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One Piece: Does World Government Have The Fourth Road Poneglyph?

Holy land of Mariejois

Here we are with yet another blog, speculating about the location of the obscured fourth Road Poneglyph. We already covered the Whitebeard and Shanks angle, you can check them out here. There are some vague references to it and that’s about it. The biggest piece of information we have is that it was in Fishman … Read more

One Piece: Did Whitebeard Have The Fourth Road Poneglyph?

Whitebeard One Piece

The fourth Road Poneglyph has been lost to time, it seems. What everyone has are mere speculations regarding its “could be” location. But if we look closely enough, some of these pretty speculations actually gave away the potential resting place of the final Road Poneglyph. The most sought Poneglyph could have very well been in … Read more

Where Is The Fourth Road Poneglyph In One Piece?

Road Poneglyph One Piece

Poneglyphs are the ancient tablets with knowledge engraved upon them. However, the letters inscribed on the Poneglyphs that pronounce the knowledge are not exactly comprehensible. The only person alive who can actually understand the tongue of Poneglyphs is Nico Robin. So, they are pretty much like Wikipedia if it was patented by Early men and … Read more

One Piece: Will The Raid On Onigashima Fail?

Onigashima Raid

A possibility that we all have considered but never completely admitted to is the raid on Onigashima eventually ending in a failure. Nevertheless, it is possible that it might happen. The alliance is not facing off against a Shichibukai in a Halloween costume. We are looking at 2 Yonkos here. Initially, it did seemed that … Read more