Who Is The Tenth Person Healing Scabbards In One Piece Chapter 1004?

We are only introduced to the silhouette of the mysterious figure just like we were introduced to silhouettes of Oden, Denjiro, Kaido's hybrid form, Ushimitsu Kozo, Kozuki Hiyori, and....well, you get the idea.

Mysterious tenth person healing the scabbards

Ever since One Piece chapter 1004 came live, we couldn’t help but wonder what are the extents of O-Tama’s magical cajolery? Why Black Maria is so affectionate towards Nico Robin? and most important of all, Who was the 10th person with the Scabbards? So, we basically wondered when is the next chapter coming out.

In chapter 1000, Luffy asked Law to move the Scabbards away from the battle to someplace safe. Law abides and teleports them to the treasure repository room. Although the Scabbards were out of harm’s way, they were still severely wounded. But there was no one to tend to their injuries, or so we thought that way.

In the latest chapter, it turns out that there is a tenth person in the room with Scabbards. We are only introduced to the silhouette of the mysterious figure just like we were introduced to silhouettes of Oden, Denjiro, Kaido’s hybrid form, Ushimitsu Kozo, Kozuki Hiyori, and….well, you get the idea.

So, who is this millionth silhouette? Fans have not held themselves back with the guesses, as everyone including Enel and Fukurokuju. However, we find no reason for Enel to be sad over the defeat of Scabbards (we could be wrong though).

Even Yamato stands out as a strong possibility to be the mysterious tenth person in chapter 1004. But the fact that she is protecting Momonosuke makes it difficult for her to be present with the Scabbards, tending to their wounds. Eliminating these options, we have decided to take a look a the three most plausible people that we feel could fit the identity of this silhouette!

Hiyori–Sama, is that you?

The most logical option to be the tenth person according to us!

Hiyori was not a warrior and perhaps could not partake in the upcoming raid. She didn’t want to be a hindrance in the efforts of the alliance and decided to stay back. But there are other ways of declaring assistance in a battle.

Hiyori has adequate medical knowledge as she was able to treat the wounds of Zoro. Plus, she is too is a Kozuki and would want to be a part of the raid, one way or the other. It is very much possible that she decided to sneak into Onigashima to help the Scabbards.

While this may be just be an observation, but the silhouette of the mysterious person resembles Hiyori. The face structure and the strand of hair looks quite similar.

Also, she is fated to be a part of this legendary battle, thanks to her lineage. It wouldn’t be clever to introduce a major character only for her to sit on the sidewalls. She must have a role to play here.

Robin Saves the Hood

Nico Robin Wano

This would be a plausible answer to the challenge of Black Maria. The “Spiderwoman” of One Piece showed a keen interest in expressing her sadism to Nico Robin. She wants to mutilate the archaeologist of the Strawhats before putting her out of her misery.

“Ask and you shall receive,” the statement fits the context here.

Black Maria wants to fight Robin and interestingly, she also wishes to end the Scabbards. That’s two birds with one stone for Maria, or that’s what she would think. There is another reason that explains the presence of Nico Robin in the room.

Robin has been closest with Chopper in the crew. They share a special bond which has been made evident on more than one occasion. This is to say that she has been in the company of an accomplished doctor. So, she might be exercising her medical know-how to help the Scabbards.

Plus, with her ability, she can help all the wounded simultaneously. Perks of being multi-tal-handed.

Well, it’s about Toki (Time)

Kozuki Toki Wano

If the silhoutte could represent Hiyori, then it could also represent Toki who looks very similar to her. The hair and face structure are almost the same.

But didn’t Toki die twenty years ago? Well, if there’s one thing that we should not trust in One Piece, then its is off screen deaths. She was shown to have received multiple arrow wounds, and IMPLIED to have been shot and killed (there was a thump). But there is a more than healthy chance that she escaped her supposed fate.

Lady Toki had the ability to transverse into the future and that’s enough to give us a hint. What if Toki knew a bit more about the future than what she relayed to the Scabbards? You can’t beat the wisdom of a lady with over 800 years of experience.

The fact is still unestablished if not outright broken that could explain why Lady Toki gave away her life. She could have escaped with Hiyori or travelled with the Scabbards to the future.

Certainly, Toki could have a contingency plan in mind. She might have travelled away to a different point in time in the future. Underlining the possibility of Scabbard’s defeat, she might have decided to help the alliance in her own way. But why didn’t she reveal herself until now?

We think Kin’emon wasn’t the only one who smelled a mole in the group. Lady Toki could have caught wind of what was truly being painted and decided to stay in the background.

So, who do you think is the mysterious 10th person in the room? Do you think it is Hiyori or perhaps it is Lady Toki? Tell us what you think in the comment section down below.

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