How Strong Is Naruto Without Kurama In Boruto? (2023)

Naruto and Kurama

In Boruto, we bid farewell to our beloved 9 tailed-fox, Kurama. The tailed beast heroically sacrificed his life to protect Naruto and the villagers from imminent death.

Due to the death of such a major character and the reason behind Naruto’s God-like powers, fans across the globe are speculating how strong is Naruto right now.

If you are wondering the same, then we have you covered. But first, let us know what kind of powers Kurama grant Naruto?

How Strong Is Naruto In Boruto Anime & Manga?

Naruto after the loss of Kurama is still the second strongest human in Boruto. The first and the strongest human being is Sasuke Uchiha.

Sinc, both the heroes have lost their major source opowerrs they are not entirely weak as such. In the case of Naruto, there are so many other powers that he possesses which still lets him keep the title of the strongest Hokage.

But before that, let us see what powers he had when he had Kurama with him.

Powers and Abilities of Kurama Enhanced Naruto:

Chakra Mode

The first thing which signifies Naruto is using Kurama is the chakra cloak around him which manifests due to Naruto channeling Kurama’s chakra through his body. This grants Naruto all the rest of the abilities mentioned ahead.

Naruto chakra mode

Super Strength

As it states, this ability grants Naruto superhuman strength. One such example would be his fight against Obito, Naruto deflects multiple Biju Dama away from Kakashi and Might Guy.

Naruto Deflect Biju Dama

Immeasurable Chakra

Kuramas’ whole being consists of pure chakra. Hagoromo creates him after splitting 10 Tails chakra. The 10 Tails itself is a monster consisting of the entire planets’ chakra.

Thus, the chakra level of Kurama is ginormous.

As seen during Narutos’ battle during the Fourth Shinobi War, Naruto had shared his chakra with the military might of the entire world and still had enough chakra to battle a 10 Tail absorbed Obito.

Hagoromo Splitting Tailed Beasts

Rapid Healing

Kuramas’ chakra, constantly guards Naruto against injury. In case he gets hit, Kuramas’ chakra rushes to the injury and heals him.

In his battle against Sasuke at the Valley of Death, Naruto was able to heal his hand within seconds. A feat so great in the Naruto series that only Hashirama was said to be able to do so.

naruto healing

Sensing Negative Emotions

This ability came in handy Zetsustsus’ infiltrated the army ranks by taformforms of shinobis. Naruto was the only one who could sense the negative emotions and took down thousands of Zetsus.

Also, when Naruto could sense Kisame living inside Samehada.

Naruto Sensing Negative Emotions

Immense Speed

Narutos’ speed in chakra mode rivals or is greater than that of the 4th Hokage.

As seen when Naruto was able to dodge 4th Raikage’s punch. Also, while fighting Juubi Madara, Naruto dodges a point-blank light-speed Yin Yang Attack.

light speed

Immense Durability

The chakra mode grants Naruto such immense durability that a full-fledged attack by Momoshiki, where villagers were to be collateral damage, could only make Naruto unconscious.

Anyone else in his stead would have obliterated into nothingness.

naruto vs momoshiki

Biju Mode

In this mode, Naruto brings out the full-bodied Kurama and this further enhances all other abilities in the list. But also makes him a bigger target to attack.

Although compared to other jinchuriki, Narutos’ Biju mode doesn’t resemble, Kuramas full body with fur, etc.

Instead, it looks a bit transparent with a Golden chakra cloak resembling Kurama.

Biju Dama

A powerful ability that if hits will destroy at any cost. Only beings as strong as Otsutsuki can counter it or Jinchurikis.

biju dama

Chakra Arms

Naruto can create multiple chakra arms whose length can go in miles. This enabled Naruto to share chakra with everyone on the battlefield and depending on the strategy and creativity can be used in many ways.

chakra arms

Chakra Transfer

With his abundant chakra in chakra mode, Naruto can share some of Kuramas’ chakra with anyone. This grants the receiver a nerfed-down version of all of Narutos’ abilities.

Defence Against Genjutsu

Genjutsu has always been Narutos’ weakness. However, with Kurama in him, in case, Naruto is in genjutsu, Kurama can disrupt Naruto’s chakra flow and break the Genjutsu.

So these are almost all of Naruto’s powers which he receives when he is in Kurama chakra mode. But even before Kurama becomes friendly, Naruto has been crazy powerful.

The abilities of Naruto without Kurama are something noteworthy and still place him amongst some of the strongest shinobis’ in the world.

What are Naruto’s Powers Without Kurama?

Immense chakra

Being an Uzumaki and a reincarnation of Ashura, Naruto without Kurama has a tremendous amount of chakra.

As said by Kakashi at the beginning of the series, without Narutos’ chakra suppressing Kurama’s chakra Naruto would have 100 times more chakra than Kakashi.

Toad Sage Mode

Many people tend to forget that Naruto is the perfect sage. Unlike, Jiraiya and Orochimaru, it was with this ability that Naruto was able to take down the 5 out of 6 paths of Pain.

Back in that fight, if Kurama wasn’t being an idiot and had let the old frog couple join with Naruto then Naruto would have had a constant supply of Sage chakra without the time limit.

And without the time limit, Naruto would have never gone berserk and almost releasing the Kyuubi. 

Thus, beating all six paths of pain himself. However, defeating Nagato and Konan would have still been almost impossible.


Heightened Senses Through Sage Mode

As seen when Naruto was able to sense the whole war when he came to the roof of the turtle island. Not to forget, they were far away from the battlefield, if not a continent but at least a huge country away.

This gives Naruto a much better range than that of a Byakugan user. This can be used to detect enemies who are in hiding. Thus making sneak attacks impossible.

main qimg 3339dfc1744e0c203b15b66d99fc9029

Amazing Reflexes Due to Sage Mode

In his battle against the third Raikage, Naruto goes toe-to-toe with him. The third Raikage is the fastest and the strongest Raikage.

Yet Naruto was able to fend off his almost light-speed attacks mid-air or motion thanks to the sensory abilities of Sage mode and the reflexes it provides.

Naruto vs 3rd Raikage

Enhanced Durability

Naruto’s durability is high thanks to his Uzumaki lineage. But post-Kuramas’ death, Narutos’ durability can’t be said is something impressive except when he’s in sage mode.

In Sage Mode, Naruto was able to break the black rods of Pain with bare hands. While for other Shinobi a simple touch has a paralyzing effect on them.

main qimg c12bfd23432e1b66688360dc41113237

Frog Fu Or Frog Kumite

The art of fighting is based on the Frog style of Senjutsu. This style, enhances the users’ speed, reflexes and has various stances that are unconventional and surprising for many trained shinobis’.

During his fight with 6 paths of pain, Naruto uses Frog Kumite and wins.

Sage Mode Enhanced Super Strength

During his training on Mt. Myoboku, Naruto lifts heavy stone statues with tremendous ease.

Also, during his fight with Pains’ summons, Naruto lifted a gigantic charging Rhino and threw him over the top of his head without any signs of exhaustion. This alone should suffice his strength.

main qimg 6c53d73ea7d291f9d32d40b6d6c09731

Can Naruto Use Sage Of Six Path Mode Without Kurama?

Many will disagree with this but it is true. Naruto still has Sage Of Six Paths Power even without Kurama. During his fight with Delta in Boruto manga, Naruto uses a lava release Rasenshuriken.

Also, the markings on his face and coat are the same as they were post chakra amp up from Hagoromo and during his fight with Kaguya. 

WhatsApp Image 2021 03 09 at 19.47.51

Some of you may say that now since Kurama is dead, Naruto can’t access this mode. It’s not true, here’s why:

Hagoromo’s own chakra before he became the jinchuriki of ten tails is very powerful. He defeated Kaguya with his brother Hamura before he absorbed the ten tails.

Thus, his own chakra is unique and different. Which is strong enough to take on Kaguya-level beings. After he became jinchuriki of ten tails, his powers multiplied many folds.

This doesn’t mean his own unique chakra got altered. He had his own chakra along with the chakra of ten tails. So when Hagoromo gave his chakra to Naruto and Sasuke, that chakra consisted of Hagoromo’s chakra and chakra from all-tailed beasts.

That’s how Naruto got more chakra from Gyuki and Shukaku since Obito could only transfer a sliver of their chakra during the war to Naruto.

This proves, that Hagoromo’s chakra also has his own chakra mixed with the tailed beast chakra. Thus, Naruto received chakra from tailed beasts as well as Hagoromos’ own chakra that night.

Hagoromo being half Otsutsuki is channeling natural energy/sage chakra within him. This leaves us with the possibility that even though Naruto doesn’t have Kurama he can still access Sage Mode.

So saying Naruto can’t access sage mode seems highly impossible. Also, not to forget, Naruto has Ashura chakra too, another quarter Otsutsuki.

Flight In Sage of Six Paths Mode

Naruto floats similarly to Hagoromo. This is due to the latter sharing his chakra with the former. This ability has proved handy when fighting beings like Kaguya.

However, we never see Naruto use this ability post-war, mainly due to the reason that he was trying to focus the enemy on himself as seen in his fight with Momoshiki, Delta, and Isshiki.

Does Naruto Have Tailed Beasts?

Yes, Naruto has all-tailed beasts except for Kurama post-Baryon Mode. When Hagoromo gave him his chakra Naruto received chakra from all the tailed beasts.

But before this event, Naruto gained chakra from all tailed beasts except, Gyuki and Shukaku, during his fight with Masked-Obito.

Also, in previous chapters of Boruto, Naruto uses lava release, an ability, unique to the 5 Tail Beast, Son Goku. Thus proving that Naruto still has remnants of all-tailed beasts in him.

Thus granting him the ability to use their chakra nature releases and abilities only unique to those tailed beasts any time he wants.

Now, you must be thinking,

Which Characters Can Beat Naruto?

Although Naruto is pretty much nerfed right now he’s still one of the most powerful beings in the world. However, there are many characters who are stronger than him. Characters such as:

  1. Hashirama
  2. Madara
  3. Tobirama
  4. Minato
  5. Nagato
  6. Obito
  7. Itachi (Vastly due to his intelligence and Unique Susanoo weapons)
  8. Hagoromo
  9. Hamura
  10. Kaguya
  11. Isshiki
  12. Momoshiki
  13. Sasuke (Debatable)

To know how? Stay subscribed, you’ll find a series of blogs containing detailed explanations for the same.

If you think you can list more abilities of Naruto without Kurama, do comment below.

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