Beerus’ Powers And Abilities In Dragon Ball Super Explained


The name “Beerus” sends shivers down the spine of all creatures in this Universe. His short temper and erratic acts frighten the Kais. Beerus is the strongest character in Dragon Ball. Beerus wrecked SSJ3 Goku like it was nothing. Who can clap this guy? Too badass of a character…

Or so we initially thought.

Beerus’ image changed as the series progressed. From a guy who is feared throughout the cosmos to being Bulla’s babysitter, the cat-like G.O.D is more down to Earth than you think. Not just for his craving for delicious foods (he spared Earth because of this reason) but he actually has a soft spot for Goku and his friends. Yes, Beerus is a Tsundere. Huehuehue.

Toriyama did kinda make Beerus into a comical character (Kinda? Bruh, Zeno tamed Beerus and rode him like a horse.). But, he is much more powerful than he looks. In the Granolah arc, we get to see a brand new side to Beerus’ powers. His strength is immense.

Also, did you know that Beerus’ character design was based on Toriyama’s Sphynx cat Debo?

Anyway, let’s address the elephant in the room. What are the key techniques and skills Beerus has in his sleeve which make him so powerful? This article is an attempt to explain that. So grab your pudding cups and enjoy the read!

Beerus is the Strongest God of Destruction

What a bold statement to start off the blog isn’t it? Now hold on to those cups! I’ll explain everything soon.

The Gods of Destruction are not born, but rather begin their lives as mortals, much like Belmod and Toppo. The same would apply to the fan-favorite Beerus as well.

By seeing Beerus’ tremendous powers and destructive talents, the higher-ups in the God hierarchy or his predecessor would have chosen Beerus to be Universe 7’s Destroyer God. Since then, he trained under his mentor Whis, thereby obtaining and strengthening his energy of destruction.

Beerus's mind is always on destruction
Chapter 69 – Beerus’ mindset

The word ‘unlimited’ is interesting. It could mean exactly what it does, i.e., never running out of energy, like the Androids. Or perhaps Beerus’ energy of destruction rises the more he thinks of destruction and “nothing else”. This is just like when Goku’s Ultra Instinct abilities improve the more he reduces the number of thoughts generated. Now he can destroy worlds with just his fingertips. Just a small spark of energy and Kaboom! That’s how he destroyed a planet way back in chapter 1.

We haven’t seen much of the feline-like being in combat. But, when he does, we remember just how powerful the guy really is. There was an interesting incident that took place only in the Manga: a Battle Royale between the 12 Gods of Destruction. At its final stage, only Beerus and Quitela were left standing (Belmod was just pretending to be out). The other G.O.Ds targeted Beerus but he still managed to hang around until the end.

But why are you running your mouth saying he’s THE strongest G.O.D? Where’s the proof? The Dragon Ball Super Broly Light Novel clearly mentions that Beerus is the strongest Destroyer God in the cosmos. Is your curiosity piqued? Check out this article if you wanna know more!

The G.O.Ds are well above even the strongest mortals in all 12 Universes. When Granolah wished to become the strongest warrior in the Universe, the Cerealian Dragon specifically said: “excluding the Gods”. So Jiren, Broly and Goku haven’t surpassed Beerus yet.

Beerus is definitely a Universe-buster. During their little squabble a long time ago, Beerus and Champa could have destroyed an entire Universe if it wasn’t for Whis and Vados tapping them on their necks.

Now, there are moves that he uses both in the Manga and the Anime and there are Anime only techniques. So let’s explore them one by one.

Manga and Anime Powers and Abilities

Hakai (Expert)

Beerus destroys Zamasu
Beerus using Hakai to erase Zamasu from existence

Amongst the plethora of Beerus’ powers and abilities, Hakai is his forte. It’s the G.O.D’s signature technique. Beerus can use it to destroy almost anything, from little rocks to multiple Universes.

We’ve only seen Beerus use it a few times. But now that he’s training Vegeta to use Hakai, we might see the technique more often. Hakai requires a different kind of energy called the “energy of destruction”. A God Ki user creates this type of energy when he solely focuses on destruction rather than reducing thoughts generated.

Without training under an expert, one cannot execute Hakai properly. It’s just like when Goku unauthorizedly tried to copy Beerus’ Hakai and failed (It wouldn’t work anyways as Fused Zamasu was immortal).

Beerus once stated (chapter 26) that Hakai cannot erase immortals. However, his energy of destruction, by acting as a shield, could nullify Regular Ki. We’re still yet to know more about the G.O.D’s special technique; whether it can compete with Ultra Instinct, what are its limitations and so forth.

There are many variants of Hakai. With energy blast, without energy blast. Destruction with explosion or without explosion. To know about these and more, check out this article!

Ultra Instinct (Imperfect)

Beerus' Ultra Instinct
Chapter 28 – Beerus dodges other G.O.Ds’ attacks

There’s some confusion on the Internet on whether Beerus has Ultra Instinct or not. In chapter 28, Whis said that Beerus’ body senses attacks and makes decisions on its own to dodge. This is basically Ultra Instinct.

Furthermore, Whis has mentioned twice that “Even Lord Beerus hasn’t perfected Ultra Instinct”. This practically means he can use the technique (and why couldn’t he? He’s been training under Whis for millions of years) but hasn’t mastered it yet. Now, why is that?

Beerus said Destroyer Gods are not suited for Ultra Instinct and their Hakai makes up for their magnificent strength. My sense is, it’s not about how strong one technique is compared to the other, it’s about the user’s mentality and his level of expertise.

Suppose Vegeta + Hakai loses to MUI Goku; that doesn’t mean UI>Hakai. It’s just that Vegeta’s level of Hakai wielding isn’t adequate to destroy MUI Goku, whereas the G.O.Ds can. Their level is much higher. In the Hakai wielding ladder, Zeno’s destructive capabilities are the strongest we’ve seen so far.

From the looks of it, he can use it in his base form without the need to transform. And his movements are pretty fast, given how he evaded almost all of the G.O.Ds’ attacks in the Zeno Expo (Manga version).

Sealing Technique

This is not openly revealed in the Manga but it is in a subtle way. After Future Trunk’s timeline got erased and brought back later on, Supreme Kai tells him to contact Beerus in his timeline to eradicate Zamasu. But the corrupted Kai is immortal, so how’d Beerus do it? Whis answers that he and Beerus possess a sealing technique that surpasses the Mafuba.

Beerus has a sealing technique which is not yet fully revealed
Chapter 26 – a subtle mention of Beerus’ sealing technique

Off-camera, Beerus did use this technique to seal away the Old Kai in the Z-Sword some 75 million years ago. And Old Kai was stuck in there until Gohan broke the sword a few years ago. Breaking the Z-Sword is much harder than breaking the seal of the Mafuba (even Pilaf could do it).

Immune to Poison

Poison doesn't affect Beerus
Chapter 1 – Beerus is immune to poison

Beerus, after awakening, goes to some random planet and enjoys a feast prepared by its inhabitants. They poisoned the food in an attempt to kill him. However, Beerus discovers the poison while gulping it down and decides to blow the planet up. Being a Deity, I think he’s immune to all types of poison. Or is it just that this poison didn’t work and some stronger poison, which may or may not exist, might kill him? We’ll probably never know.

Life Link

To maintain a balance between creation and destruction within the Universe, there exists a Life Link between Beerus and the Supreme Kai. This means that if one of them dies, the other dies as well. In Future Trunk’s timeline, Shin was killed and hence Beerus died due to the aftereffect.

Whis states in the Manga that only the highest-ranking Gods know about this life link. This is, of course, kept as a secret. If everyone gets to know, Beerus’ life would be in constant danger. He has made a lot of enemies in the Universe so… it makes sense. To know more about this Life Link, click here!

Now, there is a lot of confusion about the whole “Which Kaioshin was linked to Beerus?” cause’ at the present moment, there exists Old Kai, Dai Kaiōshin and Shin. I’ve answered this question in another article so check it out!


Beerus' Kiai attack
Beerus using Kiai against Gohan and Buu

It is a technique in which the user uses Ki to manipulate the air currents around him in order to strike the opponent with powerful shockwaves. According to the Daizenshuu, there are 3 types of Kiai:

Kiai Cannon

This attack fires an invisible, massive bundle of Ki at your opponent, sending him flying. Strong fighters like Jiren, UI Goku and Beerus use this move very often.

Kiai Eyes

A technique where you blow away your opponent by glaring at them sharply. It is an invisible attack that is capable of taking the enemy by surprise.

Kiai Extinguisher

A technique in which you simply fire a Kiai to extinguish a Ki-based attack.

Visionary ability

Beerus's vision on SSG
Beerus saw a vision of a Super Saiyan God

Beerus seems to occasionally have visions or premonitions of the future. Two years after Planet Vegeta’s destruction and Goku’s birth, Beerus had a prophecy that an arch-rival called a Super Saiyan God would appear.

Even with such queer powers, Whis states that Beerus’ premonitions rarely become a reality. He had a dream about a pop-star idol moving to his world but it didn’t happen, unfortunately. My man Beerus is cultured. Proud of you bruh. He also reads God comics and watches Anime. I wonder how he’d feel if he watches Highschool DxD…

Anime only Powers and Abilities

Pressure Point attack

Beerus Pressure Points attack
Beerus attacking Piccolo’s vital spots

Even putting aside his powers acquired as a G.O.D, his knowledge of martial arts is just mind-blowing (Well, he is more than 75 million years old, so why wouldn’t it be?). With hardly any effort, the cat-like G.O.D took out the Z-fighters with just a pair of chopsticks!

Beerus can comfortably lock on and strike pressure points, unlike Granolah, who needs his right eye to locate them. SSJ3 Goku (whom we thought was OP at that time). Piccolo and Vegeta were rendered motionless with just a tap on their vital areas.

God of Destruction’s wrath

Beerus' God of Destruction's wrath attack
Battle of Gods – Beerus launching Ki blasts in all directions

This is a different version of the continuous energy bullet technique, wherein the user hurdles streams of Ki blasts from his palms. In Beerus’ case, he can fire a stream of blasts in all directions from his body, via his energy of destruction.

The name “God of Destruction’s wrath” comes from Dragon Ball Xenoverse and it’s one of Beerus’ special moves. In canon material, he only performs this technique once in Battle of Gods.

Energy Nullification

Beerus' energy nullification technique
Dragon Ball Super Episode 13 – Beerus nullifies the energy between him and SSG Goku

Beerus is able to cancel out energy attacks, which are capable of destroying the entire Universe. According to Beerus, it’s a complicated technique that requires 100% of his power. He even used it to neutralize Goku’s Kamehameha.

Beerus using energy nullification to cancel out Goku's Kamehameha
Dragon Ball Super Episode 14 – Beerus neutralizes Goku’s Kamehameha

Maybe his power enables him to create another dimension within space and send that energy there…

Cloning Ability

Beerus' cloning ability
Beerus uses clones to attack Goku from all directions

To attack his opponent in all directions, Beerus can create clones. This looks similar to the technique MUI Goku uses against Whis in Chapter 68. Whether the power is shared amongst the clones or they are as powerful as the original is unknown. Whis might have taught him this maneuver, considering it to be an Angelic technique.


Beerus is as powerful as Lord Shiva but his laziness knows no bounds. His cunningness and adorable nature resemble a cat. Neko lovers, take notice. Have someone like Beerus as your boyfriend and you’ll be set for life. You’ll have your own palace, an attendant, a fish who tells your future and the transportation facilities to go to Earth anytime to taste various delicacies. Also, the attendant can give birth to your child without any of the pain associated with childbirth. Not too shabby of a life right? RIGHT?

Beerus’ powers are second to none excluding the Angels, the Grand Priest and Zeno. He’s super strong. However, some voices say Beerus’ powers have been super retconned ever since Battle of Gods. Statements from characters and the authors only added to the confusion. What I’ll say on the matter is this, Beerus wasn’t planned to be a one-hit-wonder. He’s definitely there for the long haul. Toriyama said that to push the story, he needed Beerus and Whis and the fans love them.

In 2016, Toriyama said that “Right now, I have no plans for Goku and Vegeta to surpass Beerus and Whis“. This means that Beerus did not display even a speck of his power against Super Saiyan God Goku. The Anime and the Movie got people so much confused. But in the Manga, there’s no measurement of Beerus’ strength other than Shin comparing Beerus’ power level with Vegito Blue. This was also mentioned in a V-Jump scan.

My argument for that is the following: so far, we haven’t seen Beerus go all out using the full extent of his signature techniques. And the true nature of Beerus’ Hakai was a mystery and still is. So we can’t jump to conclusions yet.

Beerus is my spirit animal. If I even get Isekaid to the Dragon Ball World, I totally want to be in his place. I mean, c’mon! Who doesn’t want to sleep for decades and stuff yourself with Pizzas and Noodles? I’m a lazy ass and a spoilt brat so I’d love this kinda life, to be honest. Have OP abilities, destroy planets once in a while (use Hakai on my bullies), eat and sleep. The joys of life. Wouldn’t you agree? (Cue Frieza’s Santa Claus laugh).

So what do you think of Beerus’s powers? Let us know in the comments below!

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