Is Genya Dead In Demon Slayer?

Genya Dead

Genya is one of the few interesting characters in the Demon Slayer series and is one of the fan’s favourite characters due to his unique method of fighting demons.

His battles until now have been extremely gruesome; if he hadn’t had his special ability, he would have died several times until now!

This hinted at the prospect that Genya although a unique ability user is not susceptible to plot protection the way Inosuke, Zenitsu and Nezuko are.

is Genya Dead

So the one question anime watchers and manga readers who read halfway through the manga have is,

Is Genya Dead In Demon Slayer?

The main reason I had this question is the fact that Genya doesn’t have any breathing techniques and even people with breathing techniques far superior to many demon slayers such as Hashiras cannot take down the 12 Kizuki alone.

So how can a physical peak human without breathing techniques be non-disposable?

Of course, he will play a major role in a major battle due to his unique ability given that it is a shounen manga but the question will be how? SO LET’S FIND THAT OUT!

During their fight with upper moon 1 Kokushibo, Genya gives his all into the fight against the strongest demon created by Muzan.

This fight is so intense that Kokushibo cuts down Genya multiple times yet thanks to his Demonic powers he continues fighting.

Let me give you a gist of Kokushibo’s fighting prowess, he is fighting 3 Hashiras and one Genya (sometimes).

Kokushibo chopped off one arm of Muichiro, almost kills Sanemi and is unaffected by the poison for demons in his body, making Gyomei rethink his entire life.

Point to remember, Gyomei is the strongest Hashira both physically and battle prowess-wise. He can see the Transparent World and adapts his fighting style amidst the battle.

Whereas, Sanemi as the wind hashira is the third or 4th strongest Hashira if not the strongest hashira.

Also, Muichiro is a child prodigy who became a hashira within 2 months and was also a descendant of Kokushibo.

Despite the three along with Genya ganging up on him, Kokushibo managed to almost kill all 4 of them. This is enough to prove how strong Kokushibo is.

So during this battle, Genya was half scared to death fighting with him and somehow luckily manages to get some hair and blade part of Kokushibo granting him the demon’s blood art ability.

However, after consuming the sword piece of upper rank 1 which is imbibed with Kokushibo’s flesh, Genya receives a huge power-up, even copying the blood demon art of Kokushibo. Due to this, he lands a fatal blow on the demon but unfortunately is cut in half from head to toe when the demon retaliates.

Since being cut in half there’s no chance of reviving himself completely as he is not a full demon and Genya dies at the end.

Although his body does crumble like a demon displaying that he did die like a demon since he had consumed so much demon flesh. So all in all, Genya Shinazugawa is dead in Demon Slayer!

Does Genya Reincarnate?

In Demon Slayer’s final chapter, all the characters of the series are reborn in modern-day Japan and are living peaceful lives compared to fighting demons.

This ends the series on a sweet note many characters couldn’tldn’t fulfil their dreams in their previous lives. One of them is Genya who is shown as a police officer along with his friend who is a reincarnation of Sanemi.

They are quite close to each other and are more like brothers than friends. Koyohaly just said let’s end it with Brother From Another Mother way for the kids.

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