Will Sasuke Get His Rinnegan Back In Boruto?

We witnessed Borushiki destroying Sasuke's Rinnegan. But is there a way to get it back? Let's find out.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Manga Chapter 53’s end scared the hell out of every Sasuke fan.

In the ending moments of the chapter, we witnessed Boruto, with Momoshiki manifested in him, destroying Sasuke’s Rinnegan.

While nerfing powerhouses like Sasuke will only pave way for the younger generation of Shinobi to step up to the challenge and be more strong, it is still too big of a handicap in the fight against Ohtsutsukis.

So, let’s dig deep into the Naruto franchise and calculate the possibilities of Sasuke getting his Rinnegan back and at what cost.

Is Sasuke’s Rinnegan Destroyed? 

Yes, Sasuke’s Rinnegan was destroyed by Boruto (or Borushiki, to be more precise) near the end of chapter 53 of the Boruto manga.

A student stabbing his master in the eye was certainly a shocking and painful sight for all Boruto readers. 

But, Why Did Boruto Stab Sasuke’s Rinnegan? 

Let’s get one thing clear. It was not Boruto, it was Borushiki. He stabbed Sasuke’s Rinnegan because it had proven to be a huge obstacle to overcome in his previous fight.

Boruto didn’t want to stab Sasuke at all. After Boruto fell unconscious, Momoshiki took over his body; resulting in Boruto’s attack on Sasuke.

This clears the question in the subhead. Still, there’s definitely more to this, right?

We knew that Boruto didn’t have a motive to stab Sasuke, but Momoshiki did! 

Sasuke’s Rinnegan has created a horde of problems for the Otsutsuki in the past. He also considered Sasuke to be a greater threat than Naruto due to the former’s amazing ocular abilities.

In the past, Sasuke’s Amenotejikara bamboozled Momoshiki & Kinshiki countless times. Not to mention that his Space-Time Ninjutsu was also a massive hindrance to the Otsutsuki.

If Sasuke never had the Rinnegan, then he would’ve succeeded at obtaining the chakra fruit! Furthermore, Sasuke also destroyed Momoshiki’s Rinnegan which ultimately led to his defeat.

You could say that the Otsutsuski took the phrase “an eye for an eye” quite literally. 

Hence, destroying Sasuke’s Rinnegan was on the top of Momoshiki’s ‘I-don’t-want-to-see-it-anymore’ list; since this would guarantee a higher probability of success.

No sneaky swaps, no Space-Time Ninjutsu and a rather easy win for the Alien parasite! 

How can Sasuke get the Rinnegan back?

There are various ways through which Sasuke could get his Rinnegan back; let’s understand each one of them:

1) Naruto’s Yin Yang:

In early days, fans had banked on this option so that Sasuke could get his Rinnegan back. But in Naruto’s current state, it no longer seems possible.

Naruto used the Yin-Yang release which he received from Hagoromo Otsutsuki to heal Kakashi’s eye in Naruto Shippuden.

It goes without saying that this option was the favourite when it came to bringing back Sasuke’s Rinnegan. However, this would only have worked before Kurama died.

Naruto needs Kurama to be able to use the Yin Yang release. So, this possibility falls flat as of now.

2) Obito’s laboratory:

If you remember the Naruto: Shippudden series well, then this should have clicked to you already. Obito has a secret laboratory with multiple pairs of Sharingans.

Sasuke could use one of the Sharingan preserved in the lab.

2) Shin Uchiha:

Shin Uchiha was a test subject of Orochimaru, who grew to praise the Uchihas, especially Itachi Uchiha. He has multiple pairs of Sharingan, so there’s a possibility that Sasuke could use one of them.

His “sons” also had Sharingans.

A wild guess in both of these possibilities could be that Sasuke uses one of Shin Uchiha’s eyes. Or, a Sharingan from the Laboratory to use the Izanagi, preserving his Sharingan in the process.

3) Amado:

We know that Amado is an amazing scientist and can also create Dojutsu.

Amado created a special pair of eyes for Delta, which could absorb and release ninjutsu. These Otsutsukis have shown similar abilities, maybe they were the inspiration for the eye.

Amado could potentially create a good Dojutsu for Sasuke to use; for which he could take a sample of Kawaki and Boruto’s DNA as both of them have Otsutuski genes mixed with theirs.

This could help him to create a better dojutsu.

Why is the Rinnegan so important?

Anyone who has been watching/reading Boruto for a while already knows the answer, Otsutsukis.

Boruto and Kawaki are the only individuals who can teleport to a different dimension if we exclude Sasuke. Following the incidents of chapter 54, it seems like Boruto can still open the dimensions.

If Sasuke doesn’t have his Rinnegan; then Momoshiki could just manifest in Boruto and trap Naruto and Sasuke in a different dimension.

That is all that he would need to do to take these two shinobis out of the game. However, even if Naruto and Sasuke somehow manage to defeat Momoshiki, their fight won’t end there.

As stated before, Otsutsukis are alien invaders, another visit by them is inevitable.

Now from a more fighting standpoint, Sasuke has one of the best abilities, Amenotejikara. The ability allows Sasuke to switch places with anything in a 10-metre range.

We’ve seen how clutch this ability has been; Sasuke destroyed Momoshiki’s rinnegan in the climax of the fight and also swapped places with Kawaki in Chapter 53; which ultimately led to Isshiki’s defeat.

But, is this necessary?

Even though we’re thoroughly discussing how Sasuke could have his Rinnegan back; what’s the point if he actually gets it back? Shock Value?

Destroying the Rinnegan only for Sasuke to conveniently get it back wouldn’t make much sense plot-wise.

It should be obvious to the fans that Naruto, Sasuke and the older characters have been nerfed continuously. And, this will continue till the time comes where the new generations can shine.

The protagonist of this manga is Boruto, not Naruto or Sasuke.

The biggest utility that the Rinnegan could provide was travelling through dimensions, which drained off huge chunks of Sasuke’s chakra.

This role can be fulfilled by Boruto and his chakra consumption seems to be lesser than that of Sasuke’s.

Moreover, Boruto has a lot of room to grow, which could potentially increase the effectiveness of this justu as well. Furthermore, the latest batch of villains in Boruto doesn’t use Space-Time Ninjutsu.

The only thing that comes close to it is Code’s ability. We also know that Momoshiki has not manifested in Boruto post-time skip; meaning that the Rinnegan might not be that necessary.

To understand Naruto and Sasuke’s nerf in detail, click here!

boruto vs kawaki chp 1
Boruto after the time skip.

Final Thoughts:

With Naruto, Sasuke, Boruto and Kawaki returning to their world, we might get our answer soon.

While Sasuke getting his Rinnegan back would be a massive buff, it’s not very likely to happen.

However, I do believe that the Rinnegan would be important when Momoshiki manifests.

So, what do you think of it? Will Sasuke get his Rinnegan back? If no, then why? If yes, then how? Comment your thoughts down below!


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  1. So what happened to Madara’s eyes when he died at the end of the 4th great Ninja War? Did the Hidden Leaf just leave his body and eyes there to rot or does Lady Tsunade have them?

  2. It would be too convenient for Sasuke to get his Rinnegan back.

    But If they decide to do it, Amado would be, the best posibility.
    But not in the form of some nee Dojutsu. The eye is still in the socket. So Amado could extract some tissue from the eye and cultivate a new eye. After all he cloned Jiraiya.

    And also, Shin is dead. Killer by his own clones. (Could that be considered Suicide?)


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