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Frieza Black’s Form Explained By Toyotaro Himself

Frieza Black

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers from the Granolah & SUPER HERO arcs of the Dragon Ball Super Manga. Read ahead at your own discretion! The sudden appearance of Frieza Black at the end of the Granolah arc is arguably one of the most badass character entries in the entire Dragon Ball series. It was … Read more

Is Asa Mitaka The New Protagonist Of Chainsaw Man? Who Is Asa Mitaka Explained!

Asa Mitaka and war devil yoru

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers from Chainsaw Man Manga Part 2. Read ahead at your own discretion! The first chapter of Chainsaw Man Part 2 hit Japanese fans like a storm as it (Chapter 98) has crossed over 2.5 million views since its release on Shonen Jump+. In it, Fujimoto introduces Asa Mitaka, a … Read more

Dragon Ball Super Broly: 15 Facts You Should Know About Broly

Dragon Ball Super Broly

Broly is one of Dragon Ball’s most beloved characters. From his sinister smile in the old movie to beating the crap out of Frieza in the modern version of Dragon Ball Super, Broly was always a treat to watch on the big screen. The Saiyan was famous enough for Toriyama (who normally doesn’t watch his … Read more

Did Power Die? Power’s Death In Chainsaw Man Explained!

Power CSM

Power, the beloved blood fiend from Chainsaw Man, didn’t take up much time to capture the hearts of readers and anime watchers alike. While her crazy girl personality won some hearts, there are many skeptics who would think twice before getting completely hooked on a character. What if she doesn’t survive the perils that Chainsaw … Read more

How Strong Is Gohan Beast? Gohan Beast Vs MUI Goku/Black Frieza/Ultra Ego Vegeta, Who Wins?

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers from the Granolah arc of the Dragon Ball Super Manga. Read ahead at your own discretion! In the critically praised film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Gohan Beast made his debut, and he did so in spectacular manner, radiating a bluish-white radiance mixed with reddish-magenta inner aura covered by … Read more

How Much Is The 50 Chia Seed Radius In DBS Chapter 79?


Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 features the clash between the strongest warriors in the Universe – Gas Vs Granolah. This battle is pretty unique in respect to Gas summoning up medieval weapons; while Granolah accurately predicts and dodges the former’s attacks. Before it started, Monaito brought Oatmeel back to Granolah, thereby reuniting the two partners … Read more

PVR Brings My Hero Academia The Movie: World Heroes’ Mission To India Starting December 3rd

MHA WHM Concept KeyArt TrailerPoster Animehunch Featured

The official website of PVR Cinemas has added a new entry to their “coming soon” list of films. One of them is My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission. That’s right! PVR Pictures have finally brought the critically acclaimed film to India as part of their exclusive arrangement with ODEX, the largest Japanese animation film distributor … Read more

Anime Frontier Convention In Texas Launches Attack On Titan Manga Gallery

wxMnbHuuyo 5ZHAaOKkfmuNHfdrkN81k hntMWpCwV4

The Anime Frontier convention, which will debut next month (December) in Downtown Fort Worth, Texas, has announced the regional debut of the Attack on Titan Manga Gallery, an exhibition that will commemorate the franchise’s success following the conclusion of the manga in April and ahead of the long-awaited premiere of the Final Season in January … Read more

Loss or Win? Examining Vegeta’s Growth In Saiyans vs Cerealian

Vegeta dbs ch 76 featured

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers from Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76. Read ahead at your own discretion! There’s a lot of Vegeta talk going around lately. From his new Ultra Ego form to the King of Ls, the fandom (as usual) has a divided opinion on the Prince’s character progression in Dragon Ball Super. … Read more