Is Naruto Stronger Than Sasuke In Boruto?

With Kurama and Rinnegan gone is Naruto stronger than Sasuke in Boruto? We delve deep into the analysis of it.


Ever since Kurama died and Sasuke lost his Rinnegan fans have been speculating their powers and comparing them with various characters within the series. One such comparison is whether is Naruto stronger than Sasuke in Boruto?

It is a very debatable topic as it has always been stated that Naruto and Sasuke were always equals. Even the author Masashi Kishimoto sensei mentioned that if he’s giving Naruto a power-up he would make sure to give Sasuke a power-up too. Thus, keeping both the leads equal in terms of power.

In a similar fashion when the time came for Naruto to lose Kurama, Sasuke also lost his Rinnegan. Thus maintaining the power balance between the two.

However, fans are still speculating whether these two really equal to one another in terms of power? Well, in my opinion, I think Sasuke is stronger than Naruto in Boruto, now, in terms of techniques and ninjutsu. Whereas, Naruto has his variations of Rasengan and huge chakra reserve to counter Sasuke and his mangekyou abilities.

Let us first get to know what kind of powers these two ex-Gods have in their arsenal.

What are Naruto’s Powers and Abilities Without Kurama?

Toad Sage Transformation.

In this mode, Naruto has a tremendous variety of abilities and was able to take down all paths of Pain and the Third Raikage. With powers ranging from Super Strength to Sensory Abilities. Toad Sage Mode allows him to track down any enemy countries away and deal severe damage once in range. However, this mode has a major drawback which is its time limit. Naruto constantly has to channel Senjutsu chakra through his body and to do so he has to stay still. Which is highly difficult to do in a battle.

Naruto can overcome this by creating Shadow Clones who will keep on providing him Senjutsu chakra. However, during his battle against Pain, Naruto could only let two shadow clones mold Sage chakra and use only 3 shadow clones in the battle to avoid disturbing the one’s molding sage chakra. This limit is also a major problem during a fight. Even if we assume that this limit has increased post-Fourth Shinobi War arc fighting against someone of Sasuke’s intellect, strength, observation skills, ninjutsu variations, Sharingan abilities, and battle experience could prove fatal.

Shadow clone limit in sage mode

Naruto can overcome this limit by letting the old toad couple fuse with him as they did with Jiraiya since Kurama was the one who would reject the fusion. But now with Kurama gone, this could be a possibility. However, the whereabouts of the old couple post Pain arc are unknown. But is sage mode enough to answer whether is Naruto stronger than Sasuke in Boruto?

Summoning Jutsu

Ever since the beginning, Naruto has always relied on his toad summons to do help him during major battles. Such as during his fight against Gaara, Pain, Ten-Tails.

Gamabunta vs Shukaku

The size of the toad summons plays a major role in these fights. Such as against Sasuke’s Susanoo. During Naruto vs Gaara, we saw that Gamabunta was the same size as Shukaku. And during all the tailed beasts vs Madara, we saw that Shukaku is more or less the same size as Kurama. Thus, helping us know that Gamabunta/Gamakichi and other Toads are as big as a tailed beast.

The reason behind this comparison is that if Sasuke attacks using his Susanoo, Naruto has a way of countering it. Naruto can even do a Rasengan Barrage if he can incapacitate Susanoo even for a few seconds. Just like he did with Kyuubi during their chakra tug-of-war.

But will that barrage prove whether is Naruto stronger than Sasuke? Let’s find out after learning more of Naruto’s abilities.

Precise Chakra Control

As compared to Naruto from the Shippuden arc, the current Hokage Naruto is on a whole different level. Earlier, Naruto uses Shadow Clones to create Rasengan but now he can easily create it without any shadow clones.

Is naruto stronger than Sasuke in Boruto

He can spam Rasenshuriken’s all day thanks to his huge chakra reserve. However, imbibing Senjutsu with Rasenshuriken is something we are yet to see. But we already saw Naruto use a Sage Jutsu Rasengan against Juubi Obito. So the possibility of Senjutsu Rasenshuriken is not entirely out of the equation.

However, even this isn’t enough to prove whether is Naruto Stronger than Sasuke.

So now we dwell into Sasuke’s abilities to see how he can counter Naruto.

What are Sasuke’s Powers And Abilities Without Rinnegan?

Sage Of Six Path Chakra

Sasuke received chakra from Hagoromo Otsutsuki along with Naruto. Where Otsutsuki mentioned that he is splitting equal chakra to both of them. This chakra awakened Rinnegan in Sasuke. With this newly acquired power, Sasuke unlocked a vast arsenal of attacks. Some of his feats include putting all 9 tailed beasts into a genjutsu with a single glance. In addition to, heightened sensory abilities, amped up physical strength, regenerative abilities, light-speed reflexes, portal opening, teleportation, swapping places with the enemy, or anything, see into limbo world, etc

Sasuke getting stabbed by Boruto
Sasuke getting stabbed by Borushiki

Some would now say that without Rinnegan, Sasuke would not be able to use Sage Of Six Path chakra. However, they are wrong. Unlike Naruto, Sasuke’s Rinnegan was stabbed with a Kunai by Boruto. Hence, Sasuke hasn’t lost the abilities of Six Path instead only his Rinnegan is gone.

However, there are speculations on this as well, as Madara uses Rinnegan’s abilities even though he was blind. Whereas Sasuke has chakra directly delivered by Hagoromo so for him Sage of six path chakra should be accessible too. Another reason for me to say this is the fact that Sasuke uses Amaterasu after his eye is lost.

Sasuke using amaterasu with right eye

As it is shown in Naruto Shippuden, Sasuke’s Amaterasu is a Mangekyou Sharingan ability dwelling in his left eye. Thus giving rise to speculations about whether Sasuke can use Rinnegan Abilities or not. My conclusion is that since Sasuke’s Rinnegan was stabbed for making a path for the next generation to become stronger he won’t be able to use Rinnegan’s abilities.

So with this assumption, we will say that although Sasuke has Sage Of Six Path chakra in him, he can’t use Rinnegan’s abilities. This puts doubt in my heart whether is Naruto stronger than Sasuke in Boruto, really?

In addition to all the abilities, Sasuke’s Sharingan and Rinnegan gave Sasuke the ability to use ALL nature transformations and Yin Yang Release.


Sasuke unlocks sharingan

Sasuke unlocks his Sharingan during the Uchiha clan massacre. However, due to being a child, he forgot how to unlock it again at least until his fight against Haku. Since then, Sasuke’s Sharingan has gone through various upgrades, and both Itachi and Orochimaru claim it to be more versatile and stronger than his elder brothers. Sasuke’s Sharingan abilities allow him to copy any jutsu just by seeing it once. He was able to clash Genjutsu against Genjutsu with Itachi, however, it was later revealed that Sasuke was in a deeper genjutsu than what Itachi showed him.

With just his basic 3 tomoe-Sharingan, Sasuke was able to take down Orochimaru albeit the Sannin was in a weaker state. During his clash against Naruto, Sasuke was able to peep into his mindset and gather all information without even having to activate his genjutsu.

In the recent chapters of Boruto, Sasuke is using his Mangekyou abilities without even activating his Mangekyou. Such as him using Susanoo against Jigen without activating his Mangekyou.

Sasuke uses susanoo without mangekyou sharingan

Thus, showing how far the pureblood Uchiha has scaled his skills.

But is it enough to prove whether is Naruto stronger than Sasuke?

Mangekyou Sharingan/Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan

The abilities of Mangekyou Sharingan are manifested depending on the user’s state of mind. And hence each Mangekyou is unique and contains different abilities. Sasuke awakens his Mangekyou after Obito told him the truth about Itachi. This sudden burst of emotions made Sasuke realize his feelings towards his family and awakened his Mangekyou. The abilities of his Mangekyou Sharingan are as follows:


A deadly black fire that cannot extinguish. This ability will turn anything and everything to ashes once hits. Earlier, Naruto deflects the flames with Kurama chakra but without Kurama, there are high chances that if Naruto gets hit, he will definitely die. The only way Naruto can counter this attack now is by using Shadow clones which have a limit and since the fire can’t be extinguished Sasuke can spread the flames using Kagutsuchi.


Even though it is not remotely as powerful as Itachi. Sasuke’s genjutsu abilities are a force to reckon with. Sasuke was able to cast a genjutsu on Danzo, who was using Shisui’s eye and had multiple Sharingan implanted in him. Which were further enhanced by Hashirama cells. Also, a major fact why Naruto can lose this battle is his inability to counter genjutsu. Naruto has always shown weakness towards genjutsu and now without Kurama’s help, it’ll be much more difficult for Naruto to repel a genjutsu attack.


Sasuke using kagatsuchi

An ability in which Sasuke can control the flames of Amaterasu and change the direction or shape of the flames. This makes it all the more deadly. In the latest Boruto chapter, Sasuke uses Amaterasu and Kagutsuchi even without his Rinnegan. Thus, denoting that Sasuke even without his Rinnegan is God Tier.


Sasuke susanoo

The biggest and the most powerful weapon in Sasuke’s arsenal. It not only serves as an absolute defense but also as a weapon of mass destruction. Only attacks more powerful than that of Susanoo can inflict damage upon it. And there’s only Naruto who can at least give it more than a scratch. Sasuke’s Susanoo is destruction reincarnate. Like a standard Susanoo, it has swords as its primary weapon and it has a sinister look, thanks to Sasuke being rogue when he gets his Mangekyou.

The full-bodied Susanoo of Sasuke has wings making it useful even for airborne fights. Also, unlike other Susanoo, Sasuke’s Susanoo has the ability to use ninjutsu like Chidori and fire-style jutsu.

It is also able to reflect Genjutsu as strong as Infinite Tsukuyomi unless someone directly targets Sasuke.

Also, unique only to Sasuke, his Susanoo has an extra weapon in the form of a crossbow on its arm. It is used to shower a volley of arrows or use it as a shield to deflect blows.

Summoning Jutsu

As of now, Sasuke is the only one who has two summons.

Sasuke snake Summoning jutsu

His first summon is a snake, Aoda, which he used to fight against Ten-Tails. Before Aoda, Manda was Sasuke’s summon who was also Orochimaru’s summon. However, Sasuke killed Manda by using him as a shield against Deidara.

Also, since these summonses are snakes, and Snakes eat Frogs/Toads, you know who has the natural advantage.

Sasuke eagle summoning jutsu

Sasuke’s second summon is an Eagle. This summon appears barely once or twice. But since it is an eagle, it can easily take on snakes and frogs both, naturally speaking. There’s not much known about this summon of his.


Sasuke is a proficient Swordfighter. He is proficient enough in using his sword that he went toe-to-toe against Kinshiki without his one arm.

Thanks to his brilliance and strategic mind, Sasuke uses his sword efficiently even against the likes of Isshiki.

Whereas, we barely see Naruto using a Kunai in a fight.


Along with his sword, Sasuke relies heavily on his shuriken’s. He can use these shurikens to deal damage on someone like Momoshiki. His proficiency in shuriken jutsu is so high, he can turn shuriken mid-air and hit a moving target in its blind spot.

Genius Intellect

Sasuke genius intellect

Sasuke is a child prodigy. His intelligence and observation skills are so high that Jigen, Momoshiki, and Isshiki found these qualities irritating. They really tried to incapacitate him first before Naruto. It is evident from the fact that Momoshiki first stabbed Sasuke’s Rinnegan instead of killing an already weakened Naruto. Thus pressing hard on the fact that Sasuke’s intelligence is more dangerous than Naruto with all his brute strength. One of the main reason why I believe Sasuke is stronger than Naruto in Boruto.

Another instance of Sasuke saving the day with his intelligence is when he realizes that Boruto needs chakra to overcome the possessing Momoshiki. It is due to this that they imbibe Boruto with more chakra to make him ultimately subdue Momoshiki.

Battle Scenario: Is Naruto Stronger Than Sasuke?

After learning about the powers of both the previously God-tier characters it is obvious enough that without their Power Hax’s they are still God Tier characters.

So, the battle between them will be devastative and epic to watch.

However, it won’t be a long battle unlike the one at the Valley Of The End, at the end of Shippuden. Here’s why:

  • Naruto doesn’t have the Kurama and Sasuke can’t steal chakra from the tailed beast anymore. So the chakra levels have dropped tremendously.
  • Naruto has huge chakra reserves but now so does Sasuke. The only problem will be Naruto’s vitality thanks to his Uzumaki lineage.
  • However, due to Sasuke’s intelligence, he will notice the difference in chakra and would try to end the fight soon.

Although Naruto has massive chakra reserves, Sasuke has a variety of techniques he can use.

Overall, the whole fight would be based on two factors of both the characters. For Naruto, it’ll be his massive chakra reserves and unpredictability. For Sasuke, it’ll be his observation skills and varied arsenal of Jutsu.

Even with Sage mode’s enhanced speed, strength and senses, Naruto can’t deal much damage on Sasuke. Mostly, due to the fact that Sasuke can use partial Susanoo to counter the enhanced Strength attacks and senses. However, Naruto has no defense against Sasuke’s Eternal mangekyou abilities.

Many will say that Naruto and Sasuke were equal during their fight on the bridge. But even then Sasuke was partially blind. And as per Kishimoto, when Naruto gained access to Kurama chakra, Sasuke unlocked his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. This shows that he meant for EMS Sasuke to be equal to Kurama chakra Naruto.

Keeping these things and their abilities in mind, I will say Sasuke is stronger than Naruto in Boruto. Solely, due to the fact that Naruto has no counter against three of Sasuke’s prominent jutsus i.e Genjutsu, Amaterasu, and Susanoo. Even if Naruto manages to counter the first two, countering a full-body Susanoo who can perform ninjutsu is a mammoth and highly impossible task.

Conclusion: Is Naruto Stronger Than Sasuke?

Thus, without Kurama, Naruto Is Not Stronger Than Sasuke in Boruto, even without Rinnegan.

Do you think Sasuke shouldn’t win? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Naruto clearly wins because if he has sage of six paths, which makes him able to dodge amaterasu. He also can easily break susanoo because tsunade could break madara’s susanno so naruto can clearly break sasuke’s as well. As for genjutsu, the remnats of the other tailed beasts let him break the genjutsu and naruto would just outlast sasuke.

  • I think you ve been a little biased. You stated naruto has improved immensely with chakra control as evidenced by his rasengan, yet you later mention he’d find a problem breaking a genjutsu like he used to back in the days; which shouldnt be so.

    Besides, sharingan genjutsu requires direct eye contact, of which naruto is fully aware. He can bypass that by fighting with eyes closed relying on senjutsu like Kabuto did against Sasuke-Itachi. Without Kurama, he can also fuse with Ma and Pa, if they re still alive which gives naruto access to their Frong song genjutsu. Sasuke cant stop that. Its already been shown the uchihas are weak to sound genjutsu by Dragon Sage Kabuto compared to other genjutsu types. Amaterasu cant do much here, Gaara was fast enough to block it from hurting Kankurou. A sage naruto with pre cog will anticipate it faster. And with sage of six paths senjutsu, i’m pretty sure the time will increase far above the 5 minutes a novice naruto did against Pain.

    Leaving us with the perfect susanoo. Naruto still has the remnent chakra of the tailed beasts. Kukuo’s boil release with naruto’s six path senjutsu i think can make naruto hold his ground against the perfect susanoo. Afterall, Jigen did break the perfect susanoo with a mere kick.

  • Sasuke win by a large gap.
    You have just to go back before hagoromo meeting to prove it.
    Like said, naruto and sasuke were on similar level, and it is our evidence.
    during madara fight the situation was: naruto+kurama+senjutsu= sasuke+EMS.
    after isshiki death, sasuke reverted back to the level he had when fighting juubi and madara, so not a great loss (especially since even in boruto, beside dimension travel, he barely used rinnegan power during battle)
    But naruto lost kurama, and i remember reading, that receive all bijuu chakra was the requirement to unlock and use 6 path mode. And also that kurama was the one behind the bijuu chatroom. So it is obvious to conclude that with kurama death naruto lost not only his 6 path, all bijuu related cloak, but also his access to the 8 other bijuu chakra and their abilities like rasengan bijuu variants.
    So yes, naruto raw natural abilities basically reverted back to pre fourth war level and is now far behind sasuke.

  • Naruto wins for sure, remember that the reason why kakashi could not make a sasunoo was because he did not have the sharigun in both of his eyes and Sasuke did not just lost his rennegun but also one his eye so Sasuke is able to make a sasunoo anymore

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