Top 10+ Strongest Devils In Chainsaw Man Ranked

With the anime around the corner, we thought it'd be wise to rank the strongest devils in Chainsaw Man. And no Power doesn't come in top 5!

Chainsaw man

Chainsaw Man is a bizarre series, thanks to the unusual and quirky storytelling technique that Fujimoto employs with shockingly brutal turns. The twisted nature of the Devils is darker and more realistic than the typical Shonen antagonists or creatures.

Devils exist as a result of humanity’s collective fear, which stems from the premise behind their name. The greater the fear, the more powerful the devil grows. And as any shounen trope, Chainsaw Man fans too have a itch to cure when to comes to these devil’s powerscaling.

Coming to the list of Strongest devils in Chainsaw Man, the rankings will be based on statements, feats & overall power and abilities. I’ll focus on the Devil’s powers and why it is placed in that position, instead of giving a general bio of the Devil.

Since most devils in this list actually do not go up against each other, it’ll be tricky to rank them in an objective way, just like with most power ranking lists of other series. The fights are not straightforward one-on-ones as well cause’ multiple people attack a single Devil.

The rankings are based on the Devils as they are and NOT their fiends or hybrid forms (although they’ll be used to speculate on the Devil’s full powers). Humans either make contracts with Devils to receive a portion of their powers or the Devils themselves choose to possess the human to survive to form Fiends and Hybrids. They too are subjected to the limitations of their human forms.

So without further ado, here’s our ranking of the top 10 strongest Devils in Chainsaw Man starting from the bottom.

Power scaling debates will always be heated so please go easy on us. Arigato Gozaimashta!

11. Angel Devil

We’re starting our list of strongest devils in Chainsaw Man with the peaceful-looking Angel Devil, Division 4’s second-strongest agent after Captain Kishibe. And yes, he’s a dude.

This Devil may look harmless but is so powerful that he could even take down the Chainsaw Man, given enough life span being sacrificed (1000 years).

As implied, the Angel Devil’s main ability is to shorten the target’s lifespan through physical contact, eventually murdering them if he touches them for a long enough period of time. After briefly holding Aki’s hand, the Angel Devil estimated that he had lost two months of his life.

Angel Devil - Chainsaw Man
The lazy Angel Devil (may not be his true form)

But this ain’t only a defensive maneuver. The Angel Devil can turn sapped life spans into supernatural weapons like Aki’s Katana, which can sever even the intangible Ghost Devil.

Lifespan UsageWeapon Forged from his Halo
5 yearsA Sword that can seemingly murder anyone he cuts without a mark
10 yearsA stronger sword than the 5 year one but the quantity of difference remains unknown
100 yearsAn even stronger sword. Makima used it (after controlling him) against Power
1000 yearsA spear that defeated the Chainsaw Devil

However, there are two major drawbacks:

  • Because of the attachment to his friends, Makima was able to control him, resulting in their death. In other words, he’s easily gullible to Makima’s controlling abilities through emotional manipulation.
  • The Angel Devil needs to physically contact his target in order for his ability to work. This could backfire when he’s up against long-range Devils (like the Blood Devil).

Also when talking about fear of Angels, only demons or those who are destined to Hell while dying fear them. Ordinary humans are fearful of many things but not often an Angel.

It’s due to these reasons the Angel Devil is the lowest-ranked Devil on this list of strongest Chainsaw Man devils.

10. Blood Devil

Coming at 10th place is the one and only Blood Devil, currently occupying the body of Puh-Puh-Puh Power!!

This basically means that the Blood Devil fought someone really powerful, lost, and possessed Power’s body to survive.

Blood Devil (Power) - Fiend Form
Fiend Form

The Blood Devil can materialize weapons from her blood and perform long-range attacks telekinetically.

An example of that is the “Thousand Tera Blood Rain”, where she creates thousands of blood swords and spears from the blood that surrounds her, levitates and throws them at her enemies. This technique is powerful enough to temporarily halt Makima in her tracks.

However, one possible drawback is that the Blood Devil loses a lot more blood than before. Its attack requires a lot more blood & energy than manifesting one weapon at a time. So it is susceptible to more damage after unleashing its moves. That’s why Devils like the Bomb & Gun can brutalize it.

There’s not much info about the Blood Devil yet (apart from its basic characteristic of immortality) so I’ll elaborate once the Blood Devil reveals itself again in future chapters.

9. Bomb Devil

Here comes the Bomb Devil blasting its way into the Top 10 Strongest Devils in Chainsaw Man!

The fear of bombs, both within and out of the story, has meaning (especially for the Japanese). I recall a bomb scare at my own school, which sent everyone, including the teachers, running in fear. It turned out to be a hoax, but the point is that I felt the horror of a potential explosion right in front of my eyes.

Within the story, the Bomb Devil took the form of a Hybrid by possessing a human called Reze.

Through Reze, we can identify some of the Bomb Devil’s abilities and attacks.

For instance, the said Devil has explosive skin, which can explode to a certain degree whomsoever touches it. It can perform long range attacks by sending explosive sparks to the target.

Bomb Devil (Reze) - Chainsaw Man
The bomb of Chainsaw Man – Reze aka Bomb Devil

The explosion power of the Bomb Devil in its totality will be much more intense. Could it rival Nuclear Weapons? We’ll have to wait and see.

One possible weakness of the Bomb Devil is the target’s speed. He/she could be quick enough to dodge its long range attacks and attack from behind (Eg: Quanxi).

However, the Bomb Devil will fare much better than the Angel Devil in such a situation due to her strong durability, martial arts and defensive capabilities.

8. Curse Devil

Up next is the horrifyingly looking Curse Devil aka fear of curses personified.

The Cursed Devil’s powers, for the most part, are unknown. Deprecophobia (from the Latin word ‘deprecor’ meaning “curse”) exists in those people who strongly believe in the supernatural and fear its dark powers. It can be associated with the fear of unknown, and is a phenomenon that cannot be ignored.

We know that Aki and Santa Claus made contracts with it but with a catch.

Aki traded the Devil’s powers with his lifespan. At the end of the Katana Man arc, Aki was left with only 2 years of his life. The severity of the contract and damage that it metes out suggests that the Curse Devils is one of the strongest devils out there in Chainsaw Man.

The Cursed Devil - one of the strongest devils in chainsaw man
The cursed-looking Curse Devil gnawing Denji

The Cursed Devil stays invisible while grabbing its target before gnawing them. Both Denji and the Katana Man were completely out of commission until external aid came through for them.

If this Devil could injure the two, with the highest amount of endurance, with limited power (cause’ of contract limitations), imagine what a full-fledged Cursed Devil could be capable of. Could it even defeat the Gun devil? Maybe. But because of sheer lack of info, I’m placing it at rank 8 in this list of strongest Chainsaw Man devils.

7. Punishment Devil

Not much is known about the Punishment Devil other than the fact that he appears once in the story.

Makima summons the Punishment Devil, via Yutaro Kurose and Michiko Tendoto’s contract, to attack the Gun Devil and what happens after that is unknown.

Since the Gun Devil possesses Aki, making him a Fiend, it’s safe to assume that the Punishment Devil inflicted a hell of a lot of damage on the Gun Devil, leaving it no other choice but to hijack another body in order to survive.

The fearsome Devil’s body is made up of a bunch of zombie-looking creatures with swords in their hands. How they maneuver and attack are unknown.

The Punishment Devil summoned to attack the Gun Devil - Chainsaw Man
The Punishment Devil summoned to attack the Gun Devil

Castigophobia (or the fear of punishment) in real life is common among children who get punished frequently by parents or other adults. It is also pretty frequent among Criminals who fear getting punished in Prison.

The Punishment Devil is in the top 10 list of strongest devils in Chainsaw Man, mainly cause’ of real-life-related fears. It’s not in the top 5 due to a lack of information on its abilities and weaknesses.

6. Cosmos Devil

Well, we only get a glimpse of the Cosmos Devil’s power in the form of a Fiend. That means the actual Devil is in its weakened state and took over that pink-colored hair girl with heart-shaped eyes.

Even in that state, she was able to do complete damage to her target’s mind.

With a mere glimpse, the Cosmo Fiend sends her target to a dimension filled with an infinite array of bookshelves surrounding the two beings.

Cosmo proceeds to force her enemy to understand everything in the universe. As depicted in the manga, all the contents of the infinite array of books in the library are forced into the Doll Fiend’s head in one go.

This is similar to Gojo’s Domain expansion where a person/curse is caught in the Unlimited Void, they’re overwhelmed with endless information and stimuli, rendering them paralyzed.

And here’s the scary part.

Once the target’s mind is overwhelmed with the infinite amount of information shoved inside, he/she can only think of the word Halloween till death. And all it takes is a mere glimpse of the target for the Cosmos Devil to do her job.

The powers of the Cosmos Devil/Fiend - Chainsaw Man
The psychological powers of the Cosmos Devil

In Chapter 58, the “Halloween” girl merely glanced at her target and his mind was done. He began sweating and mumbled nothing but the word “Halloween” for the rest of his life. That means the conversion process took only a second or two. Now, imagine the speed of a full-powered Cosmos Devil.

The full capacity of the Cosmos Devil is unknown. But the fact that it was weakened enough to possess a human shows its powers aren’t flawless. Probably someone as swift as Quanxi zoomed in to attack the Cosmos Devil before it gets a chance to catch a proper glimpse of its target.

Also, people do not specifically fear getting shoved by an infinite amount of information. So its power solely depends on its own capabilities. That’s why the Cosmos Devil is out of the top 5 strongest Devils in Chainsaw Man.

5. Gun Devil

Starting off the top 5 in this list is one of the most feared Devils of humanity due to its unreasonable levels of distribution.

In the story of Chainsaw Man, the Gun Devil was the supposed final boss which every Public Safety division and Government alike swore to eliminate.

However, it turns out that the Gun Devil has already been defeated and confined, much to the shock of Aki & Denji. The Gun Devil was killed at some point by an unknown person, and he was discovered by the Soviet Union while unconscious. His body has been dismembered and is being held by countries (20% in America, 28% in Russia, 11% in China, 4% in other countries) and devils (37%).

This whole backstory, including the identity of this “unknown person” will be a subject matter in a future arc, I hope.

The Gun Devil’s Unique “Selling” Propositions are its super speed and accurate gunshots.

So far we’ve only seen the Gun Devil, in its demon form, perform at 20% of its capacity. The US President made a contract with the Gun Devil in his possession to kill Makima in exchange for 1-year lifespan of every citizen of the United States.

It is extremely fast, capable of killing 1.2 million people in various countries around the world in less than five minutes. It moves so quickly that pieces of its flesh burn off as it moves.

It can fire a bullet through the head of any adult male within 1000 meters of himself, and a bullet through the head of any child up to 12 years old within 1500 meters.

If a 20% Capacity Gun Devil can cause this much damage, imagine the capabilities of a full-powered Gun Devil.

Gun Devil (Colored) - Chainsaw Man
The heavily armed Gun Devil

So why is it ranked below Makima?

Well, it is debatable actually. She can control almost any Devil or human under her power. As a result, Makima has enhanced regenerative powers, as good as the Darkness Devil, not to mention her contract with the Prime Minister (Attacks made on her will be changed into appropriate illnesses and accidents amongst Japanese citizens).

If the Gun Devil were in its full power, however, Makima’s 29th death could have been her last. But we haven’t seen the Control Devil in its full capacity as well. So… again, it’s debatable.

4. Makima aka the Control Devil

The turning point in the entire series (which was actually built up since the beginning) is Makima turning out to be the Control Devil & taking out the Gun Devil with her team.

Makima is arguably the most famous character in all of Chainsaw Man (partly due to her cough eccentric fandom cough). Describing her in detail is gonna fall on deaf years so I’ll cut to the chase.

We cannot exactly specify intrinsically how strong the Control Devil is cause’ her strength comes from different Devils, Fiends and Hybrids that were under her control.

What’s more, she can summon several deceased devil hunters & use their devil contracts by proxy. That’s why she can use the abilities like those of the Angel Devil, Future Devil, Snake Devil, Punishment Devil, and Zombie Devil. There’s no confirmation whether the Control Devil has only 1 ability or more intrinsically. But I can say, for now, that most abilities are received through the Control ability.

Another powerful ability under her belt is crushing the target by just pointing or staring at it. We’ve seen her make even the Darkness Devil bleed internally & kill Power. It’s possible that she took them from the Darkness & Gun Devils (maybe a copying ability?) but she cannot defeat the ones ranking above her on her own.

This justifies her inclusion at number 4 in our list of strongest devils in Chainsaw Man.

Still from the new Chainsaw Man PV released at Jump Festa 2022 (Image via MAPPA)
The hypnotic Control Devil – Makima

Coming to downsides, Makima admits she can control only those whom she thinks are beneath her power. But she clarifies that the Chainsaw Devil cannot be defeated without external help.

She did lure in Denji from the get-go in order to awaken the Chainsaw Devil at full strength and control it. However, even she couldn’t assert dominion over him for long and ultimately lost her life at the hands of Chainsaw Man.

3. Pochita aka the Chainsaw Devil

The Hero of Hell. The devil that devils fear the most. And for good reason.

Before they die in Hell, the last thing Devils remember hearing is the Chainsaw Man’s engine going “Brrrrooom”. This means that the Chainsaw Devil is the ultimate executioner both in the mortal realm and the afterlife. This is probably why the Shark Fiend has a huge amount of respect for Denji and Chainsaw Man.

His power was both a cause of worship for some, causing certain devils to follow him, and a source of fear for others, who fled in an attempt to avoid him.

This ended in an unjust combat between him, the Four Horsemen, and the Weapon Devils, in which he was severely injured and reduced to a “completely changed near-death shape.” which is heavily implied to be his dog form.

He vanished during the battle, ended up on Earth, found Denji at his father’s grave and the rest is history.

The hybrid form first came into being when Pochita merged with Denji’s heart with a contract to view his (Denji’s) dream with his own eyes.

Later on, the Chainsaw Devil’s true form appears when Makima instructs Denji to save her. In an instant, Denji feels a long intestine springing out from his chest, wrapping around his neck and extending further. With a single pull of the cord, the deadly form of Chainsaw Man slices the Hell Devil into pieces.

Chainsaw Man's 3 forms
the 3 forms of the Chainsaw Devil or Pochita

The Chainsaw Devil is very very OP. Definitely one of the strongest out there besides the Primordial Devils because of two main reasons:

  • Speed: The way he zoomed towards the Hell Devil to slice, making it look like he’s teleporting to his opponent. Even Makima wasn’t able to track him at times (even after knowing he’s gonna kill her).
  • Erasure: This one move sets the Chainsaw Devil apart from the rest. The target he swallows is erased from existence, from their names to memory of their activity in other beings.
    • This is demonstrated by Kishibe’s ignorance of historical events such as the Holocaust, Nazism, and even the nuclear bomb, hinting that the Chainsaw Devil absorbed its respective devils at some point. However, the 4 Horsemen (and the Primordial Devils perhaps) retains some portion of those memories

Not to mention he was capable of repelling hordes of devils in Hell. The pursuit of his heart alone was enough to spark an international conflict, and even Makima, the series’ overall main antagonist, saw herself as inferior to him, requiring public adoration to weaken and then defeat him.

However, it’s impossible to remove primordial fears like Hell or Darkness cause’ they always exist in some form or the other.

2. Hell Devil

Placing at number 2 is the Hell Devil. We don’t know much about this devil as it appeared only twice.

The first was via a contract with Santa Claus in exchange for three children and one of her doll’s bodies. Since it’s a contract, only a part of the Hell Devil’s strength and abilities are revealed (in both the appearances).

The Hell Devil takes everyone in the building (where the gang is assembled) and teleports them to hell.

The second is when 6 of Kishibe’s men (the Anti-Makima-squad) sacrifice themselves to summon the Hell Devil in order to cast Makima into Hell.

Hell Devil - Chainsaw Man
The centaur-like Hell Devil

After successfully hypnotizing Denji, Makima instructs him to save her from Kishibe’s squad. What then followed is the Chainsaw Devil confronting the actions of the Hell Devil.

The Hell Devil was immediately torn to pieces by the Hero of Hell. The latter even came out unscathed after the Hell Devil chucked him into Hell.

So why did you rank the Hell Devil higher than the Chainsaw Devil?

  • Hell is widely feared amongst people, thanks to religious groups. Actually, like Darkness, Hell is known since the dawn of humanity so it’s not really an emerging concept. However, it is not as widely or as intensely feared as Darkness. Also, unlike the Darkness Devil, the Hell Devil has been killed before.
  • The fear of Hell will continue to increase with the increase in the number of sinners (with a conscience) in current times. However, the fear of the Chainsaw Devil dropped as people are viewing him as a hero than a monster. The chanting of “Chainsaw Man! Chainsaw Man!” by the populace shows their support.
    Hell Devil gets stronger, Chainsaw Man got weaker at the end of Part 1.
  • Regarding their encounter, only a portion of the Hell Devil was summoned (due to the limitations of the contract). However, the quantity of the sacrifice required to summon the Hell Devil as a whole isn’t mentioned yet.

1. Darkness Devil

Finally, we’ve come to the strongest Devil revealed so far (in our opinion, of course). The Darkness Devil’s appearance, even though for abrief period, really made a considerable impact on both the readers’ and the characters’ minds.

It makes sense considering Darkness or fear of the unknown is the most universally acclaimed fear amongst humanity. Other fears branch out from this fear.

People can be afraid of literally anything:

Snakes. Sleep. Germs. Airplanes. Malls. Relationships. Pogo sticks. Even a toothbrush going through the back of your head.

But as varied as one’s external, concrete fear may be, they can all be melted down to one primal fear: Fear of the unknown. We don’t know if the snake will bite or we’ll have bad dreams. We don’t know if we’ll get sick, or crash, or be able to get away. You cannot know if you’ll be heartbroken, leg broken, or brain dead from a garish toothbrush injury.

Jen DuBos, MA LPC

Fear of the dark or the unknown is an instinctual fear that existed since the dawn of humanity or any living being. Whether it exists within the back of one’s mind or is at the forefront, which leads a person to insanity, the Darkness Devil outclasses all other known devils so far.

In the Manga, the fiends start panicking after being pushed into Hell (even the Angel Devil starts sweating). Pingsti, one of Quanxi’s friends (and harem members) wanted permission to kill herself. Her fear was not only of being in Hell but the feeling of being watched by the Darkness Devil & the fear of its arrival.

The fear of the Darkness Devil - Chainsaw Man
Chapter 64

And death did knock on their door. The Darkness Devil removed all of their arms before slicing them into pieces.

Darkness Devil removing the gang's arms
The Darkness Devil in action

Even Makima (the Control Devil) couldn’t do anything against it. Sure she made the skulls of the Devil bleed, but it quickly regenerated, twisted her fingers and right arm & pierced her chest with a sword.

Its fear is so widespread that Power couldn’t stop screaming and crying out for weeks after encountering it.

The Darkness Devil possesses supernatural abilities which makes it the strongest Devil there is.

  • It can envelop the whole space with Darkness or disturbing images that puts even a fiend’s mind in a fearful state.
  • The Devil can cause an internal bleed until death to its target by a mere glimpse. When it looked at the Angel Devil & Aki, both began to bleed profusely.
  • Being a transcendental being embodying a primal fear, the Darkness Devil has never kicked the bucket due to its immense power. Devils continue to live somehow or the other as long as there are people to fear them. So it’s natural to assume that the Darkness Devil will never die.
  • Also, the Chainsaw Devil has never erased it out of existence during its time in Hell. Which can only mean that the Chainsaw Devil has never defeated the Darkness Devil.
  • It can summon weapons and attack its enemies telekinetically.
  • It can manipulate a target’s body through its psychic abilities. This is seen by Makima’s arm getting twisted and Denji’s body becoming more and more disfigured.
  • One of its 4 heads that has a mouth can pull an Inumaki from Jujutsu Kaisen by cursing its target by chanting an incomprehensible word, thereby inflicting damage according to the incantation.

So far, We don’t know a lot about these Primal Devils. Gotta wait for Fujimoto to touch upon the topic in upcoming Parts…


Ranking the strongest Devils in Chainsaw Man, as they are is… a very speculative process since only 2 to 3 appear in full form! The entire war in Hell between Devils and the Chainsaw Man happened off-screen so it’ll be nice to see a flashback of that war.

The entire story focuses on the human characters and not much on the Devils themselves.

Devils are such an interesting concept ever since we’ve heard of them in Biblical and Vedic tales. Some may or may not believe in their existence in the real world but they do. We can perceive them within ourselves.

One might think Devils or Demons are those scary-looking beings with 2 red horns on their heads but in current times, we are a combination of Angels and Demons in varying ratios. And both humans and Devils are slaves to each other via contracts.

The more corruption and poorly constructed laws exist, the more freedom & stronger these “Devils” within our hearts get. And Fujimoto weaves these worlds into fiction beautifully.

Chainsaw Man Part 2 is currently serializing on Weekly Shonen Jump and Mangaplus, so this list will definitely change when stronger Devils show up.

If you have any qualms with our ranking (which I’m sure you’d have) or by chance want to point out a compelling argument we raised in this article, do drop in your thoughts in the comment section! Until then, Sayonara!

Image Copyrights: © Tatsuki Fujimoto/SHUEISHA Inc

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