Why Does Sanemi Hate Genya In Demon Slayer?

Season 3 of Demon Slayer started with Mitsuri Kanroji running down the stairs of Onsen providing us with the necessary fan service and Tanjiro being himself ruining that for us demons of lust.

However, Tanjiro also introduced a new question about Genya and the wind hashira, Sanemi Shinazugawa.

During their slight interaction with each other Genya and Tanjiro try to bond over their nakedness, mostly Tanjiro but you get the point, Tanjiro asks Genya whether he and the wind Hashira are siblings. The mohawk-donning demon slayer tred to drown Tanjiro but it raised my curious cat.

So without further adieu, let’s jump right into it.

Why Does Sanemi Hate Genya In Demon Slayer

Is Sanemi Shinazugawa the brother of Genya in Demon Slayer?

Sanemi is an hashira in the Demon Slayer Anime and Manga is the coldest character throughout the series. He is introduced during the first Hashira meeting and gets a headbutt from Tanjiro for hurting our beloved Nezuko.

Sanemi is also one of the oldest characters in the series. Sanemi joined the demon slayer squad when his mother was bitten by a demon which led to her eating her own children.

She manages to kill 2 of her kids leaving 2 behind where the eldest son, Sanemi, manages to kill her in order to avenge the death of his siblings and to protect himself and the other remaining sibling.

This pushed Sanemi to become a Demon Slayer so that no son has to kill their own mother and lose their siblings.

The second living son is none other than Genya who somehow manages to survive and witnesses his brother kill their mother.

Being too young to understand what was happening the young Genya blames his brother for the death of their family.

This enrages Sanemi even further as he had to go through all that living hell to protect his only living sibling only to be blamed by the guy he saved.

Although after Genya grows up he realises his mistake and wants to apologize to Sanemi however Sanemi is still upset with Genya.

Why Does Sanemi Hate Genya In Demon Slayer?

As we all know Genya is a demon slayer and the brother of Hashira, Sanemi Shinazugawa.

However, the sole reason for Genya to join the demon slayer corps is entirely different from Sanemis’ reason to join the corps.

Sanemi joined to avenge his family and to protect others from suffering the same fate as himself.

Whereas, Genya’s reason to join the demon slayer corps is obviously to save others and kill Muzan but his main aim is to apologize to his brother.

As the positions of Hashira are kept secret for security purposes it was very difficult for Genya to find Sanemi and in order to meet his brother Genya used any and every method to get into the corps and talk to him.

This led Genya to become a demon himself. Read the article to find out the exact details:

The method chosen by Genya to become a demon slayer further fueled the fire Sanemi had in his heart against Genya.

However, this also means that somewhere deep down Sanemi still cares for his brother.

Also, Sanemi knows that the demon slayers are susceptible to danger all the time. So he didn’t want Genya to join the demon slayer corps and become a demon slayer.

Thus, Sanemi always avoided Genya and tried to push him away so that Genya would give up and go back to being a normal human.

However, Genya’s persistence and Sanemi’s Itachi-like behaviour ultimately didn’t help either of them.

As Genya had to pay the ultimate price for being a demon slayer.

These are the reasons why Sanemi always hated Genya!


Although both the brothers didn’t have any questionable intent it is however the lack of communication between them that led to the sad ending. It is not only just Genya and Sanemi, I’ll say most men are like that thanks to patriarchy. So in order to avoid the pain go and initiate that conversation that has been pending.

Let me know how it goes and also what do you think who was at fault here? Genya and Sanemi? or toxic masculinity?

Let me know in the comments! All the best!

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