One Piece: Will The Revolutionary Army Come To Wano?

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The following article contains spoilers for latest chapters from One Piece manga, read ahead at your own discretion!

When the spoilers and raw scans for One Piece chapter 996 released, Sanji’s shocked expression at the end of the chapter was speculated to be because of Ivankov’s presence in Kaido’s castle. This fuelled the theories of the Revolutionary Army coming to Wano in One Piece.

The major reason being cited for the Revolutionaries coming to Wano revolves around the black market weapons they seized on Dressrosa. Koala spoke to Dragon about the presence of Liquor Iron Core, a special mineral that is found only in some countries, in these weapons. It’s not confirmed if Wano specifically produced Liquor Iron Core weapons. But it would be foolish to underestimate the role that Kaido played in the black market weapons deals. And since the Revolutionary Army wanted to stop these weapons from reaching the World Government, it was widely speculated that they would come to Wano to take down Kaido’s weapons factories (if they knew Wano and Beast Pirates’ involvement in it).. 

Then the Reverie happened!

While it is still ambiguous as to what happened at the Reverie (they tried to save Kuma and fought admirals), it was certainly something major involving Sabo and the other Revolutionary Officers present over there (they probably got caught and set to be executed). The Revolutionary Army will have their hands full dealing with this situation. And so it seems unlikely that they will come to Wano to dig up more info on the weapons at this moment. 

Something bad happened to Sabo

However, it is possible that they might have sent a team to Wano beforehand or may have planted some spies on the island. This could probably be an Okama (and hence Sanji’s shock?) from Kamabakka Kingdom (Momoiro) because the Revolutionary army moved their base here after Baltigo was attacked by Blackbeard.

Then again, this does seem a bit far fetched. 

If we keep aside the weapons angle, there’s one more possible way the Revolutionary army could end up coming on Wano. Assuming that Sabo was caught, there is no way Dragon and the others would remain calm. They’d probably try to rescue him and Kuma, who is a captive at the Sacred Marijoa (Mariejois/Mary Geois). If they attack the abode of the celestial dragons, they would earn the ultimate wrath of the Navy Fleet. 

We don’t believe that the RA (Revolutionary Army) is sufficiently strong or prepared to take on the whole Navy currently. Dragon probably did not foresee this problem, or might not have expected this to develop into a huge mess quickly. In the past, we have seen the Revolutionary Army play safe when it came to the Navy and its Admirals. In chapter 760, Koala gave Sabo an earful for taking on Fujitora in Dressrosa. She was worried about the consequences the Revolutionaries will have to face for directly opposing an Admiral of the Navy.

Koala angry at Sabo

While Dragon had previously admitted that he would mobilize the RA against the Navy once his preparations were complete, Koala’s stance only proves that they weren’t prepared, even during the Dressrosa arc. Not much time has passed since Dressrosa happened, and with Baltigo being attacked and destroyed, it is safe to assume that the RA are not prepared sufficiently at this time. 

Fleeing to Wano:

So, if they get entangled in the mess at Reverie, and successfully manage to retrieve Sabo and Kuma, the only place they can flee to for the time being is Wano. Because Wano doesn’t fall under the WG’s control. They would be chased by the Marines of course, which would then lead to the huge war that Oda has been hinting about. 

Going to Wano gives two advantages to the RA.

  1. The terrain is new to the WG (unless the CP0 get involved, the situation will very much be in favor of Dragon and his forces)
  2. If the marines set foot on Kaido’s territory (and now Big Mom’s too after the New Onigashima project was announced) there is no way the Yonko sits still and lets them roam free. He would oppose them, giving the Revolutionaries an advantage in the battle. 
Dragon will take the calculated risk of fleeing to Wano

Now you might be assuming as to why the Marines need to be involved. If the RA show up on Wano, won’t Kaido and Big Mom be their enemies too?

Now this is something that is possible. RA could be opposed by the Beast Pirates themselves, but then consider this, both the Yonkos and RA consider the World Government as their enemies. There is a slight possibility that these two might join hands. And with the world of One Piece already in turmoil, the Marines certainly would not leave such an important thing to mere possibility. Dragon surely would be betting on it!

If Revolutionaries do end up going to Wano, Akainu will follow suit. They are already worried about two yonkos joining hands. They won’t want another alliance forming over there, which has the potential to take down the balance of the world. Thus a three-way battle would ensue, and judging by the players involved in it, it will be of monstrous proportions. 

Add wildcards like Blackbeard, Shanks and even a lurking legend  to the equation, this will be something never seen before in the world of One Piece as Oda promised.

Red Haired Shanks One Piece anime 43004467 1024 564

Marineford 2.0 dead?

But but, what will happen to the theory of Luffy going to rescue Sabo, thus creating a Marineford 2.0 arc? 

While that would be a good arc, we believe that instead of Luffy going to Marineford to start a war, the war will come to Wano (like Oden predicted 20 years back?).  This would give him a chance to meet his father and also protect his brother. This also brings the four yonko into play here thus giving a telling conclusion to the Four Emperors Saga going on right now. 

If Luffy goes to Marineford, there is not a high possibility that Kaido or Big Mom would chase him straight to the mouth of World Government. They’d rather prefer to fight them on their own turf. Thus, the war coming to Wano makes more sense currently.

This is something we thought up. If you have something more to add to it or want to raise something against this, do let us know in the comments section!!

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