Is Vegapunk Really A Member Of Revolutionary Army In One Piece?

Ever since he was first mentioned, the supposed genius Vegapunk has been a very mysterious character, who enabled the Marines to become an all-powerful organization. Though he was finally introduced in a recent One Piece chapter, it hasn’t put an end to the theories that revolve around him! Vegapunk…A GIRL??? REALLY?

The Mad Scientist has created some of the most destructive weapons in the series and handed them over to the World Government. But due to the mystery surrounding him, there have always been speculations that he might secretly be part of the Revolutionary Army.

And as One Piece chapter 1064 released, this theory only gained traction. Read on to know why!

Is Vegapunk a revolutionary?

To answer in short, Vegapunk is not a member of the revolutionaries in One Piece, he has connections to Moneky D. Dragon and his goals are aligned with that of the organization’s.

The earliest theories about Vegapunk’s alignment with Revolutionary army started when we discovered that Vegapunk modified Kuma into a cyborg but allowed him to fulfill his last wishes. Vegapunk allowed Kuma to protect the Thousand Sunny during the events of the timeskip. But by then, Luffy was already a massive threat to the World Government.

Allowing Kuma to protect the ship would be a major blow to the World Government, yet Vegapunk went ahead with it.

Why would someone associated with the Marines do such a thing? This is what made many believe Vegapunk to have some connection to the Revolutionary Army, and they were not entirely wrong. Once again, kudos to the minor details that Oda had hidden in the story.

Further into the story, when we learn Kuma was indeed a double agent for the Revolutionaries, the suspicions grew. Vegapunk and Kuma planned out the whole “cyborg-ification” to gain trust in the World Government while secretly gaining intel and becoming an integral part of their system.

While it has been stated by Doflamingo that the fully modified Kuma has no self-will, it has never officially been confirmed by someone with technical knowledge. Vegapunk might have just flipped a switch that makes Kuma lose control, but maybe when the moment is right, he can switch it back.

For all we know, this is their master plan – Making the World Government heavily dependent on artificial powers like Pacifistas and Seraphims, only for them to be backstabbed in a crucial moment like the “final war.”

Everything up until now has been speculation, but the events of Chapter 1064 have almost solidified the theories. In the very last panels of the chapter, we see Punk-01 speaking to Dragon, predicting his own death.

It is quite possible that the World Government has caught wind of Vegapunk’s “possible betrayal” and doesn’t want to take any chances, thereby sending CP-0 to take care of the matter.

With the events of Chapter 1066, we got a very good glimpse into Vegapunk’s past, connecting him to both Dragon and Jaguar D. Saul, shedding some more light into the events of Ohara. In the chapter it was confirmed that, like in the theories above, Vegapunk is in danger because of both – finding out about the Void Century and siding with the Revolutionary Army.

So in conclusion , NO, Vegapunk is not officially a member of the Revolutionary Army but deep down, shares the same ideals and is working on the inside to achieve them.

If all of this is true, then…

Why did Vegapunk work for the World Government?

Well, as we learnt in 1066, Vegapunk is a scholar and just wants to gain more and more knowledge in that big head of his. He wants all field of science to progress. That and making the world a better place using his fancy gadgets. And do achieve these goals, Vegapunk will sometimes cross the line of good and bad and go into the gray zone.

Dragon had offered Vegapunk a chance to join the revolutionaries, however Vegapunk rejects that offer calling them a ragtag group. Meaning, Dragon and company would never have enough money to help the mad-scientist achieve what he wanted. However, this was not the case when it came to the WG.

While Vegapunk knew the World Government was oppressive and wrong, he also knew that there would be many good people that could be recruited for his cause which was the same as the Revolutionary Army.

Could it be that after being arrested, he was offered false promises of improving the world and was lured into working for the World Government? It is also possible that he was threatened by Buster Calls to his home island.

Also, speculations aside, Vegapunk is making mindless cyborgs for the World Government right now. So he could also be someone who is only focused on his love for tech, and nothing else.

What are your thoughts on Vegapunk’s motives? Let us know them in the comments section below!!!

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