How does Mitsuri Kanroji’s Sword work? 6 Facts You Must Know About Her!

Unknown Facts About Mitsuri kanroji

The Love Hashira and the dream girl of every Demon Slayer fan, Mitsuri Kanroji, is among the series’ strongest characters. Although, despite being a powerful character, Mitsuri’s aim of joining the Demon Slayer Corps was quite simple.

Not many people know about her aim within the Demon Slayer universe. Also, there are several secrets which she carries in her body.

One by one, we will unravel all her secrets. Let’s see how many you know.

1. Mitsuri has a unique body

Mitsuri Kanroji was born with a special body. Her body has a muscle mass that is 8 times of a normal human.

It basically means her muscles were 6 to 8 times stronger than almost all men which resulted in freakish strength. Not to forget, to bear the contraction and relaxation of such strong muscles her bones would have to be stronger than those muscles.

Or else, her muscles would have broken her bones while she was even doing menial tasks such as lifting heavy things let alone using breathing techniques where a person has to contract muscles to increase their strength.

One such feat of her strength was when she was a child of merely a few months, Mitsuri Kanroji could lift 15kg over her head.

The density of her muscles also seems to affect her skin to some extent since she could take on a point-blank-range attack from Zohakuten and survive.

Despite her strong muscles being an asset to her, she was constantly demonized by the rest of society as they were scared and jealous of her.

2. Mitsuri’s reason for joining Demon Slayer Corps is Unique

As we know, Mitsuri Kanroji had a unique and powerful muscle system. Her strength was a supernatural phenomenon on its own.

However, with such high muscle density, the body also needs an equal amount of food to maintain itself. Thus, her diet was much more than any normal human.

This hurt the fragile egos of many men who sought to marry her. Not to forget, the economic aspects of feeding her as back then men used to work and women would mostly look after the house.

This caused several men to reject her.

On top of that, to deal with rejection from family, friends and suitors, Mitsuri Kanroji used to stress eat. And while doing so, her favourite food was Sakura Mochi.

Now, it is established scientifically that eating one kind of food for too long could physically alter your body. In Mitsuri’s case, it was her hair which started turning pink and green as she was constantly binging on Mochi.

For your reference, Sakura Mochi looks like this, this explains, the pink and green hair.

Sakura-Mochi- Mitsuri Kanroji's favourite food

Due to these two reasons, majorly the first one, Mitsuri joined the demon slayer corps to find a suitable groom for herself.

A groom who is stronger than her and would accept her the way she was.

Although initially she was shy about her body and would eat less however due to support from Shinobu and Obanai and the Master, Mitsuri started behaving like herself.

3. Mitsuri Kanroji’s Sword is based on Ancient Indian Sword and is very deadly.

Mitsuri Kanroji is one of the top 5 strongest Demon Slayer Hashira as it is already known however unlike her colleagues who use a standard Katana blade, Mitsuri uses a flexible whip-like blade.

Many wonder how her blade works and think it is a fictional blade however that is far from the truth. Because the sword exists in real life and was used by Hindu warriors in battle.

Especially those who used to follow the first ever martial art ever created by mankind, Kalaripayattu.

Mitsuri kanroji Sword

The sword’s history traces back to ancient India during the 4th or 5th Century BCE i.e. almost more than 2000 years ago in the region of what’s known as Tamil Nadu and Kerala in modern-day India.

Mitsuri kanroji Sword

The sword was used to fight during battles and had great use during open-ground warfare as the swords provide vast reach and durability against multiple opponents. Furthermore, the edges of the swords were laced with poison to make the cut more effective and deadly.

To use the sword efficiently one must be able to manoeuvre efficiently to avoid cutting themselves which is reflected in Mitsuri’s fighting style where she is very nimble on her feet and very gymnastic in her movements.

Also, this sword perfectly fits her character as the sword is very lightweight and flexible, it allows Mitsuri Kanroji to perfectly control her immensely strong muscles without using much strength and yet be deadly.

This allows Mitsuri to be gentle with other humans and strong with demons.

If Mitsuri was given a normal Katana she wouldn’t have been able to hold her strength back and gone all out.

Thus it is a great choice by Koyoharu Gotouge to give such a sword to Mitsuri.

4. Mitsuri Kanroji’s Breathing technique is a derivation of Flame Breathing

Mitsuri Kanroji prior to becoming a Hashira was a student of Rengoku Kyojuro, the Flame Hashira. She was being trained in Flame Breathing however due to her personality Rengoku tweaked the technique a bit which led to Love Breathing.

Although it is a derivation of Flame Breathing, most of Mitsuri’s attacks are named after cats.

She loves cats and often meets Himejima to talk about cats.

However, the cat names suit her as her fighting style is flexible and very gymnastic-esque.

5. Mitsuri Kanroji is the only Female Hashira From Demon Slayer To Acquire The Curse Mark

Although the Hashira rank in Demon Slayer is dominated by mostly men. The rank also had 3 female Hashira who were equally if not stronger than most of their male counterparts.

The first is, Kanae, the sister of Shinobu, the second was Shinobu herself and the last female addition to the list was Mitsuri Kanroji.

Although after the death of Kanae, only Shinobu and Mitsuri were left.

Albeit we have seen Shinobu in action, her fighting style is more of dosing the demons with poison instead of chopping their heads off. This way of fighting may be efficient against weak demons however against upper-rank demons this could prove fatal.

Fighting them while they are using their demon art and waiting for the poison to take effect may end up killing you instead. Not to forget, the demons have hyper-regeneration as well they could simply cut out their infected part and wait for it to regrow.

Whereas, Mitsuri’s fighting style is more physical. She has also held her own against upper rank 4 Hantengu’s most powerful form, Zohakuten.

Even going as far as tanking a point-blank-range attack. Although Mitsuri held her own against Zohakuten she was able to do so because of her curse mark getting activated during the battle.

Mitsuri kanroji-Curse-Mark

This curse mark enhanced her abilities to the point that she was able to fight Zohakuten for almost an entire night and defend against Muzan for a similar or more time.

6. Mitsuri Kanroji Death and Revival

During the final fight with Muzan, Mitsuri succumbs to her injuries although it was due to her efforts that other Demon Slayers could push Muzan to the edge.

Hadn’t Mitsuri held down Muzan who has an abnormally supernatural strength using her own super strength it would have been impossible for other demon slayers to land mortal wounds.

Albeit, Mitsuri died without having her wish fulfilled of having a loving husband she did confess to Obanai about her feelings who reciprocated while the couple died in each other’s arms.

After their death, the couple was reincarnated and were shown owning a cafe/restaurant together in the future. Both of them are still deeply in love with each other.

However, Obanai has to keep Mitsuri safe from lechers and perverts thanks to her cute face and banging body.


Although Mitsuri Kanroji was a Hashira in Demon Slayer she was rarely shown to be boastful of her strength even of her own physical strength that towered over many strong men even those who knew breathing techniques.

Thus making her one of the strongest Hashira and also one of the noblest and sweetest people in the series. And for the cultured people, remember the Onsen scene? Yeah! Let it linger in your head! (~Bakaa! Hentai!~)

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