20 Strongest One Piece Characters Ranked!

The One Piece manga has been ongoing for almost 25 years now, covering a myriad of themes throughout these years. That said, One Piece is a shonen at its core, so there will be plenty of the good old punching and sword-fighting that we all love.

Eiichiro Oda has introduced a wide array of characters in One Piece, which contain living beings from all kinds of species like Humans, Giants, Fishmen, Lunarians and Oni just to name a few.

Ever wondered who the strongest among these diverse sets of One Piece characters are? I’m sure every one of you must have gone through the mental gymnastics trying to figure out the answer to this question.

Well for one, the power scaling in One Piece is not quite as clear-cut as in most other shonen manga. At the very top of the One Piece world, where the Four Emperors and Marine Admirals sit indomitably, it is extremely tough to say that “X is definitely stronger than Y” because the power levels are actually much closer than you might think.

I aim to simplify this process and determine a somewhat acceptable ranking based on in-world logic and every piece of information I can salvage from the story at this point.

Top 20 Strongest One Piece Characters:

This list will only contain characters we have concrete information on or have had a tangible display of power at least once as of chapter 1040. This rules out unknown quantities such as Dragon or Imu, and any such character. Dead characters will also not feature in the list.

Sit tight and brace yourselves, for this list contains the Strongest One Piece characters as of 2022. The judging criteria will be based on Devil Fruits, Haki and Physicality.

Fair Warning: This article WILL contain One Piece manga spoilers so proceed further at your own discretion.

20) Marco “The Phoenix”

Marco One Piece

Kicking off our strongest one piece characters list is Marco. The former 1st division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates wields the Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Phoenix – a mythical zoan devil fruit, which makes him a formidable opponent to face against.

He has instant regeneration abilities which practically makes most non-Haki attacks useless against him. He gets physical boosts from being a zoan user and is a confirmed user of Armament and Observation Haki.

Marco put his powers on full display during the Summit War at Marineford, clashing with and pushing back Admirals such as Kizaru and Akainu. During the raid on Wano, Marco briefly clashed with Big Mom and held off King and Queen – two of Kaido’s commanders – for a while all alone.

These achievements prove Marco worthy of his spot in this strongest one piece characters list. Not to mention that it only gets crazier from this point.

19) King “The Conflagration”

King Anime Infobox

 King is one of Kaido’s three All-Stars and the most powerful commander in the Beast Pirates. Originally named Alber, he ate the Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Pteranodon – an ancient zoan devil fruit.

King is a monster in battle. Being from the race of Lunarians, King possesses the ability to generate and control flames from his back, which he can use for offence or defence. When his flames are active, King’s body is tremendously tough and durable.

He withstood potent attacks from Marco and later from Zoro without shedding a single drop of blood. He can even exchange this invincibility for extreme speed by extinguishing his flames.

King possesses basic Armament and Observation Haki. Being proficient with both hand-to-hand combat and sword-fighting; his already tough physique further boosted by his devil fruit makes him a formidable opponent.

It took every ounce of strength Zoro had, in addition to unlocking advanced Conqueror’s Haki, to finally be able to put down King.

18) Eustass “Captain” Kid

Eustass “Captain” Kid One Piece

Next up in the list of strongest characters in One Piece, we have Eustass Kid; the captain of the Kid Pirates who are notorious for their brutality and is also considered a member of the 12 “Worst Generation” pirates.

He possesses the Jiki Jiki no Mi, a paramecia devil fruit that allows him to attract, repel and manipulate any form of metallic objects, making him a living magnet.

Kid is incredible resilience almost on par with Luffy and has a very quick recovery rate. He has displayed powerful hand-to-hand combat abilities and seamlessly combines them with his devil fruit powers. He is also one of the few known people to have “awakened” their devil fruits.

Being able to wield all three forms of Haki, Kid is the only character known to have clashed with three of the Yonkos.

After losing his arm to Shanks, he came back stronger than ever to fight Kaido and Big Mom in the Onigashima Raid of Wano, and alongside Trafalgar Law, became the first person to completely defeat Big Mom – an Emperor of the Sea.

17) Charlotte Katakuri

Charlotte Katakuri One Piece

Taking the 17th spot in strongest One Piece characters is Charlotte Katakuri, Big Mom’s second son and one of the “Three Sweet Commanders”. He is also considered to be the strongest commander of the Big Mom pirates.

Katakuri uses the Mochi Mochi no Mi – a special paramecia devil fruit – as a staple in his combat. It allows him to control and transform his body into mochi at will.

Katakuri is an absolute beast in battle. Having been called a “monster” for his extraordinary strength, he was said to have never lost a battle throughout his life until Luffy came along. He possesses remarkable physical prowess allowing him to flick jelly beans with tremendous fatal power.

He uses his devil fruit abilities in a similar way to Luffy, but way just better at everything our beloved Strawhat does. Katakuri also uses all 3 forms of Haki and is a master of Advanced Observation Haki.

His observation Haki is said to be so overwhelmingly strong, that he can see slightly ahead in the future which enables him to predict his opponent’s attack and easily dodge them. It took Luffy’s “Gear 4: Snakeman” and him learning to use Advanced Observation Haki to finally put down Katakuri.

Heaven Official's Blessing

This easily makes Charlotte Katakuri the strongest Yonko commander in my opinion.

16) Trafalgar D. Water Law

Trafalgar D. Water Law One Piece

Next up in this list is the fan favorite Trafalgar Law. Also known as the “Surgeon of Death”, Law is a pirate from the North Blue and a member of the “Worst Generation” pirates. He wields an absolutely broken devil fruit in the form of the Ope Ope no Mi – a paramecia type.

The only thing that stops Law from being the strongest character in One Piece is Oda’s writing. His devil fruit is simply broken, no doubts, no arguments.

We’ve seen Law’s display of power several times since he was introduced. The World Government even felt the need to make him a Warlord of the Sea due to his terrifying reputation.

Law’s devil fruit allows him to control any object, animate or inanimate, inside his “Room” as he sees fit. Furthermore, his awakening has bolstered his power to a ridiculous extent now that he can compress his “Room” around any object and manipulate it to his will.

In addition to that, Law has also proven that he’s a proficient swordsman when he went toe-to-toe with Vice Admiral Smoker and defeated him. He can also make use of Armament and Observation. His Armament Haki is especially impressive since he was able to cut Admiral Fujitora’s Meteorite and defeat Vergo when the latter was completely covered in Haki.

Although, Law’s biggest achievement yet has been in his battle against Big Mom where he was able to seriously injure her and put her completely out of commission thanks to his incredible tactical intelligence and battle prowess.

Alongside Eustass Kid, he became the first character to defeat an Emperor. Law’s achievements have proven that he’s stronger than any Yonko commander and deserves his spot on this list.

15) Roronoa Zoro

Roronoa Zoro One Piece

After losing his way on a journey to the top, our beloved green-haired swordsman finds himself in the 15th spot in this strongest One Piece characters list. Roronoa Zoro, hailing from Shimotsuki village, he’s a master of the Three Sword Style and a member of the “Worst Generation” alongside his captain. He wields the Sandai Kitetsu, Wado Ichimonji and Enma, with two of the latter being one of the 21 Great Grade Swords.

Zoro is the only character in this list so far that we’ve been following since the very beginning of One Piece. We’ve seen his tremendous growth as a swordsman who’s aspiring to be the very best.

Recent chapters on Wano have elevated Zoro’s power levels to a whole new level. Zoro always had a known mastery over Armament and Observation Haki since the time-skip, but the raid on Onigashima has unlocked his full potential; with Enma forcing him to unleash his Conqueror’s Haki.

Zoro’s recent achievements have been nothing short of monstrous, with him successfully deflecting a combined attack from Kaido and Big Mom, two of the Emperors. Later, he learnt the advanced application of Conqueror’s Haki enabling him to coat his swords with the same, resulting in him completely defeating King – Kaido’s strongest commander.

After 25 years, Zoro has rightfully earned his place amongst the strongest.

14) Sengoku “The Buddha”

Sengoku “The Buddha”

Former Marine Fleet Admiral Sengoku is a widely known and respected figure for this tactical genius and battle capabilities. He uses the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Daibutsu – a mythical zoan devil fruit, that allows him to transform into a giant Golden Buddha which gives him an immense boost in power.

Sengoku can release extremely powerful golden shockwaves that blew away the majority of strong Blackbeard Pirate members. His palm thrust was even strong enough to clash evenly with tremor shockwaves released by the Gura Gura no Mi as seen in his fight against Blackbeard at Marineford.

Being a master of all three forms of Haki, Sengoku was a revered Marine who was one of the strongest people in his generation. Capable of clashing evenly with legends like Gol D. Roger, Whitebeard and Shiki; he was considered a worthy opponent by the late Pirate King, alongside his comrade Monkey D. Garp.

Sengoku would’ve undoubtedly been among the top five strongest characters in One Piece during his prime. Nevertheless, at the current age of 79, he remains one of the most powerful people in the Grand Line.

13) Silvers Rayleigh

Silvers Rayleigh One Piece

Silvers Rayleigh – the former first mate of the Roger Pirates and right-hand man of the Pirate King, lands himself in the 13th position in this list. Given the epithet “Dark King” due to his strength, he is considered to be a legend of the old generation alongside his captain and the likes of Whitebeard and Garp.

Rayleigh is a swordsman by nature, and at one time might very well have been the strongest swordsman in the world. He possesses considerable physical strength and a high level of tactical intellect.

Furthermore, Rayleigh is one of the only two characters to have confirmed access to advanced forms of all three types of Haki, i.e Conqueror’s, Armament and Observation. This fact alone makes him a terrifyingly difficult foe to face.

We’ve seen glimpses of powers displayed by Rayleigh when he tanked Admiral Kizaru’s attacks in Sabaody Archipelago, and the other time when he stopped Marco’s attack with but a mere finger. Though a monster in his prime, the Dark King admits that age has taken a toll on him, dulling his swordsmanship and exhaustion catching up to him faster.

12) Yamato

Yamato One Piece

In 12th place, we have Yamato – the daughter of Kaido, who groomed her from a young age to become his heir. She ate the Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Okuchi no Makami – a mythical zoan devil fruit that allows her to transform into a divine wolf also known as the “Guardian Deity of Wano”.

Belonging to the race known as “Oni”, she stays true to her genes, inheriting Kaido’s superhuman strength and his signature attack, the “Thunder Bagua”. Her devil fruit significantly enhances her physical capabilities and enables her to release blasts of ice or even cover herself in an armour of ice.

What’s more, her hybrid form allowed her to fight toe-to-toe against Kaido for a short period. This alone make her a formidable opponent and grants her a place in this list of strongest characters in One Piece.

It should also be noted that Yamato possesses all three forms of Haki and is one of the very few people to display skilful use of Advanced Conqueror’s Haki. The prospect of her joining the Strawhat Pirates is a very exciting one since she adds a completely new power dynamic to the group.

11) Monkey D. Garp

Monkey D. Garp One Piece

Continuing the trend of relics from the past, we land on Monkey D. Garp – the grandfather of our beloved protagonist – for the 11th spot in the list of strongest characters in One Piece. Known as “Garp the Fist”, he is a legendary figure in the Marines revered for his achievements throughout his career.

A lot of Garp’s power stems from his ridiculous Haki. So far, he’s a confirmed Armament and Observation Haki user; though his armament is strong enough to crush eight mountains and flatten Don Chinjao’s Haki infused drill-head.

Garp earned the title of “Hero of the Marines”, after the God Valley incident where he crushed and wiped out the infamous and incredibly powerful Rocks Pirates – who had crew members like Whitebeard, Kaido, Big Mom and Golden Lion Shiki – with the help of Gol D. Roger.

Garp was said to be Roger’s rival, fighting and cornering cornered the Pirate King several times. Sengoku claimed that Garp refused the position of Admiral, despite being offered many times. He’s a figure widely respected by pirates like Whitebeard and Marines alike, which proves his status as a powerhouse in this world.

Prime Garp was quite easily the strongest Marine to have existed, but similar to Sengoku and Rayleigh, he has naturally declined with age.

10) Issho (a.k.a “Fujitora”)

Issho “Fujitora” One Piece

Opening the top 10 is the first active Marine Admiral on this list – Issho “Fujitora”. Despite being the most recent appointment to this position, Fujitora is already a respected figure among the Marines, gaining the confidence of Sakazuki and displaying excellent leadership qualities.

He wields the Zushi Zushi no Mi which allows him to manipulate gravity as he sees fit. Issho is also a proficient user of Armament Haki and a user of extremely skilful Advanced Observation Haki.

Although blind, Fujitora is never crippled by that fact during battle. His mastery in Observation Haki and flawless use of his powerful devil fruit allow him to take on opponents like Law and Doflamingo at the same time. He had also casually summoned a massive meteorite from space during said battle, as he did on other few occasions.

Fujitora also has successfully defeated Jack “The Drought”, one of Kaido’s strongest commanders; and went up against Sabo head-to-head, coming out completely unscathed from that skirmish.

These achievements are nothing short of extraordinary, proving Issho’s deserved placement on this list of strongest One Piece characters, as well as one of the strongest Marines.

Starting from Fujitora, this list has entered the realm of characters who sit firmly at the top of the One Piece world.

9) Borsalino (a.k.a “Kizaru”)

Borsalino“Kizaru” One Piece

Next up in the list, we’ve got another Marine Admiral who goes by Boraslino “Kizaru”. He uses the power of the Pika Pika no Mi – a logia devil fruit that allows him to create, control, and transform into literal light, bestowing the properties of light onto him.

Kizaru has displayed incredibly potent battle capabilities since he was introduced in One Piece. As a confirmed master of basic Observation and advanced Armament Haki, he can go toe-to-toe with anyone in the world.

He first showed his overwhelming strength of Sabaody when he defeated four of the Supernovas with absolute ease and fought Rayleigh to a draw. Kizaru can travel as fast as light and deliver devastating light-speed kicks capable of incapacitating most pirates. He can also shoot light bullets over a large area or concentrated laser beams from his fingers resulting in massive explosions.

The admiral had brief battles with Marco and Whitebeard during the Summit War, where he was able to considerably injure the latter. Kizaru sits unquestionably among the best in the world.

8) Monkey D. Luffy

Monkey D. Luffy One Piece

Excitement boils up as our beloved rubber-boy Monkey D. Luffy has finally punched his way into the top 10 strongest One Piece characters. Carrying the genes of Garp and Dragon, and wielding the Gomu Gomu no Mi, he has become a serious force to be reckoned with in the Grand Line.

Due to his rubber body, bullets and cannons do not affect Luffy unless coated with Haki. He can also boost his physical stats by using his “gears” (2, 3 and 4), each giving him a considerable boost in speed, strength and/or durability. Gear 4 has proven devastating enough to defeat powerhouses like Doflamingo and Katakuri, and even injure the ‘invincible’ Kaido.

Luffy has also become the 2nd character in One Piece universe to be a confirmed user of advanced forms of Armament, Observation and Conqueror’s Haki. Being trained by the “Dark King” himself, it’s no wonder that Luffy has followed in his master’s footsteps.

Luffy has an unbelievably long list of achievements, but the one that determined his place on the list comes from the recent development of him being one of the very few people able to coat himself and his attacks with Color of the Supreme King; matching Kaido blow-to-blow which even forced him to compare Luffy to legends like Roger, Whitebeard, Oden, and Rocks.

It took us almost 25 years to get here, but with the possible downfall of an Emperor at his hands, our beloved Strawhat has cemented his place among the very best in the world.

7) Marshall D. Teach

Marshall D. Teach One Piece

Climbing his way into 7th place in this list of strongest One Piece characters is Marshall D. Teach, also known as “Blackbeard”. Originally a Supernova, Blackbeard saw a meteoric rise in his status to a Warlord and then finally an Emperor of the Sea.

He’s the only person in the One Piece universe known to have eaten two devil fruits, namely the Yami Yami no Mi and the Gura Gura no Mi, the latter of which he mysteriously stole from Whitebeard after his death in Marineford.

Now wielding two of the most powerful devil fruits in existence, Blackbeard considers himself near-invincible; and rightfully so since the descriptions of both his fruits are “reduces anything to nothingness” and “brings destruction to everything” respectively.

Teach is a confirmed user of basic Armament and Observation Haki, although we haven’t seen him display his fighting capabilities properly. All we know is that he defeated Portgas D. Ace and has a peculiar body that is also physically tough.

He also allegedly gave Shanks a scar on his left eye, with Shanks claiming that it was not due to his own carelessness, which only further establishes Teach as a force to be reckoned with.

Blackbeard has the potential to move way higher in this list in the coming future given his apparent role as the final antagonist of One Piece.

6) Charlotte Linlin (a.k.a “Big Mom”)

Charlotte Linlin “Big Mom” One Piece

Charlotte Linlin, better known as “Big Mom”, the second Emperor is the one next up in this list. She inherited the Soru Soru no Mi – a paramecia devil fruit that allows her to interact with and manipulate human souls – from Mother Carmel.

Big Mom is practically a tank. She was born with superhuman strength and durability and was unnaturally strong since a very young age. She has the power to toss around Giants with her bare hands and can single-handedly wreck towns and battleships. Her body is simply invincible to any non-Haki based attack.

This alone grants her a place in the list of strongest characters in One Piece.

Linlin can also create “homies” from the souls she’s stolen and infuse them into inanimate objects and elements. Her most powerful weapons are her three special homies, namely Prometheus, Napoleon, and Zeus (Now Hera). These homies give her an incredible power output along with the ability to affect weather and create storms.

Furthermore, Big Mom is capable of wielding all three forms of Haki, with advanced mastery in Armament and Conqueror’s Haki. We’ve seen her clash with Kaido on an equal footing, splitting the skies open when their weapons collided. It took Kid and Law to awaken their devil fruits and push past their limits to finally defeat this monstrous Emperor of the Sea.

The only reason Big Mom misses out on the top 5 is her intellect. She is a very poor thinker and acts purely based on instinct, lacking any sort of tactical nuance.

5) Kuzan (a.k.a “Aokiji”)

Kuzan“Aokiji” One Piece

We kick off our top 5 strongest One Piece characters with former Marine Admiral Kuzan “Aokiji”. After resigning his post as Admiral, he now affiliates himself with the Blackbeard Pirates for unknown reasons.

Aokiji possesses the power of the Hie Hie no Mi – a logia devil fruit that allows him to create, control, and transform into ice. He has displayed extremely precise and creative use of his fruit time and time again, some examples being: The creation of various kinds of ice weapons and freezing water below him during a fall which prevents him from drowning, thus negating a major weakness of devil fruits.

As a former Admiral, Kuzan has mastery over advanced Armament and observation Haki. We’ve seen him defeat ‘Diamond’ Jozu – Whitebeard’s 3rd division commander – and take on Whitebeard himself at the Summit War, coming out mostly unscathed with just a bruise.

That said, Aokiji’s greatest feat yet in One Piece has been his battle against current Fleet Admiral Sakauzuki on the island of Punk Hazard where they went at it for 10 days on equal footing until the former was barely defeated. The fight resulted in half the island’s climate being permanently altered and left Akainu with visible scars.

We can pretty pretty much infer that Aoikiji is almost Akainu’s equal.

4) Dracule “Hawk Eyes” Mihawk

Dracule “Hawk Eyes” Mihawk One Piece

Bagging the 4th place on this list is Dracule Mihawk, who is confirmed to be the strongest swordsman among the One Piece characters. Having no crew of his own, he achieved notoriety and recognition enough to be offered the position of a Warlord, all on his individual merit.

Accompanying Mihawk’s unrivalled swordsmanship is his coveted weapon, the “Yoru”. It is one of the strongest swords in the world, having been categorised under the 12 Supreme Grade Swords, further bolstered in power by being converted into a “black blade”.

Mihawk was able to defeat Don Krieg’s fleet of 50 ships and 5,000 men without breaking a sweat and stopped Zoro’s attacks with a tiny dagger. At the Summit War, Mihawk split an entire mountain of ice created by Aokiji and engaged in a duel with Vista of the “flower swords” – former 5th division commander of Whitebeard Pirates. He also fought Daz Bones, who was easily defeated; then was attacked by Crocodile moments later.

Despite all this, Mihawk was able to come out of Marineford completely unscathed, justifying his inclusion at number three in this list of strongest characters in One Piece.

He used to consider Shanks a rival on equal footing until the former lost his arm in East Blue.

3) “Red-Haired” Shanks

“Red-Haired” Shanks One Piece

Another Emperor making his way into this list of strongest characters in One Piece is the chief of the Red Hair Pirates, Shanks. Currently, as a person almost entirely shrouded in mystery, he is easily THE MOST anticipated character in the story that Oda has been building up.

As a swordsman, Shanks is comparable to Mihawk – considered the strongest swordsman in the world – in strength and skill.

A confirmed user of all three forms of Haki, Shanks is shown to have especially potent Conqueror’s Haki, with the ability to use it in its advanced form. Oda stated that Shanks could’ve knocked out all 100,000 fishmen under Hody Jones back on Fishman Island, where Luffy could only manage half of that.

Kaido considers Shanks one of the few people who could injure him, and his brief clash with Whitebeard during their meeting “split the heavens”. Shanks was also easily able to block Akainu’s magma punch with this sword “Gryphon” after arriving at Marineford, where his mere presence had the Marines panicking and forced Blackbeard to retreat. Former Fleet Admiral Sengoku even put a stop to the Summit War out of respect for Shanks.

Though finishing at the 3rd spot, there’s hardly any difference in power between Shanks and the One Piece characters that finish above him since every one of them is the absolute cream of the crop.

2) Sakazuki “Akainu”

Sakazuki “Akainu” One Piece

One place away from the top spot of strongest characters in One Piece is the current Marine Fleet Admiral Sakazuki “Akainu”. He harnesses the power of the Magu Magu no Mi – a logia devil fruit that allows him to create, control, and transform into Magma. The fruit boasts the highest offensive power of any devil fruit.

Akainu’s devil fruit enables him to launch destructive magma projectiles and melt everything in his surroundings, and immunity to any non-Haki based attack which will burn the attacker.

As an Admiral, he has confirmed mastery over Observation and advanced Armament Haki. Sakazuki also possesses immense physical prowess, which allowed him to go head-to-head with Whitebeard – considered to be the strongest man in the world, when he stopped his attack which could’ve potentially destroyed the island of Marineford. Blowing off half of Whitebeard’s face and opening a huge hole in his chest, Akainu dealt the most damaging blows to him.

Another testament to his strength is his battle against Aokiji (a fellow Admiral) on Punk Hazard, where they exchanged blows for 10 days straight resulting in half of the island being engulfed in hot lava. Akainu came out victorious at the end, having defeated Aokiji and causing him to lose a leg.

Akainu is unquestionably the strongest Marine in the World Government, which only makes the readers more excited for his eventual battle with Luffy.

1) Kaido

Kaido One Piece

To absolutely no one’s surprise, Kaido of the Beasts is the strongest character in One Piece. As the Governor-General of the Beast Pirates and one of the Four Emperors, Kaido is known as the world’s “Strongest Creature”. His reputation is summed up by a quote from the story that goes, “They say that if it is one-on-one, always bet on Kaido”.

Kaido ate the Uo Uo no Mi: Model, Seiryuu – a mythical zoan devil fruit that enables him to transform into a giant Azure Dragon at will. While in his dragon form, he’s able to launch devastating blasts of fire from his mouth and dish out other elemental attacks such as lightning and sharp wind blades.

Kaido is a physical specimen and is invincibility personified. The fact that he can’t even be hurt by any physical attack that’s not an advanced application of either Armament or Conqueror’s Haki, goes to show how insanely tough his body is.

Kaido is also able to use all three forms of Haki with a high level of mastery in advanced Armament and Conqueror’s Haki. His Haki imbued attacks are powerful enough to knock out a ‘Gear 4’ Luffy is a single hit. We’ve also seen him match Big Mom, another Yonko, blow-by-blow.

Kaido is undoubtedly the pinnacle of raw power amongst the One Piece characters we have been introduced to.

As it stands, it is increasingly likely that Kaido will be brought down by Luffy by the end of the Onigashima Raid on Wano. With that in mind, the post-Wano One Piece world is going to see dramatic changes to the power balance, and this list too will likely be outdated by then.

To end…

Nevertheless, this is how I think the characters in One Piece currently rank. I couldn’t include characters like Monkey D. Dragon, Edward Weevil or Imu due to there being little-to-no information to base their strengths on. For all we know, even The Five Elder Stars can turn out to be top 5 strongest characters in One Piece.

The prospect of all this happening just gets fans like me even more excited for the endgame of the story, because I sincerely believe that the best parts are yet to come.

Well, it did take quite a lot of effort to write up this massive article; we would genuinely appreciate any kind of opinions and feedback, so please be sure to comment down below!

Also, you can read the latest chapters of One Piece for free on Shonen Jump.

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  1. I applaud when you put Kaido, he earns that spot based on everyone he fought even on prime.
    but i aint sure on Akainu. did you see the difference of Prime WB and War WB?tell me you know uts miles afar. cuz he cant even move like the current yonkos when he got sick. After recieving countless fatal wounds he still 2shot Akainu, you know when both strong fighters fight it will take “Days” example is Akainu vs Aokiji. Kaido vs Big mom, Roger vs prime WB. but WB took Akainu in just 2hits. if WB has no wounds even if he got sick he’ll vaporise Akainu 1on1 when no ones around. 2hits Akainu is in Coma. imagine in rpg pk a well known top player has only like 10% hp left until the top 5above player tried to kill him but only gave 8% dmg after going all out before h his 100% hp decrease to like 2% in just 2hits. good thing WB has to deal with BB pirates or else he’ll eat Akainu alive while Akainu is in coma and has no time to regen on magma.

    • You’re ignoring a very crucial aspect of his. In a 1v1, yes WB has the license to go all out but so does Akainu. Do you realise how much devastation he can cause if he just lets his magma loose everywhere on the battlefield? Akainu could not do that in Marineford because he would’ve killed his own people otherwise.

      Yes prime WB stomps Akainu, but thats not the situation we’re talking about here.

  2. i agree to this article dont listen to backlash and hate its anime people are going to have their favorite characters and going to want them to be #1 you gave descriptions and reasons why you put everyone on the list and in my opinion this is the best list and i agree


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