One Piece: Who Died At The Reverie?

Who died at Reverie

The death of someone important was the standout incident at Reverie. It was important enough for Morgan to defy the World Government and print it in the first page of his newspaper. But whose fatality did he report?

Could it be Sabo, the second-in-command of the Revolutionary Army? Or maybe it was Princess Nefertari Vivi? Did something happen to King Cobra? Honestly, the Reverie Arc erected more questions than a mathematics book on steroids. All we have are speculations over a vaguely confirmed death. But persistent as we are, we have concocted a theory that might have the answer.

Did King Cobra or Vivi Die at Reverie?

Up until now, we believed that the 5 Elders held the highest authority in the One Piece Universe. But then we were introduced to the mysterious figure known simply as “Im.” They sit on the Empty Throne and even the Gorosei bow to their presence. Im seems to have an interest in Luffy, Blackbeard, Shirahoshi, and Nefertari Vivi. If we were to guess then the World Government made a humble attempt to apprehend Vivi; King Cobra would have intervened, losing his life in the process. This explains why the world government wanted to keep this news under wraps.

The motives for this move are unclear. But it is clear that the will of “Im-sama” is undeniable even to the 5 Elders. That does not clear the motive but is motivation enough for the World Government to take in Vivi and most possibly assassinate the king of Alabasta. It is also hinted that something did happen at the Reverie that involved Alabasta. If we add all this up, it makes it more certain that death’s shady hands might have reached Vivi and King Cobra.

The Death of a World Noble?

Saint Rosward One Piece

We know that the Revolutionary Army has declared war against the Celestial Dragons. They had infiltrated the Reverie to further their agendas. But not everything went as planned. Sabo, the second-in-command of the Revolutionary Army saw Bartholomew Kuma enslaved by Rosward, a World Noble. Sabo, a natural enemy of the Celestial Dragons, saw his comrade enslaved by a Celestial Dragon. How do you think Sabo would react to this? Is that burning flesh we smell?

Sabo has every reason to literally fry Rosward without giving it a second thought. It is a possibility that Sabo barbequed the World Noble to save Kuma. This explains the clash between the Revolutionaries and the Marines during Reverie.

Now, we all know the “celestial” status of the World Noble. So, the last thing the World Government would want is to see is a news headline that boldly declares the death of a World Noble. This would tarnish the image and authority of the World Government. If all this is true then Rosward was not killed by an ordinary crook. It was a revolutionary who did it. If this news got out, then it would highlight the capability of the Revolutionary army.

Is Sabo Dead?

Sabo One Piece

Yes, the most painful possibility of all. The news that the Morgans published shocked everyone who is linked to Sabo. Even Monkey D.Dragon was left shaken from the revelation. While it’s not clear as to what happened at the Reverie, the news does seem to point towards something bad. If you seek some clarity regarding the fate of Sabo, read this article which details what could have happened to him.

What All Do we Know?

The Reverie incident highlighted many other occurrences that are in some way linked to it. First off, we are introduced to the mysterious Im, who seems to have some interest in Luffy, Blackbeard, Shirahoshi, and Vivi. Next, we are told that something related to Alabasta has happened in Reverie.

However, the details of this incident are not given out. The two admirals, Fujitora and Ryokugyu clashed arms with the Revolutionaries during the Reverie. A piece of news breaks out that heavily implies that something bad has happened to Sabo. Monkey D.Dragon suggests that they confirm this news first.

Finally, we see Blackbeard, one of the Emperor of the Seas set sails to capture “something” before it reaches the hands of the World Government. If you look closely, then all these events are in some way connected with each other. They all are a scattered conclusion of something that happened at the Reverie. From what we can compile from this, all these happenings are linked to the fate of Sabo, Nefertari Vivi, and King Cobra.

So, what do you think? Do you believe that Sabo was the one who died at Reverie? Could the mentioned fatality be linked to the Nefertari family? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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