Will Vegeta Achieve The Ultra Instinct Mode In Dragon Ball Super?

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers from Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74. Read ahead at your own discretion! October 8th, 2017The revelation of the Angel’s specialty technique broke the internet as Goku activated Migatte no Goku’i or Ultra Instinct for the first time. Episode 110 was one of the most viewed Dragon Ball Super episodes … Read more

An Hour-Long Panel Discussion On The New Dragon Ball Super Movie To Take Place At San Diego Comic-Con 2021

San Diego Comic-Con, the world’s largest pop culture convention, returns online this year with “[email protected] 2021.” And in this time, Dragon Ball has a special place amongst the events that are taking place. To celebrate Dragon Ball and the announcement of the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie which is planned to hit the theatres in … Read more

DBS Chapter 73 Review: Unexpected Defeat By The Hands Of A Snack Bar

Most of us expected Carrot to eat Granolah for breakfast (pun intended, yes.) but oh boy, can this BE more unexpected? Dragon Ball Super Chapter 73 continues the raging battle between Goku and Granolah. I did predict in Chapter 72’s review article that Goku will use Mastered Ultra Instinct and he’d find difficulties in using … Read more

Goku and Vegeta Confirmed To Newscast The Tokyo Olympics Games In Mexico

TV Azteca, a major Spanish Television Network, has announced that it plans to cover the Tokyo Olympics 2020, with the members of the Azteca Deportes team acting as commentators for the whole event. In the announcement, they added that, amongst its members, Mario Castañeda and René García, Goku and Vegeta’s official voice actors in the ‘Dragon Ball’ … Read more

Beerus’ Powers And Abilities In Dragon Ball Super Explained

The name “Beerus” sends shivers down the spine of all creatures in this Universe. His short temper and erratic acts frighten the Kais. Beerus is the strongest character in Dragon Ball. Beerus wrecked SSJ3 Goku like it was nothing. Who can clap this guy? Too badass of a character… Or so we initially thought. Beerus’ … Read more