One Piece: Does Shirahoshi Prophecy About Two Rulers Also Point To Robin Or Vivi

Prophecies hold a great value in the world of One Piece. They are Oda’s way of foreshadowing future events of the story. Sharley’s predictions are an example of this. She was precisely able to foretell the birth of Shirahoshi, which speaks a lot about how prophecies function. They come true in some way of the other. The Neptunians made a similar prophetic statement related to Shirahoshi. Roger and Oden heard this during their travels.

And something about this prophecy makes us believe that either Nico Robin or Nefertari Vivi is related to Joy Boy.

The Neptunian’s prophecy:

On their way back from Laugh Tale in One Piece Chapter 968, both Oden and Roger’s ability to hear the voice of all things allows them to listen to the Neptunians talk. Unlike the conversations these Neptunians had previously, this one had a prophetic tone to it. Meaning, there was a very high chance that this would come true.

The Neptunian's message
The Neptunian’s message

In this panel, we see the Neptunians are excited about the fateful encounter of their queen Poseidon with another person. The other person in question is widely believed to be Joy Boy or his reincarnation). This is due to the apologetic Poneglyph that he left behind in Fishman Island. So what is the identity of this other person. Luffy and Momonosuke are prime candidates according to fans to be Joy Boy. But we are going to explore some other possibilities in this article.

The statement “birthing of the sovereign” refers to the birth of Shirahoshi. However, it is the mention of the whales being delighted in some distant sea for another person is what catches our attention.

Is Nico Robin a reincarnation of Joy Boy?

The only whales that we have seen in One Piece till now are the Island whales (think Laboon). These island Whales are majorly found in the West Blue. If the Neptunians are referring to these Whales, then could Joy Boy be someone from an island in the West Blue? And which is the most prominent island that we have come across in the West Blue, that has also played an important role when it comes to decoding the Poneglyphs? OHARA!

So could Nico Robin be Joyboy? We floated this possibility in our theory about Joy Boy being someone from the future.


If we discard the Joy Boy from future theory and instead think of Robin as Joy Boy’s reincarnation, it would still sound plausible. She is someone who knows to read and understand the Poneglyphs. Were these messages written particularly to guide her? Well, Oden and Roger did follow the Poneglyphs and reach Raftel, but they ended up being 25 years too early for the “actual treasure.”

Did the original Joy Boy know that a person who can read the Poneglyphs will appear in the future? Is this person Joy Boy’s reincarnation? This line of thinking surely makes it possible for Robin to be a central character in solving the mystery of Joyboy and the Poneglyphs.

But there is another character who comes to mind if we consider the latter part of the Neptunian’s message. This talks of a day when”two sovereigns shall meet.”

Sovereign refers to rulers here. Is Nico Robin a part of royalty like Shirahoshi? We don’t know much about Robin’s father. He died long back in the storyline. Could he somehow be related to the royal bloodline of any country? Well, if that’s the case, then it certainly would be an interesting twist. But, if the prophecy is not referring to Robin, then who would this be? Well, it is none other than our much loved Nefertari Vivi.

Is Vivi a reincarnation of Joy Boy?

Nefertari Vivi is the princess of Alabasta. This makes her a sovereign, without a doubt. During the Reverie (Levely), Vivi met Shirahoshi and his “meeting between the sovereigns” has led to some major standoff which will reshape the world of One Piece as we know it. So could this be the fateful encounter that hte Neptunians were talking about.


Also, Alabasta (and Vivi?) is related to Pluton in someway. Just like Fishman Island, there is a prophecy in Alabasta. The parallels between two princesses are too much. Could this mean that Vivi is the person that the prophecy is referring to? The only thing that stands out while considering Vivi to be the sovereign in question is the mention of whales and distant seas. Alabasta is in Grand Line and apparently there are no whales near that area.

Most of the theories online are more inclined to the possibility of Vivi being an ancient weapon rather than Joy Boy or their reincarnation. Im Sama having Vivi’s photo along with Shirahoshi and Black Beard further propelled these theories. So it needs to be seen if she has any connections to Joy Boy or the Poneglyphs.

Fifteen years to grow:

One more part of the Neptunian’s prophecy which Roger and Oden heard caught our attention. “Just 10 until the birth and another 15 to grow.” This is what the Neptunians mention. Why is this time period of fifteen years important? Could this be referring to the time when the two sovereigns will meet?

But by the time Luffy’s crew and the Vivi met Shirahoshi, the Mermaid Princess was already sixteen. So was the prophecy inaccurate about the 15 years part or are Robin and Vivi (or even Luffy) not the people the prophecy was referring to? Shirahoshi never ventured outside her room for ten years after her mother died. Who could have possibly met her in such a situation?

What are your thoughts on this prophecy regarding Shirahoshi? Let us know your opinion in the comments section!

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