One Piece: Does World Government Have The Fourth Road Poneglyph?

Holy land of Mariejois

Here we are with yet another blog, speculating about the location of the obscured fourth Road Poneglyph. We already covered the Whitebeard and Shanks angle, you can check them out here. There are some vague references to it and that’s about it.

The biggest piece of information we have is that it was in Fishman Island, some 25 years ago. Where is it now? How could it vanish like that? Who could be behind its disappearance?

These are some of the questions that stay pertinent to the Fourth Road Poneglyph debate. Well, it seems, we may have the answer to the final question in the queue.

There is a healthy possibility that the World Government is the new keeper of the Fourth Road Poneglyph. The World Government has all the reason in this big floating globe to arrest the Road Poneglyph. So, we have the culprit, now we just have to shed light on the reasons.

The Treasure of Mariejois

A secret treasure of a highly secretive government that only a select few know about. Yes, there is nothing suspicious here. In chapter 761, Doflamingo talked about how the national treasure of Mariejois would allow him to rule over the entire world.

Doffy talks about the Treasure in Mariejois
Doflamingo chapter 761

We can’t help but wonder what exactly that treasure holds? “The power to control the entire world,” that’s something big we are looking at. So, a Poneglyph that marks the path to Raftel is a possibility here. It is more than evident that the World Government doesn’t want anyone to find One Piece.

So, how do you ensure that no one finds a certain hidden treasure? Simple, just hide the map in your own treasury. Like it or not, this masterplan did work. If you want that Fourth Road Poneglyph, you have to go to war with the entire Marine. We don’t think even the Yonkos can manage that.

Back to what Doflamingo said, the Poneglyph can be that power that he sought. Finding One Piece means becoming the King of Pirates which is something synonymous with what Doflamingo desired.

The Power of World Government

The Marines of One Piece

The Poneglyphs are giant slabs of stone that are considered to be indestructible in nature. This is to say that they aren’t some regular rock that can be tossed around. With this logic, it becomes clear that you need unmatched might to make a Poneglyph disappear.

The World Government fits the criteria pretty well. Their power is unrivaled and their name governs every land and sea. So, if they were to move the Fourth Road Poneglyph, who would question them? Their power and influence flow unchallenged in the world.

The World Government has every and all means to achieve their agendas. Unlike the Yonkos, their power is not restricted to a certain country or island. World Government won’t hesitate to invade a country and “borrow” a certain artifact.

We must also underline their vast knowledge. They are aware of the true history of the world and know what Poneglyphs actually state. This is an obvious guess that they would be well-aware of the location of each Poneglyph. We can safely assume that they were aware of the location of the Fourth Road Poneglyph.

Wait! The Fishman Island was under Whitebeard’s protection right? Yes, it was!! But only after the great age of Piracy began. There was certainly a time period in between when chaos prevailed there. There was enough time for the WG to interfere and take away the Road Poneglyph.

Couple this with the deal that Otohime tried to make with the Celestial Dragons to help the voice of the Fishmen be heard.

Now, just piece it all together.

Their Stance Against Poneglyphs

The World Government has always considered the Poneglyphs to be dangerous artifacts. Since times immemorial, they had preached about the destructive nature of the Poneglyphs.

They felt so threatened by these pieces of ancient history that they ordered the mass execution of the scholars of Ohara as they could decipher the Poneglyphs. To say that the World Government transcended the bounds of insanity whenever the subject of Poneglyphs came up would be a bit of an understatement.

A fanatic government hiding away an ancient artifact that it deems “evil and devastative,” if that doesn’t fit as a possibility, then we don’t know what does.

The Fourth Road Poneglyphs explains the location of Raftel and that’s enough to make the World Government nervous, very nervous. So, they did what every anxiety-ridden authoritarian does – cover up and hide the matter. Surprisingly, that went well for them. They have effectively blocked the path to Raftel.

So, do you think that the World Government got naughty and they stole the Fourth Road Poneglyph? Do you believe they have the final Road Poneglyph? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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