demon appears as a child and looks perpetually angry with floating drums behind his back. Being the manifestation of Hantengu’s Hatred he has hatred kanji written all over his drums.

In order to use those drums, he holds a bone-like thing in both his hands and performs various attacks.

Being the mixture of all the above demons, Zohakuten can perform blood demon art of all the above albeit the power output is off the charts compared to the original demons.

He is also very smart and analytical in battle as he was quickly able to realise Mitsuri’s body composition and deduce a way to defeat her. This is proven when he understands that Mitsuri is strong enough to dodge all of his attacks and perform a counter-attack.

Hence, he must keep on attacking her and drain her stamina before launching a final attack.

Along with the blood demon art of other demons, he has a blood demon art of his own, where he can manipulate and create wood and has a wide range of 20 meters named Countless Striking Trees (無む間けん業ごう樹じゅ Muken Gōju).

The only way to defeat Zohakuten is to directly kill Hantengu or else the former will keep on respawning.

6. Urami

Urami is the manifestation of Hantengu’s resentment and is similar in looks to Hantengu except Urami is huge in size compared to Hantengu.

Urami has the ability to increase his size which he can use to feign death so that Demon Slayers can behead Urami so that Hantengu can hide in his heart.

That’s all there is to Urami just be a decoy however it is implied heavily that he can use the abilities of all other clones since Hantengu is inside him.

So with all these forms or clones, it must be totally crazy to defeat a demon like him. So the question arises, how was Hantengu defeated?

Who Killed Hantengu?

Although killing Hantengu was a pretty tedious task given his clone and later on Zohakuten kept on interfering. Also, him being a coward, he started running away from the battle as well.

But our hero is quite persistent along with his sister, who kinda sacrifices herself so that Tanjiro could cut off Hantengu’s head.

Yes, Tanjiro is the one who deals the final blow on Hantengu effectively killing him using the sword of the first sun-breathing technique user, Yoriichi.

Also, the flashback from Tanjiro’s inherited memories hints at a connection between Tanjiro and Yoriichi, do you know about it? If not, you can click to read it here or click the link below.

Although, Hantengu’s death gives us satisfaction it is the moment after his death that is more important and makes our heart go doki-doki!


Well as I said earlier, Hantengu was a demon even before he became one. He was just masquerading as a human. Post becoming a demon under Muzan, Hantengu became even more demonic and did dirty work for Muzan and himself.

Also unlike other demons who had a sad backstory which led them to take this path, Hantengu was destined to go to hell. Oh, not to forget Douma, the upper moon 2 demon is a bigger prick than Hantengu, I will write about him as well so stay tuned for it.

Also, if you think there’s anything that I missed out do let me know in the comments and hopefully, you have received all information related to the upper moon demo 4 Hantengu and his powers and abilities and his past.

In the next episode of Animehunch Z, we will find out about how Mitsuri Kanroji the Love Hashira was able to take on the strongest form of Hantengu and live to tell the tale. Until then, Jaa ne minna-san!

You can read Demon Slayer Manga at Viz Media.

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