One Piece: Was Kozuki Toki From The Void Century?

Warning: The following article contains spoilers from One Piece Manga. Read ahead at your own discretion!

The Void Century is a blank period in history that remains a closed book even today. What’s known about this period is that it has ties with the Ancient Kingdom and the Poneglyphs are the legacy of this obscure era.

We are introduced to Lady Toki in One Piece episode 964. She came right from Void Century and is what we would call – a time traveler. She was perhaps the only person who we see in the current series, to have had definite ties with the Void century.

Lady Toki had been travelling through centuries before she met Oden. Why she was walking through the stream of time is something we will discuss a bit later. Right now, we need to affirm if her existence actually pledged allegiance to the Void Century.

A Lady Out of Time

Toki is from the past

Lady Toki was born around 830 years before the current timeline. This certifies that she indeed belonged to the Void Century. One may wonder if how is that even possible?

Well, she wielded the power of Toki Toki no Mi that allowed her to travel to the future. So, you know what inspired her name. At this point, it is still unclear why she was making sprinting through time.

However, we do know that she has knowledge about Wano. Oddly enough, she desired to visit the Wano Kuni.

This implies that Wano existed during the Void Century. This makes sense as the Kozuki Family is the progenitor of Poneglyphs. So, it is safe to assume that her travels had something to do with Wano.

Toki’s Connection with Wano

Toki wants to visit Wano

If it wasn’t for Oden, Toki would have been captured by Karma and his group of human traffickers. Apparently, Karma had promised Toki that he would take her to Wano. Toki decided to travel with Oden once the latter revealed his ties with her “promised land.”

They fell in love, got married, had 2 children, all while sailing on a ship. That’s like Titanic if it was directed by Whitebeard. Maybe her centuries-long journey was tied with the land of Wano.

Kozuki Toki decided to face her fate when the Kuri castle was brought to flames by Kaido’s men. She sent Oden’s retainers to the future and stayed behind.

In the end, all she desired was to join her husband in the afterlife. If we look at it, both Oden and Toki were prepared to die and faced their end without flinching. Did they know about their death? Only “time” will tell.

Wano a part of Ancient Kingdom?

Toki sought to visit Wano and we have made that more than apparent. Now, let’s put the pieces together. Lady Toki was from the era of the Ancient Kingdom. When she came to the future, she wanted to visit Wano.

Next, we are greeted with the knowledge that Poneglyphs were made by the Kozuki Family. If we match the dots, then it becomes evident that the roots of the Ancient Kingdom were spread around the land of Wano.

It is told that Lady Toki belonged to the Amatsuki Family, a powerful clan that resided in Wano Kuni in the past. Despite her lineage, Toki had never visited her fatherland. So, if she just wanted to visit her home country, then why travel to the future? Interestingly enough, she came from the time when the Ancient Kingdom was attacked.

Again we piece together the puzzle and this time it’s a much clear picture we have. According to us, the Ancient Kingdom was attacked and Wano being a part of the great kingdom also came under fire. Toki decided to travel to a time when the war was over. She skipped several centuries until she met Oden.

This somewhat explains why Wano has closed its border to the outside world. Toki gave her life to ensure the freedom of her country. It could be that she didn’t want Wano to suffer again as it did centuries ago. That explains a lot of things now.

So, what do you think? Do you really think that Lady Toki was from the Void Century? Why according to you she travelled to the future? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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