What Happened To Sabo At Reverie & Lulusia? Is He Dead?

The Reverie Conference brought about a great deal of chaos and destruction to the world. The Five Elder Stars declared a great cleansing, the Warlord System was abolished, and the Revolutionary Army faced off against the Celestial Dragons. But what happened to Sabo during these events?

Fast forward to chapter 956, and we see Big News Morgan in a rush to print news that the Government tells him not to. The revolutionary army was shocked by the news concerning Sabo, which led many to believe that he had died at the Reverie.

But then, is he truly dead? What exactly happened to him at the Reverie?

In this article, we take a closer look at the events at Reverie and try to uncover the truth behind Sabo’s disappearance.

What happened at Reverie?

Before finding out what happened to Sabo, we first need to recall the events of Reverie.

In chapter 903, the Fishmen Royalty is getting ready to attend the Reverie Conference. The chapter shows the ship from Lulucia is attacked by pirates, which Koby later frees.

And in chapter 904, we see that the Lulucia Kingdom is struck by the Peach Beard Pirates, who the Revolutionary Army defeat. Keep in mind this instability of the Lulucia Kingdom which later comes into play.

As we go through the chapters, we come across many instances of the rotten, corrupted nature of the Celestial Dragons. We also see Kuma treated worse than any slave, which incites Sabo and the others to take revenge.

The Reverie chapters end with the Five Elders saying they cannot maintain the World’s Equilibrium forever, and it’s time for a great cleansing. We also see Imu sit on the throne, taking their position as the King of the World.

What did Sabo do at Reverie?

One Piece Chapter 1054 actually reveals what happened to Sabo at the Reverie. And no, Sabo does not die there. Then what caused the characters we mentioned above to be surprised?

Sabo and the Revolutionary captains had busted into Sacred Marijoa (Mary Geoise) to rescue Kuma. Kuma had been kept as a slave of the Celestial Dragons after Vegapunk finished experimenting with him.

The Revolutionary Army burnt down the Celestial Dragon flag declaring war and rescuing Kuma. They also had a brief clash with marines, namely Ryokugyu and Fujitora, and safely escaped the “Land of the Gods.”

Blackbeard tells Moria about Revolutionary army engaging the Admirals at Reverie

Ivankov and Dragon’s shock could be because they did not expect the captains to engage with Admirals.

The mission should have been carried out in secret, but it seems that Sabo got carried away and got involved in a scuffle with them. The last time Sabo fought Fujitora, Koala reprimanded him for being reckless. Fighting an admiral certainly would invoke the wrath of the whole Navy.

This would push the Revolutionary army on its back foot as Dragon had yet to amass the majority of his forces. This was also after they had just relocated out of their main base of operations, the land of mystery, Baltigo.

However, what was even more surprising was the fact that Sabo was then framed for a murder which he apparently never committed.

Through the news, Big News Morgans revealed to the world that Sabo had assassinated the King of Alabasta, Nefertari Cobra, and in the chaos, Princess Vivi had gone missing causing a massive blow to Alabasta.

This part about the death of an influential person was hinted at in the earlier chapters. Morgan did say that the big obituaries make for the best news.

To sum it all up, Sabo escapes from the Reverie after rescuing Kuma and having a fight with Fujitora and Ryokugyu. He is not killed there. But even though he escaped from the Reverie, death seems to have tailed him.

Before we get to that, however, let’s speculate if it’s true that Sabo murdered Cobra?

Did Sabo really kill Cobra?

Dragon wants to know what the truth is

As Robin and many of the Revolutionary Leaders say, the leaders of the kingdoms were never their true enemies. It was always the oppressive and corrupted Celestial Dragons. There is no personal reason for Sabo to kill Cobra.

And from what we know of the World Government, it is a very opportunistic organization that will do anything to maintain its rule over the world. If we think about it, in case of a large-scale rebellion against the World Government, the Alabasta Kingdom is essentially the leader, as

They have suffered through the decisions of the Government to allow some pirates to become Warlords.
Being the only family of the original 20 to stay back, they essentially are non-corrupt “Celestial Dragons” in a sense.

Towards the end of Chapter 908, The Five Elders call the Nefertari Family “traitors” and ask if he’s discovered something important. The general mood in the chapter indicated that they would “cleanse” any threat that would imbalance the equilibrium they had worked so hard to maintain.

As such, eliminating such a threat is typical for the World Government, and it just so happened that the Revolutionaries attacked, giving the Government a perfect scapegoat.

As for Vivi, one of the possibilities is that she’s kidnapped and held by Imu as they have a particular interest in her. It could have something to do with reuniting the blood of the original 20 families.

Finally, Chapter 1060 shows Sabo hiding in the kingdom of Lulusia, which had recently rebelled against its royalty with the help of the Revolutionary Army.

Is Sabo Dead? (at Lulusia)

We see that Sabo has seemingly learned about Imu, as he tells the Revolutionary commanders that the empty throne has an owner. Or at least he tries to before the whole island of Lulusia is instantly destroyed.

A massive object hovering over the island causes the sky to go dark, destroying the whole island by bombarding it. The impact is so significant that it is detected as a seaquake that caused a tsunami. An unknown voice declares that Lulusia never existed, and Imu crosses off Lulusia from the world map.

As mentioned above, the Gorosei plan to cleanse the world, seemingly by getting rid of all the rebellious nations. Lulusia, that just went through a rebellion, and having a dangerous individual who discovered the secret of Imu was a perfect start to this cleansing.

In Chapter 957, we are told about Roger’s greatest rival Rocks D. Xebec, who aimed to become the King of the World. The island on which they fought, the God Valley, just disappeared as if it had never existed.

Just like God Valley, Lulusia too disappeared off the map of the world. Both were islands that the Government wanted to hide. This could mean even Rocks found out about Imu, and hence the whole island was purged, probably along with him.

This leads me to believe that Imu can control the ancient weapon, Uranus. With all 3 of the weapons being named after Greek-Roman Gods, it would make sense for Uranus (the god of the sky) to be some flying object that can easily destroy whole nations.

Maybe Imu is the only one who can control the Uranus, and hence with basically the power to destroy whole islands on a whim, no wonder the 5 elders respect them and have given them the Throne of the world.

As for Sabo, his communication with the Revolutionaries was cut midway by the weapon.

All things considered, the answer is that Sabo is probably alive due to his devil fruit powers. He likely survived the destruction of Lulusia, but due to the horrors of the World Government, he just witnessed his desire to free the world strengthened even more. This event is to Sabo what Ohara was to Dragon.

Another thing to consider is that Sabo was already declared dead for a long time, only to be brought back. As such, it seems unlikely that Sabo will be killed off again. Also, a thing to note with Oda is that a character can only be confirmed dead once we see their dead bodies. This has happened time and time again, with Pell and Kinemon being prime examples.

The fate of Sabo after the destruction of Lulusia remains a mystery.

Yet, one thing is sure – Oda will surely satisfy our curiosity in the future. With Sabo’s devil fruit powers and the knowledge of Imu’s secret, there is no doubt that Sabo is alive and will make his presence known once again. All we have to do is wait and see what’s in store for the Revolutionary Army!

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6 thoughts on “What Happened To Sabo At Reverie & Lulusia? Is He Dead?”

  1. i think, there’s more possibility in cases that sabo was involved in killing or even ‘betrayal’ .. aside from sentence of death (being captured) or being dead, that doesn’t make much sense as i agree on the section on the above article, being a murderer or traitor is much sensible and more close to why people reacted like that and even made a turmoil between World Gov’t and Shichibukais

  2. i think, there’s more possibility in cases that sabo was involved in killing or even ‘betrayal’ .. aside from sentence of death (being captured) or being dead, that doesn’t make much sense as i agree on the section on the above article, being a murderer or traitor is much sensible and more close to why people reacted like that and even made a turmoil between World Gov’t and Shichibukais

  3. I kinda do hope that sabo gets captured and set for execution like marineford, Luffy with his new powers of gear 5th, would be able to stand 1v1 with admirals even surpassing them, This time luffy is able to bring his crew and would not be seperated, Luffy would also get to meet his father in person and get to fight side by side with the revolutionaries to save sabo, Also when robin was in her 2 year time skip she was with the revolutionary army and met dragon If im not mistaken, So it would be nice to have a reference to that, And the StrawHats Can save sabo unlike in the paramount war when luffy was not strong enough to save his brother.


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