How Can Tanjiro Do Thunder Breathing In Demon Slayer?

Demon Slayer To The Swordsmith Village Arc is currently ongoing and is baffling fans. We already knew that Tanjiro was special since he displayed that he could use two breathing styles however it broke our minds when he “used” Thunder Breathing.

Tanjiro “used” thunder breathing not once but twice throughout the Swordsmith village arc.

In both cases, he wanted to catch up to Hantengu and cut his head off but despite that how does Tanjiro know Thunder Breathing?

How Can Tanjiro Do Thunder Breathing In Demon Slayer?

As mentioned above during Tanjiro’s battle with Hantengu the former needed to close the gap between them at a very fast speed so that the latter cannot eat any humans and regain his strength.

This was a crucial moment as without beheading Hantengu, Mitsuri Kanroji would have died during that battle. She had been fighting one of the forms of Hantengu almost the entire night and was about to collapse due to fatigue.

With Hantengu’s small body and incredible speed and dawn approaching Tanjiro had to come up with a solution.

He then remembered a statement from Zenitsu which explained the basics of Thunder Breathing.

Zenitsu says that humans are not aware of their body size and the area of their body. Once a person is aware of this they can achieve superhuman speed.

Tanjiro follows those instructions and pushes air through every fibre and every muscle of his legs and releases it in a second. Thus granting him superhuman speed like Zenitsu and allowing him to glide through the air like Thunderclap and to cut Hantengu’s neck partially.

Tanjiro Thunder Breathing

However, although the movement may look and sound like Thunder Breathing, Tanjiro did not use the Thunder Breathing technique. He just applied a basic principle of the Thunder Breathing technique to achieve remarkable speed.

Tanjiro Thunder Breathing

Using the basic principle and using the actual thunder breathing technique are two different things.

It is like you know how to flap your legs in water by holding onto something than actually using your legs to swim.

Although both acts are similar they are not the same.

Similarly, when Tanjiro diverted all the air to his legs and dashed forward he did not use Thunder Breathing instead he simply blasted himself ahead.

This is evident from the fact that there was no lightning enveloping Tanjiro. Plus when he landed the attack his Hinokami Kagura was activated instead of Lightning around his blade.

Hence Tanjiro did not use Thunder Breathing in his fight against Hantengu the upper demon 6.


Tanjiro is one of a hell warrior prodigy since he was able to master two breathing styles and can adapt according to battle while it is ongoing.

This ability of his has raked him praises from characters like the emotion demons of Hantengu the upper moon rank 4, Akaza the upper moon rank 3 and even Muzan himself.

Even Hashira like Rengoku, Giyu have openly admitted his outstanding growth when it comes to battle prowess.

This could be due to his ancestors practising Hinokami Kagura for several generations leading Tanjiro and his sister Nezuko to be born special.

This is why Tanjiro is such an intuitive fighter whereas Nezuko developed a demon art that can harm other demons and not humans.

Her Blood Demon Art also looks like Tanjiro’s Hinokami Kagura flames. This can’t be just a coincidence.

Other than that although Tanjiro did not use Thunder Breathing he clearly showed a talent for the breathing technique.

It would have been totally awesome if Tanjiro could have been shown as mastering all breathing techniques since he already knows the first and foremost breathing technique: Sun Breathing.

And as we know, all breathing styles are variants of Sun Breathing.

Do you guys think Tanjiro could master all breathing styles? Let us know in the comments.

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