Why Does Muzan Want The Blue Spider Lily In Demon Slayer? Explained

Blue Spider Lily Demon Slayer

Ever since the beginning of the series, Muzan Kibutsuji is seen searching for the Blue Spider Lily. A mysterious plant that will help him achieve his goal. At least that is what he thinks.

So what is the Blue Spider Lily? What is its importance and what happens once Muzan gets his hands on them?

I will answer all these questions right away. Stay tuned and read slowly so that you can understand it well and brag about it to your friends.

What Is Blue Spider Lily in Demon Slayer? Why Is It Important For Muzan?

Blue Spider Lily Demon Slayer

We first get to know about Blue Spider Lily when Muzan mentions it as the sole thing that can help him achieve his goal to conquer the sun.

Before turning into a demon, Muzan was a frail human who was on the verge of death. He consulted several doctors but none could cure him.

At last, one doctor feeds him a concoction made using the infamous and rare Blue Spider Lily however even after consuming it he still didn’t get well.

In frustration, Muzan killed the doctor. However, after the doctor’s death, Muzan started seeing improvement in his health albeit there were several side effects.

He noticed that his skin had gone pale and normal food couldn’t satisfy his hunger and he craved human flesh.

It also granted him super strength and total control over every aspect of his body due to which he could change his shape and gender and age.

It also granted him the disability of being unable to go out in the sun.

Hence all demons he created were unable to go out in the sun as well. In order to be able to go out in the sun Muzan decided that he needed the Blue Spider Lily, the flower that granted him his abilities in the first place.

However, the only person who knew about it was already dead.

Thus, the hunt for Blue Spider Lily began for Muzan and all the demons he created.

However, Muzan and his demons were never able to collect Blue Spider Lily due to the flower being extremely rare and blooming only once a year for 2 to 3 days.

Also, the flower only blooms during the day. Hence, Muzan was unable to find it.

Now since the flower blooms only during the day and only once a year, it became a rare and important commodity. Furthermore, since it is the one that gave Muzan his powers then that means it could also solve his sun problem.

Hence the flower is of utmost importance to Muzan.

What Happens When Muzan Gets His Hands On The Blue Spider Lily In Demon Slayer?

As mentioned above, if Muzan acquires the Blue Spider Lily, he will theoretically be able to cook up a medicine that can help him conquer the sun. Once that is done, Muzan can walk around during the day murdering people and creating his army of demons who can also walk under the sun.

This is due to every demon staying a demon because of Muzan’s blood in them and it is that blood that grants them all the superpowers. Although their techniques will differ based on the individual’s skills but they will be enhanced by the blood further.

This blood also grants Muzan full control over the demon’s body and mind.

So anyway, unkillable, human-eating monsters walking in broad daylight are a nightmare for any and every world.

People with strong wills will be turned into a demon whether they like it or not and weak one’s like you and I will be bred and used to create more babies. Basically, the same thing that we humans do with Chicken, goats, fish, etc whatever humans eat and cultivate in reality.

Maybe with time, Muzan could open up an industry based on human flesh like we have KFC, Mc Donalds and packaged meat.

Keeping the economics aside, it will practically lead to The Promised Neverland plot without a second dimension to run to.


Blue Spider Lily is an extremely rare flower that can give superhuman strength with serious major side effects if not administered well.

However, the side effects outweigh the pros of the medicine.

Also a quick FYI, Tanjiro’s mother Kie Kamado knew about the location of Blue Spider Lily but Micheal Jackson of Anime decided to go all Edward Scissorhands on her.

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