What Is White Karma In Boruto? Code’s Powers & How Strong Is Code Without Limiters Explained!

With Code arc started airing, Boruto anime has introduced a new villain in the series. The recent developments post-Isshiki’s death and being an inner member of the Kara it is evident that Code is crazy powerful. Although we got a glimpse of some of his powers in the latest episode, his most intriguing power is still a mystery. That is his White Karma.

This new power is supposedly different from its Black counterpart. Let’s find out how:

What is White Karma in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations?

White Karma is a data seal backup similar to Black Karma existing only on those experimental subjects who cannot carry the soul of the Ohtsutsuki who gives them the karma. However, the subject gains access to the powers of Otsutsuki who implanted them but are still not compatible to host their souls.

Although incompatible to host the soul of the caster the subjects are capable of gaining access to his powers and might end up stronger than the caster.

These powers combined with his addiction to become an Ohtsutsuki and newly developed hatred for Boruto, Kawaki, Amado, Naruto, and Sasuke, he is someone who can’t be taken lightly. Even Amado states that Code is stronger than Jigen and that he has limiters all over his body to constrain his overwhelming strength.

Amado discussing Code and white karma

This makes us wonder as to,

What Are Code’s Powers? Are His abilities Karma Powers?

As of now, Code’s abilities are similar to Kawaki’s. Such as body transfiguration. Where Kawaki can transform his arms into claws and other weapons.

However, Code can transform his arms only into claws. In addition to these claws, Code can also use Space-Time Ninjutsu. His claws serve the purpose of marking the terrain with his belt like lines.

Code then uses these lines to attack and defend himself. I will explain this ability in detail up ahead.

But before that, are these abilities his karma powers? According to the Boruto manga chapters viz. 56 and 57, they are not his Karma powers. As we can see, some manga panels show him using these abilities without activating the Karma.

Code using Space Time Ninjutsu without Karma

This makes his Space Time Ninjutsu all the more dangerous. So this puts a question in my mind:

What Is Code’s Space-Time Ninjutsu? What Are Its Advantages And Disadvantages?

In his battle against Boro’s men, we see Code using his White Karma. The White karma as of now seems to amplify his base powers and abilities. He underwent a physical transformation and develop claws.

But the most intriguing power which Code displays is his use of Space-Time Ninjutsu. His space-time ninjutsu consists of Choker Belt lines appearing out of thin air and marking the territory. However, for them to appear Code has to wave his fingers in the direction he needs them on.

Similarly, in one of the chapter as well we see Code using this power. Where the belt like lines appear after Code uses his claws to break Eida out of the capsule.

His Space-time ninjutsu seems like a combination of Minato and Obito’s space-time ninjutsu. Similar to Minato, he appears to be vanishing from the line of sight but instead like Obito he goes inside his belt-lines and can appear anywhere out of the marked territory. Secondly, the beltlines don’t disappear.

Thus, allowing him to use them without straining his body. And all of this without using any of his Karma powers. This ability can prove more troublesome than Isshiki’s minifying ability.

However, Code’s this very ability is a double-edged sword. Let us see how:

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Code’s Space-Time Ninjutsu:

  • Can be used even without Karma
  • Less strain on the body
  • Maintains stamina
  • There’s no way yet, to disperse these belt-lines
  • If your body gets marked, Code can attack from anywhere.
  • Belt-Lines don’t disappear.
  • Not much is known about the space-time Ninjutsu technique.
  • Speed seems to be a major issue as someone with speed faster than Code can outmaneuver him
  • Hand movements necessary to mark territory.
  • If your body is marked and Code attempts to attack you, he can be pulled through the portal with Brute strength. Also, similar to Obito, his exposed Body Part can be attacked in a similar way Kakashi was attacking Obito inside his dimension.

So Boruto chapter 64 proved my theory of Code’s teleportation jutsu’s advantages and disadvantages right!! Yaayyy!!

However, Boruto chapter 64 also explained that these claw marks are a composite of his chakra and blood. Thus, since they are not entirely chakra, even White Karma or Black Karma cannot absorb his teleportation belts!

Hence, making them a far more dangerous ability than we thought it would be.

codes claws ability 1

However, Kawaki using Isshiki’s Sukuna Hikona can shrink the belt lines to such a small size that they cannot be used by Code at all. It stops Code from teleporting to another location since for him to teleport using those belts he needs the belt to be big enough to hold his body.

However, Code cannot use Isshiki’s Sukuna hikona despite having white karma that acts as a weapon to use Isshiki’s powers. He cannot shrink himself to use the shrunken belt lines by Kawaki.

All of this are Code’s powers with his limiters. Albeit without his limiters Code is said to be stronger than Jigen. How true is it?

Is Code Stronger Than Jigen or Isshiki in Boruto Naruto Next Generations?

Well without his limiters, Code is said to be stronger than Jigen which was even accepted by Daemon when Code brings in Amado to take off his limiters. So, by default, Code with limiters was weaker than Jigen.

Please note, this is the Code who also has white karma embedded in him without his limiters. Also, it was stated earlier that Isshiki is the strongest character in Boruto barring Shibai Ohtsutsuki. So it proves that neither Eida nor Daemon can overtake Isshiki in strength.

This further proves that Code without his limiters although stronger than Jigen is weaker than Isshiki and by default is weaker than current Kawaki as well. Since Kawaki is now able to use all powers of Isshiki without any limitations and also has the knowledge of all of Isshiki’s battles. Furthermore fueled by his strong desire and will to take any path necessary to achieve his goal of protecting Naruto, Kawaki has now become a double edged sword to Naruto and Konoha.

Thus, for now, Kawaki is the only person other than Daemon and Eida who can take on Code.

Do you think, Code can defeat Naruto and Sasuke since they are just a sliver of their powerful selves now? Let us know in the comments.

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3 thoughts on “What Is White Karma In Boruto? Code’s Powers & How Strong Is Code Without Limiters Explained!”

  1. I don’t understand this:
    Why did Isshiki not send Code to retrieve Kawaki? With his ability he could have retrieved Kawaki without anyone noticing.

    Jigen could have had Code Set markings in the hideouts of Kara or directly on Kawaki. If Kawaki had a marking, Code could have brought him back, without issue. Jigen, wouldn’t had to fight Naruto and Sasuke.

    There was no need for Kara, to use an Airship to transport Kawaki. With Code’s ability Kara could have moved Kawaki without the risk of being discovered.

    And the White Karma…does not contain genetical data of Otsutsuki, Code shouldnt have full Access to all Karma Powers. Especially not to the Experience of the Otsutsuki.

  2. White karma has unknown abilities so basically it’s unpredictable, but if code fought Naruto and sasuke he can just warp Naruto and deal with sasuke


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